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Posts by Lanny

  1. Lanny motherfucker
  2. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal How much penis did you get while living in San fran

    None, I gave the penis away like beads at a mardi gras parade
  3. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by rabbitweed What is the origin of this HTS/Hikki rivalry?

    Hikki is jealous of all the male attention Lucy gets
  4. Lanny motherfucker
    The OG big dick trill nigga answer is a make file and standard unix toolchain. Maybe a perl script.

    The regular big dick trill nigga answer is a make file and pandoc

    The trendy javascript kids answer is gatsby or next

    Dokuwiki is a better option than wordpress
  5. Lanny motherfucker
    Hold on lala. Let me have a few more drinks before I'm ready to your mom
  6. Lanny motherfucker
  7. Lanny motherfucker
    Go search on wayfair for any cabinet that costs more than 10k
  8. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Alfredo Sinterosa

    Remember when the fake galm account got hydro to cuss out and threaten real galm?

    Good times.
  9. Lanny motherfucker

  10. Lanny motherfucker
    lord of the bis
  11. Lanny motherfucker
    File only implements ECB mode, maybe ok for packet streams? But not good for large files. If you want to make it secure, first thing would be to implement CBC or something
  12. Lanny motherfucker
    I miss BL2, BL3 was fun but it just wasn't the same. If you get your shit working scron, let's play sometime. Bring Lucy too.
  13. Lanny motherfucker
    It's all those...


  14. Lanny motherfucker
    add me faggot
  15. Lanny motherfucker
    also I'm "lannafred"
  16. Lanny motherfucker
  17. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by ORACLE I'll take "things that never happened" for 200 Alex

    Anything baby wants, baby gets.

    Also I gave your mom a sausage biscuit this morning too
  18. Lanny motherfucker
    They are pretty terrible, but like the poor son of a bitch calling you is working minimum wage in like the worst possible conditions with a ton of stress and is probably a single parent with three kids at home if they're desperate enough to take that job. Like maybe I'd do it in the mercy killing sense, but those poor bastards really don't deserve any worse than they have it. Middle management or execs on the other hand...
  19. Lanny motherfucker
    Y'all ain't ready for lala as a moderator, trust me
  20. Lanny motherfucker
    go away Cynthia
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