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Posts by Lanny

  1. Lanny motherfucker
    Snitches dig ditches (on account of galm being Mexican)
  2. Lanny motherfucker
    Ok guys, ok, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. The woman I’m making a mod is...

  3. Lanny motherfucker
    You know it and you still misspelled it. Good job spending a decade to learn what most people learn in like 5 minutes you cock nosed cunt
  4. Lanny motherfucker
    It’s みんな you mong. Congratulations on falling to learn one of like the first 5 set phrases you’d ever learn
  5. Lanny motherfucker
    Ok guys, one last clue. Know this didn’t narrow down the pool very much but y’all should be able to make some educated guesses

  6. Lanny motherfucker
    I’ll give you all a hint...

  7. Lanny motherfucker
  8. Lanny motherfucker
    (the truth will SHOCK you)
  9. Lanny motherfucker
    (place bets now)
  10. Lanny motherfucker
    drum roll please...
  11. Lanny motherfucker
    want to know who?
  12. Lanny motherfucker
    I'm making someone a mod
  13. Lanny motherfucker
    hey everyone
  14. Lanny motherfucker
  15. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by the little girl How do you get to the point where you hear a foreign word and immediately understand the context in that language?
    Like, for me if I hear a Japanese word I recognize it but then translate it from English, this makes it impossible to watch anime and keep up with the dialog.
    How do you train yourself to think in the language?

    Target to target definition is kind of a popular thing that's supposed to help with this. E.g. leaning new Japanese vocabulary as it would defined in a Japanese dictionary (assuming you have enough basic vocab to understand a definition of a Japanese word that's written in Japanese) instead of learning the English translation. The idea being that like if you've studied a language for a while there are probably very common words that you've seen and used enough that don't need to internally translate them to your native language, and building further vocabulary on a base in your target language helps it be less of a project of translating back to your native language and piecing it together and more of understanding "in" the target language.
  16. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by the little girl They aren't.

    u r rong
  17. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra I wish I could still get immersed in Morrowind like I did back in the early 2000s

    I played the multiplayer mod with a friend recently and just wasn't feeling it, though it might be in part because he wanted to rush around and get all the broken weapons and shit

    I’ve started god knows how many games of morrowind and played for various lengths of time and it’s been fun but it’s never had the magic of when I was 12. I’m still convinced that it’s a brilliant game, it’s just a decade and change of CoD and Rockstar game design has made me into an adhd zombie that can’t enjoy art
  18. Lanny motherfucker
    CRTs don't have significantly more inherent display latency than good low latency digital monitors, maybe 10 years ago, but not really today. Yes, consumer TVs usually have pretty horrid lag although even that's getting better slowly. A lot of the discussion with older games is confused by the fact that playing older titles on the hardware they were released on means you get analog output and displaying that on an HD digital monitor requires conversion and upscaling which can be pretty laggy. But like if you compare display lag between e.g. a gamecube emulator to a good digital monitor vs an actual gamecube to a CRT the difference is going to be insignificant, and if it's less than 16ms it's irrelevant to a 60FPS game.
  19. Lanny motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra I've been meaning to get some actually, I have one of those keyboards with replaceable switches

    that said the whole community around keyboards is so weird and autistic in the gayest way possible. I can't imagine popping open 100+ keys to smear lube on the stem would have any worthwhile effect

    It definitely is. If I ever go looking for pictures of something I might want in a keyboard I always get a bunch of pictures of admittedly nice keyboards on desks surely in basements with weeb figurines all over the place and God know what else. Also no idea why you’d want to lubricate switch stems (heh), like it’s fixed with respect to the cap, there is nothing it would be moving against.
  20. Lanny motherfucker
    Why are all brits nonces?
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