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Posts by Lanny

  1. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny corrected.

    You’re from China, no man in your country has a penis large enough to be a strong masculine figure.
  2. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace Blade Runner is objectively shit. Fight me. Book is way better. Movie is a fucking joke and poor excuse for a film even as a stand-alone

    Ohh, so sophisticated. Look who read a sub 200 page sci-fi novel. We’re all very impressed, but you’re still dead wrong. Film was a loose adaptation as it should have been since the book would have translated very poorly. With or without the source material, the movie was a masterpiece
  3. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace This is the same guy who likes Blade Runner and thinks TNG is better than DS9

    That’s right, all my opinions are objectively correct
  4. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Meikai While I don't disagree in theory, I would have figured you'd still have come down on the side of Biden here. He may be garbage but the whole concept of presidential debates these days is something like the special olympics (that comparison is probably unfair to the athletes, but whatever). They accomplish nothing and at the end of the night everyone keeps rooting for their cause. Are you just saying Trump won because you've finally hopped on board with accelerationism? There's definitely something to be said for the idea that Trump will bring about the revolution faster than any "left wing" US politician could ever hope to.

    I agree the presidential debates are pointless shitflinging and have been for a while. I do legitimately think insofar as there's a winner it was Trump, like we're in post-truth world, Trump met his win condition (dominate the discussion regardless of what he says and how it makes him look) and Biden did not (either out-trump Trump, or manage to represent presidential integrity in a compelling way, neither which he did, I don't even think there was anything he could have done to do so other than like maybe just remaining totally silent for the entirety of the debate, as a statement).

    Not sure I take the idea of accelerationism all that seriously, the world would probably be a marginally better place if Biden wins, but I just don't think Biden did himself any favors tonight. I watched a few minutes of the CNN post debate commentary tonight and like even those clowns who, by obligation, declared Biden the winner did so universally in the form of "Biden wasn't great, but Trump is a monster". I mean even if I really cared about Biden's campaign and seeing him elected I'd just be demoralized by the debate. Literally the only galvanizing thing the democratic party has is how much of a joke Trump is which is not a great way to try and win an election.
  5. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Meikai I thought you were a good commie boi. What happened to you, lanizzle?

    I am, although Biden is a shit communist, socialist, hell he's even a pretty mediocre leftist even by American standards. After the DNC manage to fuck themselves hard on nominations two presidential elections in a row and learn absolutely nothing from the last four years the only thing left for me is to laugh at them and enjoy the schadenfreude of watching them pour vast amounts of wealth in to candidate "at least they're not trump" #2. The american leftist cause would be significantly advanced if someone bombed the DNC and managed to kill everyone involved.
  6. Lanny motherfucker
    Biden got steamrolled lol
  7. Lanny motherfucker
  8. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by POLECAT u should buy this thread from me lammy

    Send me your dad’s email address so I can PayPal y’all the money
  9. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by BeeReBuddy What are you doing today?

    ur mom
  10. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by mmQ Think so? Are you saying Lanny is just a penis? Theres nothing more to him?

    It's true, 110% of my body weight is my penis
  11. Lanny motherfucker

    - Money
    - Drugs

    - It's probably the FBI
  12. Lanny motherfucker
    Yes, author names are burned into quotes, it's always worked that way and will continue to. No one's posts are edited when a user TSTMs so author names appearing in quotes will continue to be there, same way as if someone quoted a post and mentioned the author's name in their reply.
  13. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal It only sucked to you because you're a boring dullard.

    Lol ok bro, if you want to go spend a bunch of money on a setup that's objectively worse than like a mid rage dual monitor setup then be my guest. Clearly you know a lot about the subject, except like how to read a cpu spec sheet or benchmarks.
  14. Lanny motherfucker
    Death to america y'all!
  15. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal VR
    I'll be running several programs at once for example running a virtual machine on a screen in bigscreen vr wgile dozens of other screens are up.

    Tried it, it sounds cool but it sucks. It really does. It's not even really the resolution that's the problem, although definitely a contributor. Also as mentioned, you're going to be GPU bound, CPU is basically irrelevant for anything VR.
  16. Lanny motherfucker
    Agree with the marketing term thing.

    There's a fundamental spectrum of tools to build things with, not just software, that ranges from "very flexible and dependent on operator skill" to "very domain specific and less demanding of operator skill". Like fundamentally to be able to express or actualize many things, a toolset is going to have to have many functions or modes of operation, more possible states, requiring more understanding of it. Conversely if some toolset affords building exactly one thing, or just a few things, there are going to be far fewer failure modes and it's going to be easier to work with.

    For example, you can build a lot of things with lumber and some simple tools, but you have to know how to use those tools and build things. An unassembled box from ikea can be used to build just one thing and anyone who's not retarded can read the little sheet of paper and build it.

    "Code" is a big chunk of that spectrum spanning from "a little flexible" to "extremely flexible" that a lot of people are scared of for no good reason. WYSIWYG editors and code generators and form builders and spreadsheets are another range of generally less flexible tools that scare people less. But like if you look at these tools, the really robust ones that let you build a good range of stuff can easily end up being just as complicated as the "code" equivalents. Like have you ever looked at a big business report in excel? That shit can get just as complicated as any traditional HLL program. Spreadsheets are cool, and flexible, and as a result they require about as much expertise as writing an equivalent program would. Look at Max/MSP patches, and it becomes obvious that a lot of these really sophisticated/flexible "no code" products involve the same basic process and the same amount of training as their DSL equivalents and are often successful just because they don't look like code and thus don't scare people off as much.

    WYSWYG website builder or whatever shouldn't really worry web devs because the second they become sophisticated enough to do the kinds of things web devs get paid for they're going to be complicated and expressive enough that you need to hire someone with the equivalent amount of training to operate them.
  17. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by SBTlauien No. Link?

    It's the xfiles movie
  18. Lanny motherfucker
    Because lala is watching it and I've come to need to see someone put Dinese Richards in her place
  19. Lanny motherfucker
    Real housewives is one hell of a drug
  20. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by ORACLE Shut the fuck up pussy nipping at my heels insect faggot. You are a lower order intellect.

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