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Posts by hydromorphone

  1. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    T-PAIN.. Given the choice Id of course being doing hydromorphone daily for the pain. T-PAIN does more for my mood then anything but does help with the pain somewhat. In wds recently I was eating 5-10 grams of l-theanine at a time. I have taken it for anxiety at times. I also take propranolol daily for my fast heart rate (normally its in the 160bpm range without). I sometimes take shots of dexamethasone for swelling, ever since I got overdosed with rabies vaccine about 2 years ago my face will randomly swell.
  2. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Speaking of public shootings my friend worked in the silver spring, MD area at the time and was still in highschool at the time. He had a part time gig at a party store and they had him dress as a clown and hold a sign right near all those shootings when they were going down before those niggers got caught. I was rolling laughing when he told me. They shoulda just stuck a bullseye on him. Inwas gonna send my mother a tshirt with a bullseye.. Had they shot that cunt I would have donated money to their defense.
  3. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Yeah I am.. Not a bad thing, but I wanna go down the road of science and it sure as fuck isnt gonna be some doctors bitch as an RN. As of right now Ive got all my prereqs for the RN program which I could further in a NP but fuck that.. Id bitch slap a doctor and thatd be the end of my medical career. I dont much wanna go into social science nor business either.
  4. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Well, I jumped through hoops Monday to ger shit for college rolling. Registered for classes, fax my tax bullshit, now just gonna wait to order books. Got stoned this morning and spent about 2 hours trying to figure the classes I needed to take to get the most back my pell and still take the classes I need.. Between this semester and next Ill be done.
  5. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I was just discussing with Gollum fish oil last night but I forgot to mention it in my last post. Im probablyl gonna give him that too. Looking into the lions mane mushroom still and am kinda on the fence about it but maybe.. I dont give him T-PAIN though I did use it throughout my pregnancy.
  6. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Checked it out and the order is placed so we will see. Thanks so much, I wasnt expecting to get that as a suggestion but after looking into it it seems like a good choice.
  7. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Gollum, he guessed the weight dead on, 6lbs 7oz. The royal jelly does sound interesting and doesnt sound like it would be a problem but if I remember correctly they suggest avoiding honey in babies under a year because of a risk of botulism.. Im going to look into it though since it does seem safe at least from first appearances and if not Ill start him on it at a year if anything. Its just rich honey essentually so I cant imagine it could do anything more harmful than the current average diet of a child.
  8. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    .You misread what I was saying. My reason to avoid them was not because they were from the 90's,rather the research done deeming them safe was from the early 90's and was relatively short and did not include things like how children developed metally later on. The machines we use now are much more powerful than the ones used in the studies from the 90's aswell. It is proven to cause cells to grow larger so it does have an effect and some people are suspicious in regards the the amount of use increasing in pregnancies and the rate of autism increasing. I did a good bit of research on the subject while pregnant and decided it wasnt worth the risk considering his first was normal and I had no complications to indicate getting one done (had there have been a good reason, say I began to bleed, of course I would have gotten one). People also forget ot wasnt that long ago ultrasounds werent even used. Many things can be assertained with a stethescope and palpating and yes Im no expert but we did this frequently and again there was no indication to suject him to an ultrasound. I didnt even find out his sex until he was born and trust me it was driving Gollum crazy lol. I would have loved to have known his sex before. The reason I believe there hasnt been any real investigstions into ultrasounds is because of money- ultrasounds are big money for OB/GYNs and medicaid will pay for as many as the doctor believes are needed and today it is an insane amount compared to when I was a baby (Im 26 so this would be in 88-89 when I was still in the womb) and my mother only had 2 her entire pregnancy and the second one was done only because I was breach about a month before my birth so the cephalic inversion to her belly and flipped me around. You can determine the position of a baby by palpating the stomach so you dont really need an ultrasound to know position. I just want more info regarding ultrasounds from sources that arent biased since most the people who would spend money to fund studies stand to lose a lot of money if it were determined they have negstive effects on the fetus. I personally dont have any clue but decided to err on the side of caution once it was brought to my attention because like most mothers I didnt even think about it being a problem and Im not saying there is a problem- I just want more, better and uptodate research on the current ultrasound machines. LOL I almost bought one back when we had the farm animals so I could confirm them being bred/problems so I dont have anything against them except since it was brought up I now am concerned and dont know why more people arent. I know it is relatively mild but we are dealing with something that is newly forming before our eyes and is much more sensitive to influence than an adult body and we KNOW it influences cells growing larger. I did it only out of wanting to protect my baby, not to neglect or harm him and as said before had there been an indication, I would have done one without a second though. Fortunetly he was born health happy and is developing along nicely
  9. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Yeah down here in Florida they cracked down on pain management doctors. Its ridiculous. I knew people paying 500 cash to get a script of dillys. It was a shame for people like my dad who truely met the criteria for needing opiates to be denied yet this little punk ass bitch goes in and gets pretty much whatever he wants. Control, money, and greed is why we live in a world like this.
  10. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I dont want to be a parent that hides shit from their child. I plan on telling them like it is from go. I also intend to homeschool since public school is an assembly line and no true learning goes on there.
