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Posts by Chronic

  1. Chronic Yung Blood
    If I ever come into a shitload of money (as in, multi-millions) I'm just gonna travel and see the world. It's a big fucking place full of interesting people, places, and other stuff.
  2. Chronic Yung Blood
    If so, what do you do?

    I work as a presser at a dry cleaning shop. It's hot as hell - 100F or more during the summer - most days but it's full time and I make $14 an hour. I don't have to deal with the public, I just make peoples' suits and stuff look nice and un-wrinkled. I take smoke breaks whenever I want and listen to whatever music I want, so it's not too bad. Better than flipping burgers in my opinion, which is what I used to do.

    What about you guys?
  3. Chronic Yung Blood
    Spent eight or nine years on TOTSE and then it closed, I've felt like this ever since. Fucking sucks!

    Help us Lanny Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope...
  4. Chronic Yung Blood
    Or is this trouble on my end with my VPN?
  5. Chronic Yung Blood
    Is raw dogging that much better? Raw doggers of Niggas In Space, is going without the rubber so much better that it's worth the risk?

    How confident are you in the pull-n-pray method of birth control?
  6. Chronic Yung Blood
    Sieg Heil.

    Just remember, ARBEIT MACHT FREI!!!!111
  7. Chronic Yung Blood
    Here's one of mine:

    Pretty much my favorite animated show. It's a shame that they're not still producing new episodes.
  8. Chronic Yung Blood
    Is this where we post shit that's too retarded for the rest of HB?
  9. Chronic Yung Blood
    Is this where we post stuff that's too retarded for the rest of HB?
  10. Chronic Yung Blood
    How did you come to the conclusion that what your life was lacking, happened to be a piercing in your dick?
  11. Chronic Yung Blood
    Delivery is expensive and most frozen pizzas taste sub-par in my opinion. What's your favorite frozen pizza?

    Also, have any of you ever put a frozen pizza on a pizza stone? Did you notice an improvement in taste?
  12. Chronic Yung Blood
    In the past I've made everything from banana/walnut to cherry/lime, various meads, etc. I need some new ideas! What are some fruit-based wine combinations you think would be delicious?
  13. Chronic Yung Blood
    A subforum for any official announcements regarding the site/forum that you'd make. Like 'News of the Temple' on TOTSE. For starters it would probably be a good place to sticky the an introduction/welcome page and a thread listing the forum rules.
  14. Chronic Yung Blood
    This is the lulz forum.

  15. Chronic Yung Blood
    I can dig it. It's a nice, clean look. There's a few additional subforums I'd like to see but I'm sure those will come with time.

  16. Chronic Yung Blood
    This guy does some beautiful work. I've got a poster featuring artwork he did for Cannabis Culture magazine, I'll try and load it on here later. Meanwhile, enjoy a few pieces pulled from Google Images.

  17. Chronic Yung Blood
    - DIY
    - News For Niggas In Space
    - Some sort of money forum
    - Oral Indulgences

  18. Chronic Yung Blood
    This is the thread that will survive into infinity.
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