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Posts by Wild Bill Hickock

  1. Originally posted by Admin Perverts.

    It's only natural to want to tup. Can't blame a man for bein' a man.
  2. Originally posted by Rrr He meant dextromethorphan stewpid

    Ppl get confused if you dont call it bundy

    Now, ya'll just find anyway to arguefy the night, dontcha?
  3. Originally posted by vindicktive vinny do i know you.

    I'd be doubtin if you did.
  4. Originally posted by Greenspam You mean like these folks out in Pennsylvania?

    Thats a nice buggy there. Hell of a horse too.
  5. And then there was a second one? What in the damn hell, has the whole world done and gone mad?
  6. Originally posted by Ghost i dont think its that

    What in tarnation?? That's marijuana?
  7. Originally posted by vindicktive vinny horses are too fast.

    mules better.

    Mules ain't got the temperament or endurance to go haulin people around.
  8. This wouldn't have happened if these yokels were riding horses 'stead of these goddamn death machines.
  9. Amen.
  10. Now Poe was a good writer. True tomahawk man to be certain, but a good writer nonetheless.
  11. Never met a Muslim, but any God fearing man's a friend of mine.
  12. Originally posted by mmQ Blood alcohol content…

    Man alive! That is impressive. Wonder what codfish aristocrats came up with the notion to make such a thing.
  13. Originally posted by mmQ I'm sure there are plenty of them that need to basically keep up a certain amount in order to feel "good." Probably somewhere around 0.1 - 0.15.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what are these numbers?
  14. Originally posted by Bill Krozby I like the part where that old dude smears his semen in the hookers hair and face

    You talk just like a book, dontcha?
  15. Well what are you waiting for? Go at it full chisel.
  16. Ah Gad, I hate seeing you catawamptiously chewed up like this.
  17. Originally posted by gadzooks I'm currently subsisting entirely on a steady diet of stiff drinks.

    Decisions entirely being left to the vissicitudes of fate.

    Ain't nothing wrong with getting a little top heavy now and again, but I don't subscribe to that fate nonsense. God gave man the willpower to choose his own fate, so it'd be a shame if you were to waste that on the life of a tosspot. You're stronger than that, and I know you've got what it takes to go across lots.
  18. Originally posted by gadzooks Holy fuck "pigeon livered" tho.

    Ah I don't mean nothin' by it. Just hate seeing strong young men such as yourself mistake themselves for some type of social foozler, when all they really need is a stiff drink and a decision made.
  19. Now Gad, there's more to life than chasing tackle. Don't be so pigeon livered. I know you ain't stupid, so don't act it by letting your tool lead you head first through the day and into the night.
  20. What a bunch of twiddle shits.
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