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Posts by Sophie

  1. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Aleister Crowley I shit you not I was talking about crypto with my new squeeze last night, then today I was added to some jedi Crypto analyst group! It was clearly a fucking scam but how did I get added via whatsapp by some fucking random group. I thought it was her but she hadn't a clue what I was talking about.

    Fucking mad 'yo.

    You got scammed bro. There's a long term scam that originated in China, where you either get added by a pretty girl, that says something like: hey mike long time no see! Wanna grab coffee? Then when you say: Uhm i think you got the wrong number, she will apologize profusely. After which you will tell her don't worry about it, it's fine, she'll say something along the lines of: thank God, but hey you seem very nice. Wanna chat?

    If you get to chatting she'll act as though over time she'll be more and more into you. And will gain your trust, then when the time is right she'll say something about an amazing new crypto currency, she'll convince you to put a little money in just to see and they will send you triple of what you put down. Then she convinces you to put a lot down, at which point they take your money and run.
  2. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    The fact Wario knows he'll get mad shit whenever something unfortunate happens to him and he decided to post this here regardless about his troubles, should tell you all you need to know. Wario is a turbo troll and saying outrages shit is his gimmick.
  3. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Speedy Parker Because bombers never get caught.


    I am an expert when it comes to creating explosive devices. And i don't use the term 'expert' frivolously.
  4. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson That's what the joos said before they went for a shower.

    Well showers in Auschwitz it is then.
  5. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Lol, no. I'm not getting the shot. I couldn't care less about the way 'society' feels about it. I decide what i do with my body, not the government, not the will of the masses, not my family.
  6. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Bradley I like how Kev is the biggest faggot on this site and he basically worshipped Sophie until he was like lol ur too stupid to learn how to compute

    and dude just freaked the fuck out like a scorned lover and spends daily time continuing to have a relationship (albeit a disfunctional one) with his crush

    and sophie is a lonely chomo who enjoys the homosexual attraction Kev feels towards him and great reverberating fact when he apologizes for telling Kev he's an unlikeable dumbfuck and Kev just gets harder and craves the abuse and like a girl who doesn't wear make up over her black eye he tells everyone how abusive Sophie is to him

    Lol, i am not lonely though. I got a gf irl, and a couple close friends and family members. I also like women and girls exclusively. Kev just don't understands that i am actually a pretty nice person, wanted to help him sort some things out and perhaps teach him how to compute. Didn't work out that way, and as a result he acts the way you described.
  7. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Yeah, well. You may be 'special' but i am exceptional
  8. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson I'll pay for you to have your nails did twice a month and keep you supplied in sexy unders.

    You sound like a pimp when you say that. Gotta keep 'the product' alluring. Nails done and nice lingerie, will she at least get room and board as well?
  9. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I remember the name Shylock. Did he really get convicted for homicide?
  10. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Bradley Do you have a link for this? I am an avid fan of etymology studies. Sorry for off topic reply.

    Of course.
  11. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I recently learned about this CTF competition, and it seemed rather interesting to me. HaS2 Ended a bit ago and i hadn't really been following it closely, but learning a bit about the general concept after the fact was pretty cool.

    Obviously it was an event sponsored by the US government to determine and learn more about cyber security as it relates to satellites. It was quite a thorough emulation of a real world scenario where there's only a few ways to contact a satellite in orbit directly and have it do some stuff it's not suppose to. I heard the contestants even had to take into account the fact that an IRL satellite only has a few windows in which you can communicate/send commands and stuff like that because you have to take into account the fact that it is orbiting the Earth. So when it's on the other side of the Earth, the planet makes comms impossible.

    Anyone know anything with regards to operations targeting satellites? What kind of protocols would be involved with comms? What 'OS' do satellites run on? And what may be some TTP's with regards to this?
  12. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by aldra luke 22:36

    If you go from Luke 22 to 53 it ends on a nice dark note.

    "When I was daily with you in the temple, ye stretched forth no hands against me: but this is your hour, and the power of darkness."
  13. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Not sure who Navi is. But if i were to commit a murder it would probably be with a bomb. Either a car bomb, or a remotely detonated device. Collateral damage will probably up LEO efforts since it could be construed as an act of terrorism. however it doesn't take a lot of explosive to make a shaped charge, or a fragmentary/shrapnel device. Shaped charge would offer the most precision. And could be initiated with internal electronics a car has. Well, that could provide a way to build a circuit to start the cascade from detcord to the actual shaped charge. Even though your primary and secondary can probably be contained within one vessel. DIY detcord is a pain to make also, so that's something to consider.
  14. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Got a favorite Psalm Grylls?
  15. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Not my area of expertise, but wouldn't it just make 1 token that can be subdivided. Kind of like you can send 1/16th of a Bitcoin. or what have you. Since the total amount available seems to be 10000 in your example?

    Also, why don't you put 8 decimals and look at the results? Practical application and experimentation is how you actually learn these sorts of things.
  16. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood my dream jog is bieng "nigger peter" also knowmn in the dutch as "black peter" or 'santa claus" who is black like a niger from climing down da cimney and all da kids call him a nigger its not even raccist in dutch culture but if you wwear black dface and call yourself a nigger uin america it is?????? FUCK EUROPE

    You don't call him a nigger you can just say Black Pete. And he's Saint Nickolas' helper. Traditionally though, the Black Pete figures were devils the Saint defeated and are now in his service.
  17. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Congratz Obbe. I hope your new job is everything you'd want out of a job and more. It's good to challenge yourself and be excited about future prospects.

    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Obbe sounds like the kind of nigga that could wire a grow up for the mafia

    Of course he could. He has a background as an Electrician.
  18. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by Bradley yall dumb as fuck, i could write something up here but im not anonymous and not gonna tell onmyself

    best thing i can say is create LESS forensic evidence, never move the corpse, and most most most importantly don't touch the vic you stupid ass aint never bodied nobody talkin ass niggers

    why don't you fools post the best way to jerk yourself off or at least talk about what you know how to do

    dumbfucks first homicide end up on a youtube video looking ass niggers

    Look it's our resident crime expert. You know he knows all about the law, how to avoid it, forensic evidence and all that jazz because he has been in and out of prison his whole life. That's how you know he is competent at evading the law.
  19. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by maddie you can just use mkisofs, i have a writeup if you want it. i just did it recently to get remnux to load up on a uefi system.

    Thanks but i got it covered.

    I wrote a write up where you use an ubuntu mini.iso to roll a custom remnux for use in VM, lol. That said:

    QEMU-Debootstrap is the tool to use when you start off with a VM, for installable media the mkisofs process remains the same. the good thing about sbuild and schroot is that you can customize and add all manner of packages without having to run the base system as VM first.
  20. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Originally posted by maddie you should make a custom iso with the ubuntu server and ubuntu mini.iso, i made one and it turned out pretty lightweight and stable

    Did you use any debootstrapping utils? Or did you roll it from scratch? I have experience creating distros with QEMU-Debootstrap sbuild and schroot.
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