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Posts by Jesus

  1. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by CutterLegendaryNinja Then dream When I am making the indigo dye fermentation and I'm adding the lime to the drink.

    How did I make it? I think I know how to make it, but have no experience. Just theory and the dream you gave me.

    You weren't supposed to have that dream. That was an accident on my part. Strike it from the record, and please forgive me.
  2. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace hi jesus

    I wish I was.
  3. Jesus Houston
    I am the way and the truth and the life basically I am amazing and if you want to talk to my dad you have to talk to me first, but when you're talking to me you're also kinda also talking to my dad at the same time because we're the same person, but also we arent and nobody gets to talk to my dad unless they run it past me first , which like I said is sort of already getting to talk to my dad and you know what just forget it it's a long story and I wouldnt expect you to understand. Also if you ever blaspheme the holy spirit you cant be forgiven and you will be sent to burn up in a fire for neverending time , I sidnt make the rules I'm sorry that it has to be that way. Actually I did make the rules I'm kind of a sick fuck but whatever.
  4. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by -SpectraL It's all in the mind. What you believe in your mind, you feel in your body. It's psychosomatic. You have to truly and genuinely believe you are still young to feel young. And really, in the larger scheme of things, we are only a drop in an ocean. A mere blip in the chorus. A dew drop, which appears at dawn and disappears in the afternoon sun. Compared to the Grand Scheme of Things, our whole life is a snapshot in time. If you go around thinking you are 90 years old and broken down and finished, your body will interpret that in a physical manner and reinforce it into actual reality. The inverse is also true. If you truly believe you are young, your body will interpret that belief and reinforce it in a physical sense in real life. In fact, ANYTHING can be accomplished with the mind and the genuine belief. You could believe a mountain will move from here to there, and it would. It's only because of your doubt, even momentary, that it doesn't move. Your mind controls your entire reality, and all reality out there. All of it, you can control it and manipulate it, with only the concrete belief in your mind. The problem is, we are imperfect creatures, at present, so we are unable to generate the quality of belief required to transform belief into actual reality. As a perfect human being, it is easily possible. A perfect human being can shape the reality all around in real time and in a very real sense. Time becomes irrelevant. Space becomes irrelevant. All boundaries and restrictions are removed. That is why we are imperfect, because we have already proved we are neither deserving of, nor capable of, handling such power. But, one day, we will again. Each one of us will be able to shape reality in real time and in a physical manner, with only the belief and the desire of the mind.

    I think is the into to Swordfish.
  5. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by ORACLE His podcast is coming back according to Adam Eget. Now he won't have to jerk off punks under the Queensborough bridge for 15 bucks a man

    Who's Adam Egret,
  6. Jesus Houston
    My Norm

  7. Jesus Houston
    . There is one country that worries me — not Iraq, not Iran, not North Korea. The only country that really worries me is the country of Germany. I don’t know if you guys are history buffs or not. In the early part of the previous century, Germans decided to go to war. And who did they go to war with? The world. That’d never been tried before. So you figure that would take about five seconds for the world to win, but no, it was actually close. Then about 30 years past, and Germany decides again to go to war, and again, it chooses as its enemy, the world…but you think at that point the world would go, listen Germany, here’s the deal, you don’t get to be a country no more, on account of you keep attacking the world.

  8. Jesus Houston
    Which example are you talking about that one thing?
  9. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by Hikikomori-Fujoshi It's your boyfriend's semen

    Lol. That comment made me laugh out loud. It's something a normal person wouldnt ever say. Lol. Good one.
  10. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by A College Professor bro why did you name yourself that

  11. Jesus Houston
    The horse of many colors from the wizard of oz. Everyone loves that thing.
  12. Jesus Houston
    Just saying people were pretty sure the Warriors weren't gonna lose the NBA finals after being up 3-1 but ya know.
  13. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by frala Pretty sure you had it correct the first time.

    Are you ?
  14. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace Phylakatai

    "Just turn your computer off and inside out and dont use computers even."
  15. Jesus Houston
    Asshole thread. I clicked because I thought your cat was maybe dying of a sad thing :( I was gonna offer friendly cat advice just whatever. Ugh! Ugh!!!!!!! Ugh. Hepatitis SEE
    WHAT YOU DID?!??!!?
  16. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by frala Jesus Christ you need to get a grip.

    Sorry that I'm impotent! Omnipotent I mean.
  17. Jesus Houston
    Jill the car is a green nigger.
  18. Jesus Houston
    What is a bugly?
  19. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by Archer513 Another criminal off the streets 👍🏻

    When will they learn?

    I also want a badge to kill forgerers.
  20. Jesus Houston
    Originally posted by CandyRein Imma need a sip of wine after that post…

    *sipps wine*

    You actually dont even have to post. I'm ME. I'm my Dad too. And I'm the Holy Spirit . I guess I actually get to know everything you're ever gonna say or do before you ever know. One of the PRIVS of bring part of the Trinity. This forum is kinda boring since I already know what everyone is going to post for the rest of time.

    Sadly there is a day when Lanny dies by the literal hands of fralala and this site goes under. Most of you still in touch with voxer and skyturtle lounges and texts and all that. But the site... website... this one... it ends. Abruptly.
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