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Posts by hydromorphone

  1. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Hope youre doing good.

    Happy Valentine’s Day...
  2. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    the Russians won out against a lot of their enemies because what they would do is they would pull back in the winter and poison their wells so when the enemies were pushing them back they couldn't withstand the cold Russian Winters, nor would they find anything but poisoned food and wells. It would be a bitch and a half to haul all those provisions to keep their troops fed so basically they would just starve their enemies out
  3. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    If it was, please post some of the other retarded tales from that nigger. I honestly didn't believe niggers like that existed until I met one of my own.
  4. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Originally posted by jfakldjfkdaljfalkdfjlkad This is exactly how i found out my friend was into it. That term exactly is what clued me in. I spent a good while earlier this week talking with him about it. I was so disappointed

    Was this the same friend that believes that melanin gave him superpowers along with other off the wall completely ridiculous bullshit?
  5. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    There's a couple used book stores in the yuppie part of town I like to go to sometimes since they have books that you don't see other places and some that are out of print. They're also reasonably priced. I'd rather spend $5 and be able to get a few books then have to spend $20 on a single book. Especially when it's the same book I would buy used rather than new. Ml
  6. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Originally posted by Grylls It kinda sucks his cock is too small

    It's bigger than solstice.
  7. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
  8. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Dying. Literally dying.. I might lose my arms... I'm kicking dope for good. Literally trainspotting shit.... I wish someone would just kill me.
  9. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Caps are for pussies. Just dip a giant 2-3grams out and there ya go. That's how I did T-PAIN anyway...

    I'm giving up dope for good. I'm really bad off. I'm gonna need a lot of surgery to fix what I've done to myself....
  10. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Originally posted by Solstice You'll cowards don't even get to go the aquarium on a daily basis

    I've never taken someone for something in exchange, however I have taken other homeless I know,as well as strangers since I have a year pass and can bring a guest with me.

    I go rather frequently. At least once a week, and often everyday. Last month I went 20 days of the month. I love it, and love seeing my pignose water turtle in the Australian exhibit. The rainforest is cool too and where I do a lot of my writing and drawing.

    Despite me using dope for pain relief, my life doesn't totally revolve around it, and while I am homeless, I do spend money on things that are good for my mental health. This is probably the best money I've spent on that since I it helps put me in a good mood quite often even when shit is shitty.
  11. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Lol think what you want. My buddy is gay btw and I don't have any STDs. I don't prostitute anymore, I don't have to. A cardboard sign makes me my money.
  12. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    And it was pretty good thanks to my friends. Went to the aquarium all day, spent time at the coffee shops, ate good food- it was nice.

    I've been having issues that I should be in the hospital for as well... If I don't get admitted and have surgery soon, it'll probably kill me eventually so my friend has told me he's going to put his whole check into making sure I stay there and get what I need done and that way I'll be covered for my dope while I'm in getting these surgeries/care I desperately need. Hell,he's also allocated a bedroom for me to stay at anytime I want in his house too.

    I'm lucky that I have a friend like I do. He really made me have an awesome birthday and has saved my ass more than once... Now he's likely literally saving my life...

    Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy when you have a friend like that. I'm really grateful to have it as good as I do, and have a friend as good as he is. Even the friends I have that might not be able to help me like he can, I'm grateful for what they do and being there for me and having my back when I need it. I'm very lucky.

    Hope y'all are doing well. take it easy.
  13. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I mean... This is a good start to ending prohibition on drugs, however... Why would you, knowing that people STILL are going to inject, provide them with an oral pill form? Why not just provide the shit straight up, ready to IV as one would find in a hospital? It'd sterile, clean, and well... You'd have less issues in the event of a miss causing abcesses from unsanitary water, cookers and the like which could occur. If done how I suggested, all one would need to worry about is a clean rig and property prepping the skin prior to injection...

    Also, if people had this all available (cheap, clean drugs, ready to IV, prepped sterile) I'd think that just providing long term users safe ports or PICC lines to inject (you'd be using safe clean sterile drugs manufactured for the purpose of IVing... Then it just falls to the user to properly and sanitarily inject the drug into the line as one would if in a hospital- proper cleanliness procedures being taught obviously... That would be the way to go to avoid users of destroying their cardiovascular system with misses, over use of veins, and abcesses forming from said misses etc.

    I had a resident doctor at Hopkins whom took a shine to me, have this very discussion... He agreed. There is a large number of users who's only real issue with using is the legality factor, not being able to get employment due to legality factors, being made criminals just for being a users, etc.. when it'd just make more sense to let them live and let live, do their shit, and promote them doing as safely as possible.

    Also, while I don't condone stealing to take care of a habit, getting rid of the artificial inflation of drugs would help a lot in terms of crime with users... Typically people don't need to steal to maintain an alcohol addiction because well... Beer and liquor are pretty cheap... It'd ruin the cartels too.. cutting them off at the balls. A lot less crime would exist due to legalization.

    Also I am very much in support of people being responsible for what the fuck they do. That's one reason a lot of addicts don't want legalization lol. They like to blame their fuck ups and shit decisions on their addiction rather than themselves.
  14. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Originally posted by Technologist Yeah, sound like they use pentobarbital. Says it shuts down the system in about 2 mins.

