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Welcome to This place is ostensibly a backwaters forum where no topic which can be legally discussed is off limits. In practice, because of overlap in territory with other internet outlets, discussion is largely centered around fringe topics and miscellaneous bullshitting. That's pretty much the heart of it, although there's something of a story behind this place. To fully contextualize what exactly this thing is you have to understand:

The Curious Case of TOTSE

TOTSE (sometimes &T), an acronym for "Temple of the Screaming Electron", was a dialup BBS and repository of text files started in the late 80s. You can read the wikipedia article for the just-the-facts version of this account. The text files it hosted covered a wide range of subjects, many of them objectionable to the prevailing sensibilities of the time. Some were detailed technical articles on exploiting phone or computer systems of the era, some were on the manufacture of drugs. As many were plainly false or posted for comedic effect (a fact not always understood by readers) as were legitimate but ultimately very little content was turned away.

The freedom of expression and "forbidden" content attracted a particular collection of people who participated on the BBS. The community was very large by the standards of the day, and had a lot of diversity, but I'll characterize participants as largely young males, often teenagers, middle class, and to a degree socially marginalized. The culture fluctuated with time, no small part of this story happened before the majority of posters on this site were born, but a persistent element of the community has been freedom of expression. Discourse was often crude, often misguided, frequently inane but fundamentally informed by the belief that given a critical audience and an level field for communication the best ideas would emerge. For many of us TOTSE was a formative experience.

There are a thousand stories of posters who have come and gone, pranks pulled, legends formed and forgotten and more than one death. Enough to bore you, more than are worth retelling here, make a post about the old days some time and someone is bound to talk your ear off. After many years of operation TOTSE was closed in 2009, a fact some of us still haven't gotten over.

Exodus and Latter Days

The closure of totse started a pattern that's been repeated several times since: the community fragmented and occupied several sites, gradually coalescing around one or two. What follows is the genealogy of communities tracing lineage to TOTSE in some way:

In 2009 TOTSE begat zoklet, run by a former staff member, as well and totse2 (administartion unknown). Zoklet emerged with the largest portion of the community with totse2 remaining viable for several years.
At some time before 2014 some members of the community formed "totseans" taking their name from the demonymic form of totse, the totsean webspace remains open as of writing.
In 2014 Zoklet closed around the time totse2 also closed. A former poster on totse2 took opened "sanctuary" or "intosanctuary" which took on most of the community, a group of zoklet moderators also opened the short lived "longlivezoklet". "Tainted Browser" opened soon afterwards.
In late 2014, amidst site drama, another former totse2 poster opens "Raw Data for Raw Nerves" or "rdfrn" taking its name from a former TOTSE slogan. Sanctuary closes shortly after.
In late 2015 rdfrn abruptly closes and opens.

As of 2017 and totseans are the only two known remaining communities spawn from TOTSE.

Mission Statement

There is no mission statement. A lot of people have had a lot of ideas about what this community should be over the years, what should and shouldn't be allowed, what kind of culture should be fostered or shunned. I don't know if the world needs less censorship or a carefully cultivated attitude of intellectualism. But I do think there's real value, on a personal level if nowhere else, in having a place where you can speak your mind, or be angsty and outrageous, or call everyone a dumb cunt, and be judged on the content of your expression and nothing else. To that end, here are:

The Rules

1. No content which will get Lanny arrested. - I'm not a lawyer so I don't really know what that boils down to but we're going to play it by ear. When the cops show up at my door or I wake up with a C&D notice in my mail I'm going to be mad. When I see things which will obviously land me in jail (like child porn) I'll delete it and ban the poster.

2. No intentionally disrupting discussion. - This one is, admittedly, fuzzy. The site is here so people can have a place to talk about what they want to talk about. If you spam incoherent crap in a thread about something technical or specific then allowing that would just be defeating the point of the site. If you call someone a faggot for making a dumb thread, well that's probably alright. Listen, it's not a clear line when shitposting in good faith becomes intentional disruption but my pledge to you, gentle posters, is that I really don't care and will alway err on the site of not doing anything.

A note on the second rule, as it's become a point of rule lawyering: "erring on the side of not doing anything" is not the same as "will never do anything". Currently I (Lanny) am the only moderator in the site and can't read every thread. I'm not able to enforce this rule in every case because I simply won't see every case. If you feel a thread is being derailed you are encouraged to PM me or report the offending posts and I will moderate that thread more actively. This means the kind of posting that flies in one thread may not in another, or more minor off-topic posting that's acceptable earlier in a thread will not be acceptable later. I will always give a warning that a thread needs to be kept on topic before taking action, and I will try resolve threads going off topic as civily as possible. What I ask from posters is that they respect that not every thread will have the same level of moderation and that they help me in finding threads that are being derailed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the name?
My registrar was handing out free domains for a few new TLDs, I happened to get to pick a .space one. Having just finished watching The Wire and feeling the need to capitalize on clever domain naming strategies as was the fad at the time I selected "". Some have taken to calling it "Nigga Sin Space", but it's like I always say: in space no one can hear you mispronounce the damn site name.

