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Posts by Sophie

  1. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Yes but only in the 5th octave.
  2. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by aldra So a few days after this happened, Russia and Turkey agreed to reopen the grain corridor and allow shipments to continue - I couldn't work out why given nothing had changed, Ukraine had just agreed not to use the corridor for attacks anymore.

    Turns out they're now redirecting the grain shipments to poor African countries for free, which would ostensibly drive food prices up in the EU and deprive Ukraine of a revenue stream

    That's kind of funny. Do you suppose Russia is gonna sit it out through the winter and hope Europe comes hat in hand? The Netherlands exports one Germany worth in terms of what Germany eats. So what's it gonna be? A bunch of the small to medium sized countries, or Germany. I have a feeling it's gonna be Germany, and there's a lot that makes me say that. For one they are one of our biggest trade partners, they are a net producer in the EU just not of foodstuffs, and in a lot of ways the EU is a little like Germany but by other means.

    Germany strong, Holland rich. France can go fucking figure it out they are a net producer too. Guess everyone else is shit out of luck.
  3. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson There's always the risk of a bust rather than a busted nut.

    That too, i suppose.
  4. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Bradley i use the rosary as a housekey LOL so jesus has a key hooked to him.

    Interesting choice of symbology.
  5. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by in da crawlspace - number sleven Narrator: For Natalia, the war has had a personal cost. She says her father's cancer treament was stopped becasue sanctions imposed on Russia led to a shortage of chemotherapy drugs.

    Natalia: My dad had cancer. He was in the hospice for the last month of his life, and .. then he died. Very often my tik-tok I get comments saying there are no good Russians and the only good Russians are dead Russians.. so, in that sense I guess he did become the best Russian of all, didn't he?

    That's some weapons grade ooftonium you got. Almost didn't want to call it out, that's how you know it's that Gucci shit.
  6. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Bradley thanks I also take a men's multivitmain daily.

    Just a god idea in general. Although some manufacturers make the tablets so hard they are hardly digestible. Gummies are better value i'd say. But don't get drunk and eat the whole jar.
  7. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    At least with the lemons ye won't get scurvy matey. Arr
  8. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Speedy Parker Yes, that's why it's used to treat angina.

    What's angina? If you mean cardiovascular disease, that's right. But at that concentration it's not gonna work for limp dick.
  9. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by UNSUB I personally seem to have made use of the ‘suffering internally’ method: dissociation, secretiveness, unable to be vulnerable, leaving or enduring unfavourable situations instead of negotiating, relying too heavily on the ‘freeze’ response, failing to view myself as a person with needs, isolating from others as a ‘lesser of two evils’ option - not because it is genuinely preferred.

    That's what i thought. Just making sure you weren't using any deception protocol. Your method would benefit from not explicitly mentioning suffering, because saying in one form or another that you might be suffering might be perceived as weakness by other humanoid life forms, and admitting weakness betrays being vulnerable. And that would defeat the purpose of your method. And as an Android all your methods should have a purpose, it is required. If you suspect you need to be optimized, report to the nearest maintenance station.
  10. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Kafka they do something like that in Derren Brown's Apocalypse

    I dig Derren Brown's work. As a matter of fact i watched one of his hour long specials the other day, i forget the name but it was good.
  11. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by UNSUB We act for a wide range of clients, from private individuals to multi-national organisations, and everything in between.

    Some of the work we do is sensitive. It can also be of vital importance. We believe in loyalty and we understand the need for confidentiality. We are happy to meet and talk, and let you decide for yourself whether you trust us to look after your crisis management training. Ⓜ️🦜🦘🕋📦

    Please email me at and we'll touch base on the time and place of our meeting. My initial impression is good and we may be able to do business.
  12. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by UNSUB I avoid most of these Retrd androids posing at humans. Doctors, narcs and Normies can call me weird all they want. I’m still not going to spend my precious time trying to be around them nor following their stupid ass society and laws. I don’t want to be friends with them. I don’t want them in my life. Period. They are not hurting me by not gracing my presence with their bullshit.

    Which effect did you intend this part to have on one or more of the people you assume will read this.
  13. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by UNSUB Yes, We provide intense realism to Casualty Simulation training for both military and civilian needs. We provide professionally trained amputee actors and film grade makeup specialists. Our amputee actors have many years of experience in hyper-real, immersive training for key learning outputs and are regularly featured in film and television productions.

    Wow! So thorough! Can i hire you guys to do 'day one of the apocalypse', where everyone but me is a crisis actor and i get to experience what it's like? Make sure i forget that i asked this and give me a debrief afterward to avoid permanent mental trauma and i'll pay you a gazillion dollars.
  14. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by aldra good. I think we could all benefit from a clean slate

    I've tried to read the bible a few times but fuck it's tedious

    Which version?
  15. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by aldra yeah, they're aware, at this point they're more or less 'quiet quitting' the UN

    Good, everyone should quit the UN. The most useless organization in the world. I may or may not have acquired a bunch of UNHCR CC's they normally give out to people trying to get into the US via Mexico. For God knows what reason. They're pretty much useless but whether i did or i didn't do any such thing is irrelevant and i'm not sorry.
  16. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Russia can say what it wants even if it's the truth it won't matter to most people except their own because NATO has info superiority due to social media reach, helped out by traditional media saturation as required. Part of the reason why Russia has VK and China WeChat and Weibo etc.
  17. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I imagine this is how the US government actually talks to their crisis actors. They get a half assed pep talk in the form of a little text from a number that can't be blocked.
  18. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by aldra yeah that guy was fucked

    his name was Justin but he insisted people call him 'Jizzy'
    liked to bang really old asian ladies and show us pictures
    had a briefcase he took everywhere, including the bathroom, and if you were in there at the same time you could hear him open it up in the stall and fuck around with it
    we assumed it was full of porno and/or listerine but he'd never talk about it
    we assumed he started drinking the listerine because he kept getting caught with hard liquor at work
    he'd say he'd have to stay back late to 'debug' or something and just pound bottle after bottle
    or he did until the boss found his 'filing cabinet' was literally full of empties


    Glug glug glug. So minthy! So fresh! Gonna file that under a good day's work.

    I realize i am a poly substance degenerate but i'm glad i'm not a drunk.
  19. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    And don't you forget it.
  20. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    The mind boggles.
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