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Posts by Big the Cat

  1. Originally posted by Bradley I see you are speaking english but doing so incorrectly, kinda weird because you read so much and speak english as a first language, but please when replying to my threads in the future, please try to make sense (perhaps reread what you've written?) and make others able to comprehend what the fuck you're saying.


    just cuz u dumb dont make everyone stupid like u cuz its the easy path.
    BBS < play card here not site
    faster bigger bettter
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson What??

    he skitzo!


    im trying to play seome free parking. Folks????
  2. folks?
  3. as she is the alternate persona of a mentally ill person. She really like the plural stuff and messaged me a lot mainly about that

  4. lets tal about her fictional non reality based asshole
  5. Which kinda makes ring 0 retarded but you are just trading stability with FAST PROCESSING COMMAND LINE RING 0 , if a bit flips the entire thing comes crashing down, GOOD!! My computer never crashes, I miss when computers used to fuck up a lot in weird ways. It was annoying, but less annoying than gettting JEEEEERTED by a modern js page and AJAX hell
  6. Bitcoin isn't even Zero Knowledge but it's like fax machines and BBS software it doesn't need to be skitzo okay. if they literally encrypt banks common PIN with 8 bit shit I think SHA-256 which seems to be a common standard in a lot of things is good enough, you don't need a 20,000 node God AI hivemind to 'ZERO KNOWLEDGE" prove anything, really. Sure it's cool and solves THE BYZANTINE GENERAL PROBLEM but who the fuck cares about that???? Great math trick but i'm starving and my computer MOVE MONEY SLOW! AND UNSAFELY!!
  7. Originally posted by aldra how do you write a word without being able to think of letters?

    Just draw the shape with ya hands, wut. It 's not like you need to know what it means. In fact it's probably easier to learn copying someones signature in other languages like bhutanese shadow script or ching chong

    because I do not exist as a ching chong I have to BECOME a person to even write it in the first place. I cannot think of any letters in any asian language but I could probably write it if you told me to learn caligraphy and just didn't tell me anything language learning related as CALIGRAPHY is a different skill entirely

    I am good at neither and expect to be able to understand everything at all times, because it should just be easy to move things and interact with them. Signing in sucks, clicking the GOOGLE OR MICROSOFT button sucks, web3 sucks too! make it FASTER FASTER FASTER and not scanning my eye WE TRIED THAT ALREADY I remember when finger scanners were the rage

    fuck that technology burn biometric anything to the fucking ground, it's trash and I WILL chop off someones hand fucking gladly I will relish the moment, TALK ABOUT BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS. Feeds DATA!!! into the MACHINE

    yeah zk is pretty fucking skitzo I honestly can't explain how it works. I'm sure i've tried more than once

    how to solve byzantine general while blindfolded and blackout drunk??? idk ... kill the general? praise justinian and surrender your forces to CHRIST! in a final all out no holds barred charge, fuck the orders!

    oh fuck it's got an oracle. YEAH I'm OUT but it's on scientific journals and shit idk seems skitzo but also I kinda get it at the same time its like terry davis HOW DO YOU PROVE A RANDOM NUMBER IS RANDOM???? or as "true random" as you can get. The answer ORACLES . Billion $$$ companies fuys! I have no idea what any of it means but my guess is fedcoin will be Godtek and you won't have SHIT to say then you can't call it a ryptoo doo daw slow Tx time block hash, nah it will be fast and god protocols but used for evil I think kinda like EL PETRO

    Like you can turn anything into a closed system and just physically punish and arrest anyone that goes against your system. The economy wars oh man imagine instead of markets countries actually COMPETE like not GLOBAL US DOLLAR but using their superior technology to make your entire existence worthless type shit, which I can't even fathom

    How Bitcoin Solves the Byzantine General’s Problem?

    In the Byzantine Generals Problem, the untampered agreement that all the loyal generals need to agree to is the blockchain. Blockchain is a public, distributed ledger that contains the records of all transactions. If all users of the Bitcoin network, known as nodes, could agree on which transactions occurred and in what order, they could verify the ownership and create a functioning, trustless money system without the need for a centralized authority. Due to its decentralized nature, blockchain relies heavily on a consensus technique to validate transactions. It is a peer-to-peer network that offers its users transparency as well as trust. Its distributed ledger is what sets it apart from other systems. Blockchain technology can be applied to any system that requires proper verification.

    Proof Of Work: The network would have to be provable, counterfeit-resistant, and trust-free in order to solve the Byzantine General’s Problem. Bitcoin overcame the Byzantine General’s Problem by employing a Proof-of-Work technique to create a clear, objective regulation for the blockchain. Proof of work (PoW) is a method of adding fresh blocks of transactions to the blockchain of a cryptocurrency. In this scenario, the task consists of creating a hash (a long string of characters) that matches the desired hash for the current block.