So what are you, some kind of racist?
Nope! I'm actually known as a bleeding heart liberal (I prefer "radical dialectical materialist" personally). I believe strongly in the basic moral equality of human beings. There are definitely people here who are racist and worse but they're as free to hold those views as I am to think they're wrong. I also think using the words "nigga" and "nigger", or any other slurs you can cook up, on a pseudonymous internet forum doesn't hurt anyone.

Who runs this place?
That would be me, Lanny.

I have to answer captchas and can't give out fake internet points. This make me mad!
It stops after you make 80 posts. If you're unhappy with this feature it's only because you were around when we didn't have it. Sorry it's not fun, but it's not going to change.

What kind of options do I have for post formatting/embedding in posts
BBCode for formatting is supported. You can find a reference for the dialect supported by NiS here. Emoticons can be embedded via shortcodes listes here

What is this 'Taboo' thing and how do I sign up for it?
It's a forum game where players attempt to make a particular other player say a specific, randomly chosen word. If successful the targeted player will be banned for a short time. Participating means you will potentially be a target as well. You can read the full rules, see your current status in the game, and sign up here.

Has the NSA/FBI/CIA gained access to the site records? (the canary question)
Listen, the most important thing to say here is warrant canaries have dubious utility. The premise here is that this notice will be removed if I've been coerced into giving up records to a third party but am unable to state this positively, i.e. a gag order has been issued. It's not clear that removing a canary is not a violation of a gag order and, as stated, I'm not planning on breaking the law for the benefit of the userbase.

Also note that I do not have physical control of my servers, so my host can be forced to access and turn over site records without me ever knowing. No system is 100% secure so the possibility of 3rd party intrusion without aid of the legal system is possible too.

All this said, to the best of my knowledge, no third party has accessed non-public site records. If it comes to my knowledge that site records have been compromised and I'm legally able to do so, I will remove this notice. Do not interpret the presence of this notice as a positive assertion that records have not been compromised.

Infrequently Asked Questions

What's with this horrific forum software?
It's homebrewed, wrought out of pure nostalgia and unwillingness to hack on PHP. You can find the source here.

Who is this "Self Taught Man" character I'm seeing all over the place?
While we do have our share of schizophrenic nutcases bouncing around, this dude isn't one of them. This is a place where people are free to express highly controversial opinions, the societies many of us live in elect to punish people who voice some of these opinions either de jure or de facto. While every poster is encouraged to take their anonymity seriously and is personally responsible for maintaining it, in the case that one's identity is tied to their account here they may choose to "anonymize" their account. When they do this all their posts are assigned to the "Self Taught Man" account and their normal account is banned as a measure to protect their privacy.

How do I get in on this anonymization thing?
Due to abuse there is now a charge to use the anonymization feature. In order to use it paypal $20 USD to the paypal account associated with this email address:

Then send a PM to the admin. The money will be donated to a charity of my choosing, so at least something good will come out of you distributing too much of your personal info on the internet like an idiot.

What is "DH", "date hotel", and/or "date hookup"?
Man, fuck if I know. From what I gather there was another forum called "date hookup" (this is not a joke) that operated for several years and closed in 2018. A number of posters from there ended up here. Sources tell us it was a "dating forum", although it's not clear that anyone understands what that means and the vast majority of date hoteliers are almost as unlovable as the native sons and daughters of totse, so a reasonable person would be skeptical of any of them dating anything that's animate.

How does Malice support himself?
He receives an SSI benefit due to mental disability. After months of talking about suicide, the last we've heard from Malice is a thread wherein he insinuated he was going to take a lethal dose of barbiturates. Malice is or was the cause of many of his own problems and held to a number of ideas which I can't in good conscious call anything short of delusional, but he was also a very bright young man who, at his best, saw the world in a profoundly different and insightful way. He was a member of our community and a friend to some of us, though it was a queer sort of friendship. If you would like to honor Malice's memory, you can do so by helping to bring about one of his longest held ambitions:

What is the official NiS stance on the obesity criss?
If you're reading this then you, like I, are living in a civilization in decline. We have lost our gods, our values, our sense of human dignity. Enlightenment thinking has, ironically, lead us down a dark meaningless path from which there is no possible return. We exist in a machine which is dying slowly and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

You have personally been robbed of a socially meaningful existence by modernity. You have no recourse. You will die without meaning within the gears of this horrifying machine without a future. Contemplate this, the profound emptiness of your existence, the vacuous society you exist in, and then imagine its representative appearing before you, they say "you are insufficient for this society, the one which has fucked you unto death in all the meaningful ways. Your physical qualities are lacking and you owe it to us to spend endless hours of your short and empty life on a treadmill, running, unthinking, beholden to the indignities of the flesh. You must forgo the meager hedonistic pleasures, the only ones left to you in this dying world, in order to satisfy the aesthetics and economic ends of our social order."

