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Posts by HampTheToker

  1. HampTheToker African Astronaut
  2. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    This is why I hung drywall for so long.
  3. HampTheToker African Astronaut
  4. HampTheToker African Astronaut
  5. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    He certainly dropped the ball with this one.
  6. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Originally posted by CASPER It's pretty obvious that the Obamas- or someone influential- intervened in his behalf.

    That's exactly what happened. I don't see anyone connecting this as a reaction to the failure of the Mueller report, because that's exactly what it is. Just like New York's Reproductive Health Act was a reaction to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh of the Supreme Court. Literally anything to protest Donald Trump and push back against conservatives affecting any kind of positive change. We laugh about Trump Derangement Syndrome, but the truth is that there is some real pathology there. We've become so inclusive that we enable the delusions of the mentally ill. Don't agree? Shouldn't be too hard to find a video of a pregnant woman that claims to be a pregnant man with thousands cheering it on in the comments. Americans have lost our fucking minds.

    Originally posted by aldra would be amusing if someone actually did this as a form of protest…

    judging by the 'death threat' letter he posted himself, he genuinely seems to have some serious mental issues that go far beyond general jediry though. I wonder if there have been psychiatric conditions imposed in lieu of the criminal charges.

    Nope. They dropped the charges and walked away like the whole thing never happened. Imagine he'd been more careful and thorough. Imagine a couple of white men sitting in prison for some decades for a crime they didn't commit. Imagine trying to convince the world that you're innocent but no one would dare believe a single racist word you said much less give you the time of day to say it.

    This guy set out to ruin some lives and he skated with zero consequences. Fucking disgusting.
  7. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Just don't. Think of the children.

  8. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Originally posted by mmQ How old is the babby? Boy or girl? Left or right fist? It's not one of those weird fists, is it?

    Issa weird one fam
  9. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Not my ball bruh
  10. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    We're pretty happy with it. My only complaints are that I wish our internet was faster and that I could afford to buy the kid more games.
  11. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Ghost Roll it as flat as possible and then dump an ounce of outdoor sugarleaf on it and roll and squish it until it's all mixed in and repeat this process until it becomes the consistency of a soft gooey hash and sell it for $15 a gram to highschool kids using the bait and switch method of giving them a hit of good hash and selling them the resin.

  12. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    the size of a baby's fist?

    I don't think I could smoke one dab of it. My lungs would quit.
  13. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    HTC can't compete with that price point.
  14. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Vive Pro has the hardware, but...
  15. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Et tu, Microsoft?
  16. HampTheToker African Astronaut
  17. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Originally posted by cerakote here's the deal hamp

    if you skimp out on quality components just for the sake of a good pricetag your son might not get the enjoyment out of it for as long because parts will need to be replaced

    my computer is like 5 years old and still plays everything i want to play mostly at high settings (i mostly play runescape and CS but I played doom 4 on med/low at 60 fps, bf4 on ultra, tomb raider on ultra, dying light on ultra, crysis 2 on ultra, far cry on ultra, etc he may have to turn down settings a little for some games but just about everything is playable)

    gpu: cheaper option is a gtx 660ti (currently have a 660 in my computer, the regular version not the ti which is a little cheaper but i bought mine like 4 years ago) or a gtx 780 (id go with this, its more expensive but will last longer because its better and wont break the bank like one of the high-end gpus will)

    mobo: msi g43-z97a is what i have and although only 3 of 5 fans in my computer are plugged into the sysfan ports and running, you can get molex to 4pin connectors to run as many as your case and psu will allow

    ram: get 8gb of decent quality patriot ram, this doesnt matter too much i guess but keep it either 16gb or 8gb (more will let him run more processes at once, but for the average teenager playing vidya, spotify, shitposting, etc like myself it does just fine)

    processor: i5 6600k, great cpu and will last him for years (be sure to apply thermal paste to it during installation and re-apply every 6 months to avoid heat damage and maintain good cool cpu temps)

    heatsink: be sure to get a good one, hyperx 212 is excellent

    psu: any 750w psu will work, even the cheaper shitty chinese ones (i would read reviews on the chinkshit ones first, some might be poor quality but if youre concerned about quality then get a corsair 750w). also, if you can spare the little bit of extra money, get a modular psu so you dont have cable spaghetti inside the case

    case: i'd go with a corsair 750d as they're nice and roomy and if you want to keep the system running nice and cold get the 750d airflow

    hdd/ssd: get 2 drives, one being a samsung ssd big enough to put the OS on so the computer boots up lightning fast (also will make computing much faster as the ssd has vastly superior r/w speed) and get an hdd to use as the storage drive. all his games, pictures, music, movies, tv, etc will go on here since the ssd will pretty much only have enough room to store the os

    os: get windows 7 all the new ones are trash (also, install never10 immediately, it will keep the computer on win7 without the shitty clickbaits for win10. win10 is aids)

    it'll run you a few hundo more but if you buy the parts during sales or black friday it will be significantly cheaper (keep your eyes peeled for newegg/fry's/microcenter/bestbuy deals on components you want so you can save the most money. also alot of parts will have mail-in rebates so once you buy it you can get those rebates and buy your son some steam cards so he can buy a few games he wants

    Done. Not present on that list is a 240GB SSD and an external LG slimdrive. The build went fantastically. I feel like I've turned over the keys to brand new Corvette to a teenager. So far the only games he has are GTAV, BeamNG.Drive, Fortnite (of course), Forza Horizon 4, Counter-Strike GO, and a few others. The 580 came with free downloads for The Division 2 and Devil May Cry 5 when they drop. Resident Evil 2 was a choice, but I let him choose and he did not disappoint. March is going to be gaming madness for The Tokers.

    Chrimmus might see him step into VR. I've got my eye on a decent water cooling rig for a bill. I'll probably get it and sit on it until Christmas or so when I can get him a good VR rig. I haven't even bothered deciding between Oculus or Vive because I don't know what they're doing currently. We're both pretty happy with it, though. I'm glad I finally had the opportunity to go all out for him. He's needed it.
  18. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Dat Choco brownie extreme 😍😍😍
  19. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Ghost Animals in the freezer

    Cows, pigs, chicken, and fish.
  20. HampTheToker African Astronaut
    Sitting in the lobby eating cheeseburgers and blizzards with my nephew.

    Was my first job. First started smoking bud here in the freezer with all the delicious animals and ice cream.

    Dat nostalgia.
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