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Posts by Lanny

  1. Lanny motherfucker
  2. Lanny motherfucker
    Gas got real cheap here but probably not as a result of the beervirus
  3. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Erekshun Conservatives caused the homeless problem in San Fran?

    Remember Reagan?
  4. Lanny motherfucker
    Listen Don, we don't have great wifi in my sex dungeon so she hasn't had a lot of time for posting. Deal with it.
  5. Lanny motherfucker
    >TFW you're a rich liberal paying taxes and getting nothing so poor conservatives can trampel each other to death in Walmart trying to get toilet paper after they talk about how great capitalism is

    You know what, at least it's not the worst thing my tax dollars get spent on
  6. Lanny motherfucker
    Gayest porn I've seen yet
  7. Lanny motherfucker
    Everyone there already has the HIV, no room for another virus
  8. Lanny motherfucker
    Plup wins bighouse, amsa wins summit. Woohoo!
  9. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Wariat I have no idea why but on my twitter feed some chinese guy burning a dog alive or cooking a dog alive showed up. it has to be the most vile and sick thing ive seen worse than even seeing cuild porn accidentally for the first time in your life. i mean this is some truly vile stuff. i domt even think joseph roisman aka trouble would do that (although this is questionable and again this is the worst human being i ever run across by).

    At least he didn't try to rape a child then get deported and complain about it and gay porn on NIS constantly despite everyone hating his fucking guts.

    Way to go China, keep on keeping on!
  10. Lanny motherfucker
    I know you're not supposed to count your blessings at the table, but Kenny was one of them.
  11. Lanny motherfucker
    Still want to know what's in the hood
  12. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Bill Krozby Im actually trying to ween myself off alcohol because im really really starting to hate how i feel in the mornings. Its getting bad

    You've been saying this for years. No one cares. Go get on a hospital ship and float off to sea.
  13. Lanny motherfucker
    noncy punks FUCK OFF
  14. Lanny motherfucker
    covid-19 is a hoax. I'm going to go cough on some doorknobs.
  15. Lanny motherfucker
  16. Lanny motherfucker
    I don't think you should be able to determine how lethal a virus is by sequencing it
  17. Lanny motherfucker
    This is frala: thanking my own post because it was that funny
  18. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by Cly Lanny, why do you have a coward user title?

    Cuz I need that liquid courage
  19. Lanny motherfucker
    Sounds like an opportunity for some profiteering to me
  20. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by -SpectraL Infinityshock should be unbanned. No other regular in Totse/Zoklet history has been permanbanned (except for Lanny himself), so why infinityshock? Or even Lanny, for that matter. Permabanning a regular "forever" is just stupid. Then, because the person has no recourse, of course they are going to spam up the boards and inconvenience the whole BBS. That's not the fault of the spammer, that's the fault of the Administration. And you know he can easily outlast your unfair administrative action, so why go on for years and years? Unban his main account. Let him go back to posting like everyone else. Stop harassing his posts. That's all you have to do, but you don't, you won't, because you are unreasonable, arbitrary and nothing but a lame Your Mom joke parrot kid. Unban his account and stop bothering the few remaining members we have left.

    "ur mum lol"
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