How sick do you need to be, how weak, how lacking of a human soul must you be to concede to this demand? If you have even a shred of self-respect your will answer defiantly. Fuck your society which will provide unto excess for the material needs of its members but not their higher needs. Fuck the society that architects a starvation of the soul and then demands restraint when you drink deeply of the endless material pleasures it pushes on you.

To that society I say: "God, in pity, made man beautiful and alluring, after his own image; but my form is a filthy type of yours, more horrid even from the very resemblance". I am as I am, though my form may be that of a horrifying golem I was wrought by your hand and I will celebrate my terrible visage. I will delight in the pains it inflicts upon you. And if my bloated and terrible corpse becomes caught in the drains of your heartless city then I will not have died for nought as you will have reaped at least some part of those repugnant seeds which you sow.

What is the official movie of Niggas in Space?
It's Bladerunner(1982). Director's cut, theatrical can suck a fat dick.

What is both the official musical artist and garment of Niggas in Space?
That would be Mom Jeans

embedded bandcamp link

What is the Official NiS Recommended Solution to the Impending Malthusian Crisis Facing Western Civilization?
Logan's Run. Definitely Logan's Run.

What's the official NiS stance on the Pavement v. The Smashing Pumpkins debate?
Pavement is better in every respect.

How do you pay for servers? / Would you consider advertising? / Do you accept donations?
I pay for servers out of pocket, the software is fairly lightweight so they don't cost much. Last month's beer money would cover hosting for over a year (the site design makes a lot more sense now, huh?). I don't do advertising because I don't want to look at advertising. I don't accept monetary donations although if you want to contribute in the form of code I'd be happy to review any pull request you open. If you hate github for some reason I can also accept patches. Other than that the best way to contribute is to post quality content and get the word out in whatever way you can.

Are there any other facets of the community?
Yes, many of the regulars here have also formed groups elsewhere. There is no formal affiliation between these other groups and NiS and they are not administrated by the same people but none the less form a real part of the community. They are:

bltcforever: video chat where people go to drink, do drugs, and generally shoot the shit
#forumboyz on kik: mobile chat app, so you can enjoy a constant stream of the inane wherever you go
/r/totse: The traditional rally point for finding totseans. If you're looking for someone who's not here, there's your best bet.

What should I do if the site is down?
Occasionally I spill beer on a server or something and the site goes down. Usually I'll notice if there's an outage pretty quickly and fix it, but sometimes it can take a little while. If an outage lasts more than a couple of minutes feel free to email me at The mail server operates independently of the web server and there's generally no reason both should be out. Note that this page will not be accessible during a site outage so recording that address somewhere is probably a good idea.

While hopefully it's not a scenario that will come up, it has happened on prior sites that the administrator has had to abruptly discontinue service either for legal or personal reasons. I will do everything within my power to give ample notice if I'm unable to continue to host the site and make arrangements for another admin, however if I'm unable to do this it's in your interest to exchange contact information with other users so you can coordinate. The tinychat and kik channels mentioned above may also be useful as a rendezvous. In such a situation this page will not be available and I may be unreachable my email, so you may want to make note of the relevant info off-site.

Could you please tell me about some other random shit you made?
Totally, I'm glad you asked! In addition to this shitty website, I also made a shitty implementation of a two player abstract board game called Onitama. It's sorta like chess but less boring and you don't have to feel intellectually inferior if you suck at it. It's pretty dope. Play with a friend here.

What is the single best website on the whole internet?
Brah. brah. Brah I got you.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

I encourage any poster who's interested in doing so to experiment with the site software as long as it doesn't break the above two rules. If you find and exploit a security vulnerability you will neither be banned for it, nor will I pursue legal action except in the case that the exploit is used to do exceptional damage to me or the site (I really can't even think of what could measure up to this standard seeing as the data held is pseudonymous). I take this position both because I don't think people should be punished for curiosity or for taking advantage of what is ultimately my mistake, and because I hope that by doing so I can convince you to disclose any vulnerability you find so that I can patch it. If you do disclose a vulnerability I will happily credit you with its discovery and may even provide a small reward.

Dead Space Niggas Memorial

In honor of those no longer residing on Earth's surface.


If you have questions or issues that aren't answered here the fastest way to get a hold of me is through the site's private messaging system. If that's not feasible for some reason you can also reach me at
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