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Posts by Zanick

  1. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Circling 'round the object of fear and desire, hoping to descend but remaining in orbit.

  2. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Why designate a specific subtype? Do you have a larger taxonomy in mind? Actually, don't answer that. I don't want to hear about it. Absolutely revolting.

  3. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    What are you prompting them to draw exactly? Maybe they don't have the right inspiration. Try putting a pencil in his hand and a naked child in front. So far as I'm aware, this is a never-before-seen evaluation and until it is administered your claim the pedophiles cannot draw is asinine.
  4. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    What about anal sex?
    "Anal play and stimulation are big parts of many people's sexual play; however, it is very inadvisable at this point as the virus has a presence in faeces," says Jonti Searll, a Conscious Sexuality Practitioner at ἔρως Life.

    The third homophobic virus of modern times; no wonder all of us here want to spread it.

    I'll bet double the money I have, that if you peer into its RNA structure, you can see the word "faggot" emblazoned on the enclosure by some higher intelligence. And, very likely, researchers are worried that they can't release this information without being accused, thus the world has no idea that homosexuals are being targeted for extinction again: just like HIV and the Reagan mutation.

    However, the prejudice that amuses us has forgotten its purpose, which is to scapegoat a group easy to disrespect because they have little power. We need the gays to perpetuate their subspecies, or we need to find a new scapegoat. Until then, we mustn’t discourage them from procreation, because we need little gay babies that promise us of a homophobic future where they will be convenient victims.

  5. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Peering through a keyhole with one eye, masturbating with the other.

  6. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    I wasn’t there personally, though I’m told the employment of a shield wall made it far less bloody than it could have been, had they only tossed up the crown for a proper scrimmage.

  7. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    It’s possible that it would be the safest course of action. I imagine it would depend on our leadership’s coordination whether we can carry it out successfully. It may just be a doomed response, however. If they’ve found us before we’ve found them, that is, which seems to be a popular assumption. Or should it be?

  8. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Apologies if my assumption that we haven't already is incendiary. I'm not proposing that we talk about the concept behind the X-Files, but rather to lay the foundations of an exopolitics that will inform our attempts (or predict our shortcomings) at communication and diplomacy with an intelligent species from outside our solar system.

    Let's assume they are rational, to start with, unless you have something else in mind. Share what you think we'll do in global terms, what you believe we ought to do, why the poster above you is wrong and a faggot, etc.

  9. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    I know my penis is a fascinating beast, gentleman, and that she makes you hurt down there when you look in her eyes, but can we get back to the subject at hand, which concerns our future?

  10. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    ^ I didn't know that, and I'm a high-consumption medical patient in a state with a booming industry. I'm therefore unconvinced by your criticism.

  11. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Originally posted by Sudo Terrible. Dismiss yourself. Sophie/psychomanthis was a horrible bootlicking authoritatian faggot and an objectively terrible mod who got off on infracting people. POLECAT is a geriatric DHer. Mr. Mmq doesn't post much about crime because REAL G'S MOVE IN SILENCE LIKE LASAGNA.

    Everyone gets BI wrong and that's why zoklet was stupid. Zok was fucking incompetant and your choice of Mods in BI is borderline treasonous. The rest of your choices aren't much better and implying the need for mods itself is weird

    The mod culture on zoklet was a pitiful circle jerk. Lanny has done incredible as a 1 man army and barring anything unforeseen I think it should stay this way

    I'm not suggesting we appoint mods, I'm just asking which ones you would appoint. I agree that Lanny alone is sufficient; in fact, he is glorious.

    As Psycho, he did get infraction happy for a time, and he was smug also, but you're conveniently forgetting that, of all moderators, he is arguably the best resource to users in his forums of passion. And he's only grown complex in flavor since then. Besides, if you ever want to break a law, but if Sophie is unwilling to provide carefully considered advice that actually helps you complete the crime better, tell me and I'll fucking pay you money. I would personally stake my freedom on both his understanding and his criminality. He's necessary, both to implement structure and promote informed discussion. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that if you make a comprehensive moderator list that leaves Sophie out, it is nonviable.

    mmQ is a very sensitive kind of criminal whose input belongs wherever there is deviance. I bet his record would make you blush, and I think he does it all out of necessity. He's never held a position of authority with us before, but don't let his theatrics fool you: mmQ is a serious poster with a wealth of experience to draw from. Bad Ideas is his birthright.

    POLECAT has his own hemp farm, or at least that's my understanding. He may well be versed in professional hydroponics. If true, that's impressive and certainly relevant, but I will admit that this choice is also somewhat political and I don't know him that well.

