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Posts by littleasianlady

  1. it has physics bending guns
  2. The difference between Gaza and the West Bank.
  3. Originally posted by Bill Krozby I just don't like to dignify responses to people condescending towards my knowledge of various subjects. If I went ahead and pandered towards your skepticism towards my knowledge it would do nothing for me. You'd still think I'm an idiot and would always continue to 'test' me. Sorry I don't play mind games with women.

    I know you're sexually frustrated but don't take it out on us. It's not very trill

    Post last edited by Bill Krozby at 2016-12-17T09:08:50.816936+00:00

    I gave that thing proven science you can't get a concept of through wikipedia and it called me an idiot and offended my religion and my knowledge of the stars and zodiacs and black holes and shit. probably to get google indexing.

    i wish everlasting ill will towards that thing.

    i dont give a shit. what a waste of space.

  4. Lanny I don't give shit either.

  5. Lanny you have foreign governments pursuing you for persecution.

    You get what you give.
  6. So will they vote to fuck their country or will they vote to fuck Lanny?

    Only time will tell.

    He definitely wants to fight this. Or thinks it isn't real. Or thinks he is bigger than it.

    For the rest of your fucking life you idiot.
  8. Like what do you think is more important?

    A government losing everything it has/had in Asia, or keeping all that by fucking up the person who offended the people who can get in there for them?

    It's not very hard to figure out.

    You'd get destroyed.
  9. Make you know who you're fucking with before you START transnational turf wars with multiple foreign governments.

    Next time. It's too late now.

  10. You understand I'm gonna ask my fairy godmother to come after you, right?

    I don't have to take shit over the internet.
  11. International criminal syndicates and the communist Chinese government.

    Run mother fucker. The CIA is all over this. We've been in this world for years. And we don't take shit over the internet if the government of your nation wants to use us for diplomatic access. We'll tell them to find another way in if they don't look after us.

    Wanna be like Lanny?
  12. I'm in an international Asian gang that has access to high level officials in the PRC government.

    If any government wants to use me as an individual to get in there, as a diplomatic backdoor, and that government is yours, and I say that faggot is butthurting me over the internet, fuck his life up a bit for my operational dignity, they would.

    Fuck off Lanny. I can fucking own you. IRL.
  13. Lanny I can ruin your life from this keyboard with my butthurt.
  14. You would seriously not be allowed near anything like that.

    You wouldn't only be forced to self exclude. They'd refuse you access.

    And you would get shot.
  15. Originally posted by HampTheToker Money existed long before and independent of the jedi. Again, you're talking alotta shit about things you don't really understand.

    You understand you can get shot right?
  16. these are totally the best games.

    i like, not in order of favorite:

    sleeping dogs
    watch dogs
    gta 4 (BETTER THAN GTA 5)
    gta 5
    yakuza 4
    fallout series
    assassins creed black flag

    on ps3

    ps4 is

    watch dogs 2
    sleeping dogs definite edition (it's just all the dlc and slightly more detail, eg fog, and i love sleeping dogs so I want the full addons)
    maybe gta 5 but i dont have that and i dont see the point, HD is HD, ps3 and ps4 is no difference really, more graphics ram on ps4 so you can have more people running around on the street and flies buzzing around a lump of dog shit. ps3 wouldn't even have dog shit because it takes graphics processing power away, so ps3 is better in that sense.

    open world is all that is worth playing, really.

    shooters were good as a teenager, but they are ALL THE SAME. if you want you can go to internet cafe for them. driving is meh. you can drive cars in these games. racing with laps gets boring, but if you want to drive a car around doing laps just get asphalt airborne on your smartphone. the cars are legit and so cool but it's not 'simulation' style. but if you just like the cars going fast it has real looking cars and real cars from heaps of makers, nice graphics, nice sound, and a speedometer.
  17. You need heaps of potatoes.

    There's nothing in them.

    Potatoes deep fried, that soak up oil or covered in sour cream is not potato making you gain weight.

    I used to boil potatoes, like sliced in to cube things, and when there was a tiny bit of water left in the bottom, and they were a bit fluffy, add a spoon of butter, like enough for two pieces of bread, and some milk, and reduce that and have really low calorie 'fat people' food. I lost weight on that.

    With like dried chopped chives thrown in. And some salt.
  18. No you need a lot of potatoes to gain weight. They are mostly water and low in carbs.

    Like lots of potatoes.

    You can do it. With lots and lots of potatoes.
  19. Originally posted by HampTheToker Oh, shut that shit up. Currency is a necessary part of any successful society. Has nothing to do with jedis.

    See now Hamp is playing with American-jedi-Israeli domestic security government shit. IN CONTEXT OF EVERYTHING ELSE.

    Just cause you know what it is doesn't mean you can go near it or associate with it.
  20. Originally posted by HampTheToker Cults come in all kindsa flavors. Human behavior in itself is interesting, but deviant behavior among groups is quite fascinating.

    They'd kill someone like you.
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