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Nigga News Site updates and shit, for real OG blood niggas 99 2,915
Help and Suggestions Want to tell Lanny he's a pretentious cunt and that he's mentally deficient if he isn't paying attention to your particular problem? This is the place to do it. 1,072 20,332
Spurious Generalities This is the general discussion and chat forum. People can discuss just about anything they want to in this area, providing it doesn't fit in one of the other forums and provided that it will bring conversation to the thread. 42,125 1,003,677
Bitch and Moan In space, no one can hear you complain 3,729 88,078
Better Living Through Chemistry Discussions of any and all sorts of mind-warping chemicals, pills, booze, mind machines, trippy stuff, current street prices, importing pharmaceuticals, smart drugs, nutrients, herbs, and altered states. Please try to keep your conversations "theoretical" in nature, since this is an open conference. 2,431 132,292
Half Baked We all know what HB is, if you don't you shouldn't be posting here 9,820 150,840
I've Got 99 Problems... and They're All Bitches Anything and everything about sex, relations, and gettin yo dick wet. 1,480 37,263
Games People Play Games People Play is where to discuss personal computer, video game console, and arcade hardware and software - be it RPG, Sim, Strategy, Fighting, Action/Platform, or any other category. Although discussion of modern platforms/software will most likely dominate, discussion of classic videogame/computer hardware and software is always enjoyable, and certainly welcome 993 16,697
The Compton Gazette This forum is for discussion of current events. Threads should contain a link to a recent news article. And remember, with the news you always lose. 2,061 67,458
Printed Matter Books, Magazines, and Newpapers. What you read and why you read it. Favorite authors, magazines you read, recommendations for future reading, unusual books and where to purchase them, and sources of strange mail. 306 4,669
Art and Design If you like it, is it Art? What is the difference between a good design, a bad design and bad taste? Does form follow function? If something works, does it matter what it looks like? 237 3,433
The Vinyl Solution it's the music forum, faggots 1,040 22,259
Moving Pictures This area is for discussing any technology that creates moving pictures. Topics in the past have covered favorite avant garde films, old TV sitcoms, animation, current trash TV, TV news, making movies, home brew video, video equipment, and multimedia. 856 11,681
The 1936 Barcelona Olympics Do you enjoy playing with balls? Slapping mens asses? Comparing in the locker room? Well this forum is for you. Anything and everything related to human athletics, sports (including intellectual competition, e-sports, poker, and related fake-sports) but with a special emphasis on the homoerotic parts. 160 3,266
The Porn Forum No gods, no kings, no kids, no animals (and especially no animal children) 253 5,313
Technophiliacs & Technophiles The Technophiliacs forum is for discussing any and all forms of tech and other types of social backwardness. Including discussions of strange home-brewed hardware technology. Where to get good tools. How to make fiberglass molds. Computer hardware and software technolgy, including operating systems, applications, networking, hardware, CPU's, disk drives, and other geeky things. Viruses and Artificial Life discussions. End user tools discussions and support issues. Gating the Internet with other nets. 1,758 26,011
Bad Ideas Fraud, vandalism, torture, theft, revenge, scams, and other bad ideas. Please do a forum search and site search before posting. Questions about explosives, drugs, weapons, and hacking do not belong in this forum. Please keep things theoretical in nature. Do not admit to crimes you have done or are planning to do. 656 12,179
Reinvent Yourself Self improvement through diet, physical and mental exercise, body-building, surgery, chemical introduction, life extension, tattooing, piercing, scarification and smart drugs. Medicine, and other body related topics also belong here. 606 14,098
Backyard Ballistics This forum is dedicated to the safe teaching and responsible handling of high and low explosives 96 2,358
Politics: Left, Reich, and Center National, state, regional, and local politics. Who's doing what to whom, and what you can do about it. How-to-get-action messages are encouraged. "How the government fucked up my life" stories are encouraged. Sharing new methods for cheating on taxes is encouraged. Sample "letters to congresscritters" are encouraged. Apathy and "I can't do anything" posts are discouraged. Left, right, centrist, or any other form of political-economic systems are all up for discussion. Be prepared to defend yourself, or at least have a good line of bullshit ready. 1,554 54,095
Oh the Humanities! Philosophy, Cultural practices, Social norms, Historical Debate, War, and Sociology. 979 27,216
Conspiracy! This forum is about the unexplained, whether it's political hidden agendas, secret societies, clandestine operations, alien life, political assasinations, CIA trickery, Masonic sub-plots, and other bits of Truth. 579 13,397
Gearheads Greasy mechanical things. Fixing your car, swapping out engines, buying tools, and getting maximum horsepower. 218 4,670
DIY Do It Yourself! Advice on how to make beer, plant a garden, use power tools, record music, and build things yourself. 244 5,263
Money Money Money... Finances, money, investing, saving, getting a job, anything to do with the green stuff that makes the world go around. 782 14,834
Oral Indulgences Favorite foods, restaurants, and cooking tips. Booze, legal smokeables, things you put in your mouth. ;) 914 19,339
Flora & Fauna This forum is for everything about the outdoors and nature. Post about hiking, gardening, survival, and so on. Feel free to post just about anything that has to do with the great outdoors. 343 7,180
STEMpremacy For the discussion of all things science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Fedoras optional. 247 4,481
Shitpussy Containment Corner The polis is no place for women 13 981
The Mongolvoid ENTER THE MONGOLVOID 8,550 47,136
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