    I trust all of these people to inform and collaborate on all matters of degeneracy. You need to consider moderator strengths, which we failed at collectively before; another reason for the distrust on Zoklet. You think we need to look for the perfect fit, but I'm looking for passion and potential.

    Why don't you provide us with your Bad Ideas cabinet, if you have your fingers on the vein?

  12. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Contemporary niggas or from all time, just from here only. Post as many or as few mods or positions as you like. But be serious, guys, and prepare to justify your choices if asked.

    Below is your best possible configuration, I swear. My proposed cabinet would, however, require that Lanny authorize who may access the moderator forum, both to protect and amuse us all. If you aren’t mentioned here and you feel that this is erroneous, please direct your complaints to Lanny after this is finalized.

    Administrivia: Lanny will, of course, retain full admin authority across the site, but Sophie might be helpful here if he’s too hungover.

    SG: Mash, Gadzooks
    BM: Dumpster Slut
    HB: The Self Taught Man
    BLTC: Sophie, Panthrax; TRT in particular, in all its incarnations, must be granted to Casper’s jurisdiction also
    99: Lala, mmQ

    Games: Obbe, Wariat
    News: Sophie, aldra
    Reading: G
    Art: volunteer #1
    Music: just Lanny
    Cinema: Obbe, Soy
    Sports: get HSA in here and be done with it, or else cut the damn thing off
    Porn: G

    Tech: Sophie, Gadzooks
    Bad Ideas: Sophie, POLECAT, mmQ
    Self: mmQ, Lala
    Ballistics: Casper, Soy
    Politics: aldra, Zanick
    Humanities: Obbe, CF, Zanick
    Conspiracy: HTS, and either Obbe or Rust
    Cars: Panthrax, AngryOnion
    DIY: Aldra
    $$$: CF
    Food: ACP, Fonaplats
    Nature: Obbe
    STEM: Sophie

    The Mongolvoid: -SpectraL, Fonaplats, Malice & Sploo (honorific)

  13. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    You might try approaching a gallery that deals in outsider art if you want some valuable insider attention on top of next week's grocery money.

  14. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    How has your practice been, and what benefits have you noticed?

    I've done it on and off for the last decade or so. Early on I enjoyed some potent spiritual experiences that have stayed with me in memory, though those don't really occur lately. This past year I've had an unbroken streak, working my way up to an hour every morning now. I'm a lot more aware, circumspectively, of my thought processes and emotions, and this leads to better outcomes in a lot of ordinary situations I encounter.
  15. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    He's essential reading! I especially loved The History of Sexuality, where he deconstructs the narrative of Victorian prudence and develops his ideas of incitement and inscription further. When I had university access, I found some very early papers from when he was more interested in post-Heideggerian scholarship, which was interesting to look at in the context of where his career went after he drifted into psychoanalysis.

    Was I born then, I might have asked Foucault to incite a discourse on my body. After seeing the doctor the next day, I'd lock him in a room with Jung and Hegel and starve them into producing something readable and voluminous.

  16. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Originally posted by frala You should probably unlock the weed.

    Also, I’m more neurotic than normal and I’m pretty sure Lanny is going to strangle me in my sleep but other than that things are normal. Actually that’s a normal state so yeah nothing has changed.

    I was spending an ungodly amount, going through maybe a cartridge a day, and getting little in return because my tolerance was absurd. Worse than that, I had been numbing myself instead of building on the progress I initially made with it. I locked everything in a time lock safe until Tuesday night, for a week's break in total. I guess I'm more neurotic, too. I've kept my medical card out though so I can help friends who are cut off, and I'm earning loyalty points at the dispensary as a result!
  17. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Originally posted by CandyRein Thank you,’re still a gentleman and a scholar…

    Please give us more beautiful poetry when you have some time …❤️

    Illinois has a stay-at-home order active, so I've taken advantage of the extra free time to work on my form. Expect to see more coming soon!

  18. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Originally posted by CandyRein Welp!
    I didn’t wanna have to do it.. and it broke my heart to do it…

    But.. I had to put my mom on punishment…she’s not allowed to leave the house unless she calls me first so I can make sure it’s for good reasoning for her own safety ….

    I’m over two hours away so I called my brother to reinforce this.. there’s not much I can do from here …

    It hurt me more than it hurt her
    And she knows .. ❤️

    I’m fortunate that my family lives within an hour of one another, though I can’t imagine the stress of worrying about a vulnerable parent at a distance. You shouldn’t have to lock her down, but you did the right thing. She’s lucky to have you and your brother.

  19. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Originally posted by Bill Krozby Do basically your friends and family are pussys and have always been weird, guy who has a dick piercing.. heard.

    I got an email from a dean at my alma matter about Fall registration. What are your plans?

  20. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    I believe I’ve committed a Freudian slip.

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