  11. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I fucking love thrift stores! Ive found some pretty cool shit before and the best part is its cheap. I saw a server tower not long ago (6ftx3or4ft) and all I could think was how cool thatd be for a reptile cage such as a iguana or to convert for an indoor grow. Plenty of places for lights and excellent ventilation. I dont think we have ever bought new furniture either and Ive always found really expensive stuff at super affordable prices. Babies are also expensive, pretty much everything I have for him save for the cloth diapers was either given secondhand or bought at the thrift store. I found a chillum in a couch I purchased too lol along with 10$ in change which was how much the damn thing cost. It was a nice leather couch too..
  12. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Actually, the medical emstablishment has more of an interest to have shit go wrong down the line.. Sonthey can "fix" it later on. Not saying they conciously do this but.. They dont have an interest in having a perfectly healthy child that never needs to see a doctor.
  13. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    One reason it has crossed my mind is because everyone says "drugs are bad!!"during pregnancy (which some are), but then some drugs they prescribe or say are safe during and all they are going on as far as " safe" is that the babies are born without extra limbs, and most of them suckle and have normal vitals at birth.. No one really can say wtf low doses of some anti-psychotic has on a fetus other than that most of them turn out normal.. But what about when that child gets older? Also, ultrasounds.. They can cause cellular changes bit no one really thinks twice about getting them done. I read an article early on in my pregnancy about them and besides the one I got at 6weeks6days before I read that article, I didnt have any other done. Pretty much the amount of ultrasounds done now versus 20-30 years ago are insane.. They wanted me to have them done every month and then every 2 weeks in the third trimester. Not saying it DOES fuck kids up.. But with rates of autism coupled with the fact the standard of safely is based on technology from the early 90's which were muchless powerful.. For fucks sake, they break kidney stones wih the same technology. It amazes me people dont think more about it.. And go into it with more caution. Point is, the medical enstablishment is more concerned with money and obvious birth defects.. They really dont care if the drugs/procedures I take cause depression or learning disabilities later in life as long as his organs function normally and they get a paycheck. This is why I took my prenatal care in my own hands for the most part and had a water birth at home.
  14. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I agree, mmQ but Im just curious at what other think about it. I am NOT giving him anything, its just a topic Ive never seen discussed before and this is more of a crowd to get real answers from rather than "youre a bad mother for even the thought!!"
  15. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    What would you suggest? Obviously there is shit one should avoid with a ten foot pole but what would be something percievably safe? I smoked pot for the nausea (I didnt like the idea of low dose anti-psychotics they use as anti-nausea drugs) as I was violently ill pretty much my whole pregnancy and also took T-PAIN. If anything he is developmentally ahead (I know everyone says their kid is smart but Im serious) he has awesome head control for 2 months and is crawling pretty good too- its slow but he has the motion down now. I guess my fear of using anything stems from not wanting tonfuck him up or create unforseen problems later in life such as depression.. Though genetically he probably has a high risk anyway.. Being smarter probably would help though Id image.
  16. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    So.. Since Ive had my baby Ive been very interested in teaching him. Since he has been born Ive been reading to him, using infant stimulation flashcards, and generally doing everything I can to facilitate him learning. He seems engaged when I work with him so Im not worried about his development. He is 2 months old and already rolls over front to back and back to front and has been doing it since about a month old. Getting to the question- since there are a lot of smart drugs out there, what would be some that could help boost his intelligence so he becomes a super genius? Also, why do you think this might be a bad idea? Why arent people interested in giving their children a competitive edge early on? Malice, what do you think? You mentioned giving rats nootropics.. What about a baby? FYI Im not going to be drugging my baby up but I am curious about how that would effect a developing mind.
  17. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I really appreciate all the recommendations. Im gonna do a wee bit more homework and hopefully by the end of the week make an ordee for some shit for her. I laugh my ass off a lot when I think about who and where I get my advice from... the weirdness of it all. Most people would think im trying to just drug her up and neglecting her By not bring it up with a doctor (this is her choice though and shes not so bad she couldnt refuse something if it turned out she didnt likeit/it didnt agree with her).
  18. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Back in 2002 I found totse. My father was going through bad wds off dilaudid and was struggling to find a doctor who would write him what his old doctor used to prescribe. I made a thread to see if there were any tricks to finding such a doctor, you know, help weed out the ones who werent going to do jackshit. Someone mentioned asking the pharmacy for a list of doctors that accepted medicaid- being they were less likely to prescribe narcotics. I pretty much lurked though.
  19. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I didnt know that, but I can tell you one thing T-PAIN does effect opiate tolerance too. In November I had a horrible time and could barely walk so I got morphine.. and after my baby was born I had percocets and dillys.. same dosages that should have helped considering I hadnt touched anything in a long time were worth jackshit. So, this shit does effect tolerance with opiates. I was pretty surprised by that, as I said it was a long time in between me doing any real opiates.
  20. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Hey, was wondering.. did you tell them it was T-PAIN? I pray this shit doesnt become hard to get... it really is the only thing that keeps us going, especially with the baby here now. That is fucked up that it happened because of that- I knew the shit didnt sound all that good to be shooting but Im glad you said something because the only reason it even crossed my mind to shoot was because you mentioned it was a good opiate rush a while back. Knowing this now, it wont be in my mind to do that again.
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