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Posts by crazy mike

  1. crazy mike Houston
    Or am I
  2. crazy mike Houston
    what if the dark rodent never came here at all, and it's just Lanny fucking around with all of us?
  3. crazy mike Houston
    UM only posts during the gibbous waning moon
  4. crazy mike Houston
    It's not the dark rodent posting under that dumpster slut account, but it sure isn't dumpster slut. the real dumpster slut can't even spell penultimate, let alone coherently use it in a sentence.

    It's pretty obvious who it is
  5. crazy mike Houston
    little girl moved in just down the street, eh?
  6. crazy mike Houston
    RisiR did it.
  7. crazy mike Houston
    I am actually twitching a bit.

    That's just parkinsons.
  8. crazy mike Houston
    Oh, it's labor day. What are you normal (enough) people doing with your day off? Anyone spending time with loved ones? I can't remember what that was like, never really experienced it to begin with.

    barbecuing later at this girls house, my daughter is at the mall with her friends and my son is visiting his girlfriend at purdue

    my family all moved to florida, so its just me and my kids here, in a couple years when my daughter graduates I am probably going to sell my house and move there too.
  9. crazy mike Houston
    where at? I am skeptical

    though I did think it was pretty cool that you can order phenibut from wal-mart
  10. crazy mike Houston
    the holy gayst
  11. crazy mike Houston
    you have special needs.....for drugs
  12. crazy mike Houston
    Is this a sploo alt or did slag somehow find his miserable way here?
  13. crazy mike Houston
    I've fallen in love with a chocolate african goddess

    their pussies smell different from white girls
  14. crazy mike Houston
    ahhh. thank god. the suspense was killing me.
  15. crazy mike Houston
    how did you do that
  16. crazy mike Houston
    I asked a question and I expect an answer
  17. crazy mike Houston
    I know that's spectral cause look at the shirt. only spectral would wear something like that

    die from AIDS, dark rodent.
  18. crazy mike Houston
    never thought you were into that shit, sbt
  19. crazy mike Houston
    ripping out some whore's taint with a pair of pliers on a saturday amazing it is to be young and in love....
  20. crazy mike Houston
    I request that you kindly go fuck yourself
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