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Posts by Chronic

  1. Chronic Yung Blood
    I wrote down his phone number just before the site disappeared. I'll try calling him here in a little while.
  2. Chronic Yung Blood
    Infrared has a hot redhead wife now and is making bank in the medical field. He only works 3 days a week, IIRC.

    I think I talked to him when he was first getting into that field. If I remember correctly a lot of the times he was at work when posting or chatting.
  3. Chronic Yung Blood
    ^ Was not expecting that... But, I guess it was alright. Japanese people are strange.
  4. Chronic Yung Blood
    There was also a mass shooting on a Tunisian beach that killed almost 40 people.
  5. Chronic Yung Blood

    Ain't nobody heard from dat nigga in a long time.
  6. Chronic Yung Blood
    I lol'd.
  7. Chronic Yung Blood
    Get Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools Lite. They're easy to use to burn stuff. You just mount the .iso, .bin or .cue file, then burn to a disk.

    Thanks. Now off to eBay to look for a modchipped PS1.
  8. Chronic Yung Blood
    A few random memories regarding random members on the list:

    If I remember correctly, katiesbeenrickrolled was from New Hampshire and I used to talk to her on AOL Instant Messenger a lot. I think she stopped talking to me though after the "Old Man of the Mountain" fell apart and I told her that her state now had nothing going for it.

    Toothlessjoe was a strange looking dude.

    I used to talk to Infrared a lot too but I don't even remember what about. I think mostly urban exploration and random life bullshit. Cool guy. What's he up to these days?

    Oh, and then there was MandatorySuicide and his "Green Lantern is like a dick without wings" thread. I think that thread made the cross-over from TOTSE to Zoklet.
  9. Chronic Yung Blood
    I think they actually tried to abort him but the little fucker kept dodging the coat hanger

    Smoking spice in the womb saved Schplew's life.
  10. Chronic Yung Blood
    MrHappy, I heard Big Bear is actually pretty fucking decent. Never had it myself though, I don't think it's distributed in my area.

    And holy shit Shodan, Dogfish Head makes a 40 oz? Must. Find. Soon.
  11. Chronic Yung Blood
    I remember bloodydiaperman. Talked to him about a year ago on Zoklet as a matter of fact. If I remember correctly he lives close by me.
  12. Chronic Yung Blood
    It's kinda buggy with a ton of annoying ad popups, but it's worth it. They're all there.

    Gonna have to do a bit of browsing and maybe look into making backups (which I have no idea how to do properly)

    I sure as fuck wish game companies were still pressing copies of games like Suikoden 2, Vagrant Story, Tales of Destiny, etc.

    I was at the local used game store earlier today and they wanted $30 for Breath of Fire III, $35 for Dragon Warrior VII, etc. Too much in my opinion.
  13. Chronic Yung Blood

    Y'all my favorite niggas!
  14. Chronic Yung Blood
    I don't see how I'm "obsequious" at all

    What the hell does "obsequious" even mean?
  15. Chronic Yung Blood
    Trying to scam somebody out of spice?
  16. Chronic Yung Blood
    Currently reading the first three Halo novels. I'm a big fan of the games so it's been enjoyable reading the novelizations which give more detail than the games cutscenes and narrations.
  17. Chronic Yung Blood
    Tried it on a few different occasions and my dick was less satisfied because it wasn't pussy.

    Then one time I got shit on my dick and I've never tried it again.

    What's your opinion on anal?
  18. Chronic Yung Blood
    Top this niggas:

  19. Chronic Yung Blood
    I'm fine with it as is, would like to see Zoklet and TOTSE skins though.
  20. Chronic Yung Blood
    Before or after he was born.
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