    I gave my dog loads of morphine prior and he would likely have ODed anyway. I was so scared of him having pain as his lungs ceased to function...I was going to pain management and buying pills for my dog for 2 years prior to his death.wehad my horse vet come to the house to do it so he (a 200lb neopolitan mastiff) would be comfortable as possible.took him out back so he could enjoy being high in the sunshine on a cool day one last time. He barely could walk this day. It was definitely time.

    I'm grieved badly for a.long time... I still do. I miss him dearly. My dad who was against marriage said that if I ever met a man that loved me as much as that dog to marry him. Lol
  15. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Buy drugs. Doesn't Amazon still sell T-PAIN? I think they used to as a super overpriced supliment or something. Maybe I'm wrong but I think I remember seeing something there.

    Lol IDK. Buy shit you need. Or save it for when you do need something.
  16. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Was it suicide? Or did he like kill himself by autoerotic affixiation like in the movie world's greatest dad? I think sploo was like that kid to be honest, that's how I saw him anyway. Just curious. I honestly don't care about that sack of shit. Happy he's dead honestly and I can't say that about many people being serious. I'd just like to know how he did it for the lulz because I'm sure there would be some in his dying.

    I would never bother the family but confirmation would be nice. I honestly feel bad for them. They dealt with so much shit from their shit bag son. It's probably a relief to them deep down that he's gone if it's true.
  17. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Originally posted by Sudo I wish things didn't happen how they happened but they already happened

    What happened?
  18. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Yeah my buddy who ironicly moved close to me from the same state I left where I originally met him have me one of those.

    I'm pretty stoned right now and haven't been in forever.

    Miss these kinds of days sometimes. Dude who gave it to me was my partner in stealinga public bench while stoned.
  19. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood she tries to play off being a homeless junkie as some romantic healthy lifestyle where she manages her pain and has chill times with homeless people doing bum things but it's all bullshit. It's pretty obvious she sells her ass it's the only way she would be able to make hundreds of dollars a day, be fat and do drugs 24/7

    Literally bragging about being a prostitute and having HIV.

    Lol I Did prostitute at one time. I nolonger do that nor do I have to. A simple cardboard sign I write on with a sharpie makes me plenty enough. I am grateful to my regulars.

    I eat well because of them, I'm out of pain because of them, and I've made friends because of them. I don't often do shit with other homeless besides when I cross paths with them and give them what food I can't eat or help someone here and there. I am grateful for the help.

    I live a rather simple life, but for me it's enough. I go to the aquarium almost everyday (year pass and I can bring a guest so I sometimes surprise someone by taking them). I chill at Starbucks and enjoy downtown sometimes. I get up early and go to bed early.

    I am happy, at least for the moment. Sometimes it's hard but I manage.

    Believe what you want, I don't have a reason to lie. I've disclosed when I have prostituted. Why would I suddenly lie and say I don't if I did? Even when I got shit, I still was honest. Truth is, is I don't prostitute. I turn down a lot of dates everyday when asked. I could if I wanted but what I do is much easier and I do well enoughndoing that. I make roughly 100-130 a day. During December inwasnpushing 200 most days, and still continue to but I know it'll drop off soon that's why I save money.
  20. hydromorphone victim of incest [insincerely conduce my paisley]
    I am not a racist. Many of my friends (most, actually- dude, I live in Baltimore... White folks are the minority) are either black or Hispanic. There are a lot of Hispanics who live in Fells Point, surprisingly enough, however there are Hispanics spread all over too, just Fells has many more than most areas. I'm just sick of Gollum's near stalkerish bullshit.

    I am genuinely happy. I don't post much here for this, exactly. What's the point in socializing and sharing experiences when 90% of you want to shit all over anything good I have to say, and some of you tells out right lies like Bill Krozby. I never asked him for money. It was when I was during a hard time and ask YOU ALL for help in a thread (thank you, Aldra for trying, and a few others I know who would have helped had they been able). I only talked to him because I felt bad his daughter died. I bet it's a lie now too.

    I do not sympathize or would help anyone harm a child.

    If you want to believe I'm this aweful person, then go ahead. You'll never know what gollum really is because he lies so much or refuses to disclose. I know what he is though and he's far worse than what I am, and he's a huge pussy on top of it. I fucking never harassed or threatened that piece of shit either.

    My life may be different,and difficult sometimes, but I'm happy. I have medical care, I have a therapist. I go to regular appointments, and I have a routine which I believe helps my mental state a lot. Hey, maybe tomorrow things will change... I hope not, but it could... Ill deal with that when it comes and just appreciate the now.

    I wish those whom aren't complete brainwashed sheep that'd believe the likes of Bill Krozby and Gollum to have a wonderful holiday season and happy New year. Narc, Sophie, HTS & scron, Aldra, Lanny and fuck I'm probably forgetting a few more but you know who you are... Have a wonderful new year and be safe. Don't drink and drive.

    With love, peace and hope,
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