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Posts by blackbird

  1. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by -SpectraL The average man runs at 8mph. The average woman runs at 6.5mph. The average fat man runs at 2mph. The average fat lady runs at 0.8mph.

    Yeah, but they roll much faster.
  2. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Maybe that’s actually what’s happening. How do you know what’s going on in there when the door’s closed?
  3. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Do you let your dog lick your gash?
  4. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Drugs cube your brain function allowing you to transcend 2D space.

    d + b³ = s³
  5. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Indiana-Is-Eternal What if they have diseases and stds like fonaplats and tmwpiiha.

    That’s why cooking was invented.
  6. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Not believing everything the MSM says doesn’t make you conspiracy theorist.
  7. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Cuddling with someone I had no attachment to would be weird.

    I have no problem having sex with people without an attachment, but cuddling just feels way more intimate to me.
  8. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Eat it. Human meat is good for you.
  9. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Having it at 11 makes more sense than having it at 16–18 like most places do now. It’s closer to the age of puberty when a person’s primary sex drive activates.

    There was no age of consent in most places before a hundred years ago or so, and most of the ones that did exist were set at like 10-12.
  10. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Self‐sufficiency is worth more than money to me.
  11. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Being a hikikomori is pretty cool.
  12. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    I only did spice a few times before I started buying the pure chemicals.
  13. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Hobos don’t need piss jugs, they piss wherever they please.
  14. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    My first orgasm was when I was like five. I was sitting alone on the couch in the living room after I got out of the bath. I was sitting with my arms between my legs and I realized that when I slid them back and forth in a certain spot it felt good, so I started intentionally rubbing myself there till eventually I had an orgasm. From then on every night after I finished my bath and my mother was busy bathing my little brother, I’d go sit on the couch and masturbate two or three times before she was done.
  15. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Now you can go lick some doorknobs with no worries.
  16. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    A photo circulating on social media appeared to show the bronze likeness of the Seattle rock hero covered in white paint or a similar substance.

  17. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Grylls Not sure what the white stuff on her mouth is though

  18. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    The answer depends on the question it’s asking.
  19. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    Humans have only explored a small percentage of the oceans.

    The sea levels used to be alot lower a few thousand years ago. There could be some pretty interesting archeological finds in the places that are now submerged, maybe even whole cities.

    All the orange parts on that map used to be land.
  20. blackbird Tuskegee Airman
    The paleolithic.
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