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Posts by SpatianHaigency

  1. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    I won't be watching NFL this year. The league just isn't doing enough for the racial justice movement imo. All the KC fans that booed should have been removed from the stadium and banned from games for life.
  2. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Whats your top 4 looking like?
    1. Liverpool
    2. Chelsea
    3. City
    4. Arsenal

    I also see Leeds finishing top half.
  3. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Dregs are you trying to say i am a liar or something? i swear on GOD i ain't and i actually am being 100% serious it was all a waste…i could have used that time much better but as a youngin(between 6-14 to be clear) i was sexy with those two sport baseball and basketball every chance i had during those ages i played and i said fuck every friendship i had then..yet those friends should have been worth it and more…and looking back they were but i couldn't ever get enough playing those sports

    it made my bastard father happy and proud too…so i put that pressure on myself to continue to make him happy yet i wasn't deep down but obsession takes ya to some weird places and levels that i get totally now but didn't back then. i ignored so much deep shit about friends and within. it hurt me a lot in the long run.

    i will never give a single sport any time like that again. its all a waste. no real pay off.

    Thats a bummer dude. Sports are supposed to be the polar opposite of what you experienced, making friends, having fun, growing as a person, as a team, etc etc. I knew quite a lot of kids who went through similar shit you did with their parents putting way too much pressure on them and taking the fun out of it. Its pretty tragic tbh. Some of my best memories of my youth was doing sports-things with my friends and family. Totally understandable you'd be averse to anything to do with sports. Thankful my parents treated it for what it was and weren't deluded into thinking I was going to go pro and make them rich or something.
  4. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    im getting a deep swab today lord help me
  5. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
  6. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace That shit is so clear headed. Probably the most surprising thing about it. You feel sober and aware, but at the same time you're entering a different realm and gaining all sorts of knowledge and awareness and mystery.

    Did you feel any entities? I've always had this motherly feline thing show itself to me, but I haven't done DMT in like 6 years.

    No i didn't sense any entities. Was just one pull off a babby dose though so not surprising. Yeah the clearheadedness really did take me by surprise. I suspected it would all be overwhelmingly confusing and kjnda scary but it was just pure fun and complete novelty. Had a bit of anxiety going into it thinking i'd maybe feel inclined to get up and fuck about like you see in Salvia videos but it wasn't like that all. Still think i should have someone around the next time I do it though, so i feel just a bit more safe taking a larger dose.
  7. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    fucking hell i had my first DMT experience the other day and GOD DAMN. I was fully expecting to fuck it up cos i've never smoked anything from a crack pipe before. I got one big draw from a meager 10-15mg of deemz and that shit was beautiful. Had a nice afterglow the rest of the day and even the day after. What a substance. I'm glad i opted to acquire fair bit rather than just enough for a couple of trips.
  8. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    God fucking DAMN I hate snails so much. These retarded motherfucks always position themselves in high traffic areas and get crunched like suicidal fucking idiots and make me feel a combination of guilt, disgust, and disdain. Would not mind them undergoing an extinction event.
  9. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    pretty sure i'm going to take ~6 grams mushies tomorrow. Would doing ketamine on top of this be a bad idea or great idea
  10. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Grylls You don't know shit about football so shut the fuck up you fucking idiot, how's your fat fuck whore of a wife?

    Im a city fan, but lolerpool won't win next season

    Don't know why you are so sure unless you think some massive shit will go down in the transfer market
  11. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Pillpopper They will find a way to choke.

    They only need 6 points. The only thing that possibly could have stopped it is if the season was entirely voided which looks incredibly unlikely at this point.

    They'll win it next year as well.
  12. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    I always thought the dissolving ones felt a little weaker. The regular pills were still pleasant tasting enough for me to subling it on the reg. Etizolam addiction is fucking shit though mate so be careful or some shit.
  13. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by ORACLE This nigger doesn't know how unemployment works

    this is my first time on unemployment so yeah i honestly dont. im back at work now though.
  14. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    What a season they were having. Nonstop, continual brilliance that will never be equaled

  15. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    My job has started laying people off finally. Hope to fucking God I get the call for that. Essentially would mean a nearly 100% raise for 4 months, and then back to my regular level of wages for 6 months after that. I'd probably actually be able to save up enough to move out of this shit-state.
  16. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
  17. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Shep Proudfoot

    of course it's in fla. lol

    why is khabib so petrified of ferguson?
  18. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    i miss footy.
  19. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by CASPER Ayyyyy dude where u been?

    etizolam sounds kegit abt now

    i dont know man i just forget about this place for months at a time. Even being on lockdown and being on the PC for huge swathes of my day for the past month it just occured to me to have a look.

    and yeah dude i could go for some benz rt abt now. or anything. have been sober during this whole fucking lock down.
  20. SpatianHaigency Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood I really like MPA but I can't find it

    does that kill appetite?
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