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  1. likesmice Yung Blood
    He's probably there for refusing to wear a mask on a bus or something
  2. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by Bill Krozby No I don't know you

    It's better that way though.
  3. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Did you just bump a 5 year old thread lmao

    They're so much better than the ones I see now. Wisdom of the ancients.
  4. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson No it doesn't…certain stories in it do but as the bible is just a collection of random stories it's not worth a shit, in fact they left more stuff out of the bible than they put in, the gospel of Mary for example or the gospel of Judas.

    It's akin to a collection of short stories by Stephen King.

    Stephen King's short story collections are hardly random.. each story serves to form part of a cohesive whole, which in turn represents a single, deliberately constructed point of view.

    The Bible is very similar, if you consider the Old and New Testaments individually, at least. The fact that they're even combined into a single holy work doesn't make a lot of sense though as the Old and New Testaments clearly describe two completely different gods... a god of war in the Old and a god of peace in the New.
  5. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by mmQ You're really in your 20s aren't you? And you teach French to HIgh School students, right? And you don't really believe in aliens, but you do believe in monsters, correct? And you do not actually know how to code but rather you're fairly proficient with a standard scientific calculator, yeah? And you haven't roofed thousands of houses in 110 degree temps, but instead constructed many many basements in sub-zero temperatures, no? And you were never ever on totse, because it was your dad who was the previous -SpectraL who very recently handed the reigns to you, his son, is that sounding accurate?

    Half baked has a remarkable history.
  6. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by Kuntzschutz You can pay me nothing to watch you get beaten and choked by beaners or niggers

    Stop trying to impress me already.
  7. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by mmQ Hey


    If you're life is awesome I hate you it means you have a perfect happy brain and no problems. I hate you.


    Sometimes I wonder what people do that are really happy. Bad sentence. What do really happy people do? I mean I've sort of adapted into a life of selfish happiness but I hate it in a way because what makes e happy is making other people happy but I'm sad sometimes a lot and the fuxking counselors and psychs kinda always say "well, you have to think about yourself first. Stop worrying about other people and just focus on yourself"

    But that doesn't address the fact that worrying about myself acknowledges how I want to worry about others. And then I worry about myself and ignore others and bad bad bad.

    Then I have to give them 100 dollars an hour to fucking tell me that in different words be every week.

    I'm saying this with not haven't seen a psychologist in almost 2 years. I dont even know. Fuck you.

    Go on...
  8. likesmice Yung Blood
    They don't really pique my interest, but there are a lot of them. Afraid to click on one though.
  9. likesmice Yung Blood
    Bill Krozby, could I pay you to choke someone for me? Not to death or anything, just enough to realize you were genuinely choking them and get scared.
  10. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Spectral??

    Wait what'd I say?
  11. likesmice Yung Blood
  12. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by mmQ He doesn't. It's just a really retarded rule to allow people not to wear the mandated mask if they're black. That literally defeats the whole purpose of making them mandatory.

    Do the exceptions for kids and sick/disabled people also not defeat the whole purpose of making them mandatory? What is it exactly that incites such FURY and outrage about providing exceptions for those specific blacks who feel unsafe wearing masks due to potentially dangerous stereotypes regarding black people wearing masks?

    What's really retarded here is not the rule (or the exception to it) but the reaction to it by some white people... especially when you consider that the overwhelming majority of black people still wore the masks nonetheless. In practice the exception meant clearly meant very little to most black people... it only mattered to those white people (such as Casper the virulent anti-black racist) who perceive even the smallest accommodations for certain black people as anti-white racism.

    Originally posted by CASPER I dont. I just think a ton of the stuff that's happening right now is explicitly racist

    I guess it's safe to assume from this statement that you do, in your own way, believe that racism is wrong. That said, you absolutely deserve credit for lashing out against whatever virtue you seem to think you're defending here.

    Yes... THIS was the turning point for you... where you draw the line and make your stand against racism.
  13. likesmice Yung Blood
    It's little more than a peculiar kind of symbiosis between two different organisms... the relationship itself is totally natural. Generally speaking, both humans and their pets get something out of it. Humans may ruminate about it, but pets don't care.
  14. likesmice Yung Blood
    Why do you hate black people, Casper? Don't freak out or anything... I just wanna know.
  15. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by vindicktive vinny god lied to men to test their iq.

    I suppose we shouldn't simply assume that God is only interested in testing our faith... What does he want from us??
  16. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by cigreting You fucking simp blue pilled idiot.

    How DARE you insult me from afar... you will pay for your insolence, you worm.
  17. likesmice Yung Blood
    Originally posted by Lanny Yes, this situation clearly shows I don't know the first thing about women

    To me it certainly does...

    You may balk at my bold claim if you ABSOLUTELY have to, but it's intuitively clear to me that you're clueless about ladies.
  18. likesmice Yung Blood
    You know SpectraL- is right. This really all could just be a simulation.
  19. likesmice Yung Blood
    You obviously don't know a THING about women...

    No reasonable woman would seriously ask for a "Lexus" for Christmas in FEBRUARY without elaborating on what exactly she means by a "Lexus" (i.e. the model, year, color, special features, etc). If she did go into detail, however, then yes you should start making plans to buy her the one she wants. If you can't afford it, then confront her about it, so there's no disappointments and mistrust.
  20. likesmice Yung Blood
    So you start your day with drinking alcohol and then drink coffee later?
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