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Posts by Lanny

  1. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Any man who hasn’t spent at least a week in a forest alone is a certified pussy
  2. Lanny Bird of Courage
    lol I’m not buying it. Link spam is the tell tale sign of a bot
  3. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Every time the power goes out and I just want to die after about 12 hours of choosing between sitting in darkness and being able to do absolutely nothing or going into the sun and covering myself in sweat I won’t be able to wash off.

    Last time we had a hurricane and no power I tried to teach lala how to play poker but it was… rough. Maybe we’ll try catan next time
  4. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Nazis are welcome but robots are not. Lud me up scotty
  5. Lanny Bird of Courage
    ✨ 🌸 ~~ bussy ~~ 🌸 ✨
  6. Lanny Bird of Courage

  7. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Any organization that includes more than 50 people and is recognizable by the general public is inherently glowy.

    Catholic church? Glowy
    Rotary club? glowy as fuck
    Boyscouts? They don't even give out firemaking merit badges anymore, they glow so hard they don't need fires
  8. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Originally posted by Instigator Yeah

    "My mate"is watching one punch man on my firestick he's had 150mg of pregablin today and some spliffs, bless him, shadow boxing
    Whilst sitting down.
    This is the type of people I was talking about in the op.

    one punch man is normie shit, it doesn't even count as anime anymore
  9. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Originally posted by Kafka Quick death from the bear or risk a lifetime of torture.

    Pfft, bitches cream themselves over the thought of being tortured for a lifetime by a powerful man. Turn on lifetime for 5 minutes and tell me that’s not a common female fantasy
  10. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Originally posted by Kafka Women who reject selfish men aren't broken, you are.

    Men who reject selfish women are gay for lack of alternatives
  11. Lanny Bird of Courage
    But you do want to hang out with people who are into anime or weird Japanese shit who are younger than 18?

    Sounds like nonce behavior to me
  12. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Idk, Mexicans got peyote and dios de los muertos which seems like some shit pegans should be able to appreciate. And all the metal parts of their culture got obscured by Christianity, yet still shine through in moments of cartel brutality. I think there’s still hope for the great Mexican neopegan alliance
  13. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Originally posted by soulbutter oh shit what was that brits name who was reaaal down bad….. we had a tinychat room where wed get drunk and do all kinds of drugs and hang out constantly.

    You’re probably thinking fuck biscuit.

    TC deep cut: I’m pretty sure the first tinybltc incarnation was arlybob, fubi, Jerome and me. Mostly it was jerome giving daily updates on the shits she took that day.
  14. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Rip in peace mr skelington
  15. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Fake and gay
  16. Lanny Bird of Courage
    I bought some delta 9 flower today. I don’t really know what that is, I’ve only been able to get vapes and edibles because gay ass Alabama, but it’s nice, I’m not complaining

    - TiberiusOfTheTrees420
  17. Lanny Bird of Courage
    You bet your best bong he will.


  18. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Happy 4/20 y’all

    Don’t forget to smoke weed erry day, and toke till ur broke

  19. Lanny Bird of Courage
    I always see these things and think they’re cool to check out, computer history museum was fun for an hour or two, but I don’t think I’ll ever understand people who spend hella time and money on retro computers. God bless them because I get some enjoyment out of being a spectator, but if I wanted to work with really shitty old hardware I’d just do embedded programming for something that’s still manufactured, or fire up a mips emulator or something.

    I get it a bit more for like old consoles or general computers that had worthwhile games, but sometimes it’s these old ass IBM machines that just do payroll, or did industrial job control, and I just don’t see what you get out of refurbishing something like that. It’s like spending a year fixing up a 1995 Toyota Corolla.

    Constraints inspire creativity and all that, but there are cheaper constraints you could impose and actually get something out of.
  20. Lanny Bird of Courage
    Batman Begins Fuckin
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