    Counterfeit Resistant: Proof-of-Work requires network participants to present proof of their work in the form of a valid hash in order for their block, i.e. piece of information, to be regarded as valid. Proof-of-Work requires miners to expend significant amounts of energy and money in order to generate blocks, encouraging them to broadcast accurate information and so protecting the network. Proof-of-Work is one of the only ways for a decentralized network to agree on a single source of truth, which is essential for a monetary system. There can be no disagreement or tampering with the information on the blockchain network because the rules are objective. The ruleset defining which transactions are valid and which are invalid, as well as the system for choosing who can mint new bitcoin, are both objectives.
    Provable: Once a block is uploaded to the blockchain, it is incredibly difficult to erase, rendering Bitcoin’s history immutable. As a result, participants of the blockchain network may always agree on the state of the blockchain and all transactions inside it. Each node independently verifies whether blocks satisfy the Proof-of-Work criterion and whether transactions satisfy additional requirements.
    Trust-free: If any network member attempts to broadcast misleading information, all network nodes immediately detect it as objectively invalid and ignore it. Because each node on the Bitcoin network can verify every information on the network, there is no need to trust other network members, making Bitcoin a trustless system.

    ETH butalkik is bigly into this I think that's what DA ETHEREUM MERGE from PoW to POS was all about this, which still isn't fully implemented in ETH yet
  8. Originally posted by vindicktive vinny chang beer is pretty good.

    i have a slight interest in asian beers
  9. idk lol

    im rage closing everything in a fit A FIT I SAY more of a hissy

    nah not really. just neeed the CPU %%% for MC

    why is this bookmarketed HOW HIGH WAS HI?

  10. you spend too much on the fona -fone

    may I suggest Fona-FAX a voip telehpony free communication solution from SHADOW BANK FINANCIAL
  11. Originally posted by justlaugth ho? (I'm sorry but I don't understand anything I'm new)

    what is trolling
  12. the gay one?

    Originally posted by RIPtotse why did u lie about ur identity? \

    because his real identity is REALLY his "roomate" aka is shadow projection of ego

    Originally posted by Bradley He asked me if I wanted him to contact the Police/IRS/Cops and I said no. He said Okay, you're terminated. I said can I get the last two weeks pay, he said really BRADLEY??? and I was like okay.

  13. SECEET PHILE!!!!

    Originally posted by justlaugth second life only serves to troll

    furries or what tho??? like who??? just randoms??
  14. Originally posted by Speedy Parker Fuck minecrap

    Originally posted by Speedy Parker ⬆️Jealous rage

    u mad cuz bad
  15. legal hack clients..... fuys... bit bucks!

    just saying. Easy to code too, just labor intensive requires LONG HOURS coding complex solutions to something that WE SHOULDN"T HAVE TO BE DOING BUT THE MARKET DEMAND IS THERE !!!

    Originally posted by Rotten Rodney yea

    this client and mod and everyone that uses it is trash faggits it's like impact but for 12 year oldjes that need to hack to win at a fucking hypixel minigame, it's fucking pathetic


    Apache Commons Lang Apache 2.0
    awt-color-factory GPL 2.0 with Classpath exception
    ChatShortcuts MIT License
    Danker's Skyblock Mod GPL 3.0
    GSON Apache 2.0
    Minecraft Forge Minecraft Forge License
    Not Enough Updates Creative Commons Public License
    Skyblock Addons MIT License
    SoopyAddons Unlicensed
    Vigilance LGPL 3.0
    Wynntils AGPL 3.0

    Anarchy clients are no longer meta except for crystal pvp which is very niche
    everyone wants plugin jungle mods that tie 20 faggot mods into a gay faggot package for losers

    gay feature, gay feature, gay feature, gay feature, gay feature, gay feature, who the fuck cares.
    how about a fucking BUTTON that has every coordinate of major important NPC's like AATROX, WIZARD TOWER, BUILDER HUT, DARK AUCTION instead of every lobby chat "guys please escort me to aatrox i cant find it pls help"

    just have a mod that lets you press a button to instant post coordinates of various locations in chat
    thats just a random paper on napkin serviette idea , better than 99% of a non existent market of 99% malware rat fake gay mods

    holy fuck this is SEXY

    oh so it's okay to be a faggot in my thread but I'm not allowed to press fona and be on topic???? PLEASE

    go fucik tyourself jerry B C D E F G H I JK Who the fuck cares some faggot alt probably gotta prove yourself to alts IMAGINE

    Originally posted by jerryb Don't pay them any attention Fona, this is NIS filled with broken fuck ups. Some people hate to see someone enjoying their life.

    anyone that falls for your shit is a dumb idiot literally getting into drama and saying don't get into drama lol classsic DH tactics folks!

    Originally posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    Originally posted by Bradley im gonna start doing hard drugs here in a minute and I'mma get so fuckin high the triangle comic strip (Really it's gonan be shaped like a triangle will revolutionize everyones understanding of life, meditation and the world around them)

    Originally posted by Bradley shit finna be perfect but first i gotta go to the supermarket cuz my roommate likes to eat, what a weirdo

    Originally posted by Haxxor No one reads this stupid crap ⬆️ you’re constantly littering this forum with you pathetic loser.

    Originally posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  16. I have always been the biggest fonaplats supporter and I remember even a time when I considered him my $1 forum enemy.

    I don't feel anything anymore

    I owe my #1 global top leaderboard best miencraft fame to practicing Ldancing on him years ago. I do this daily now just as like a thing I'm getting bored of lately

    i bet none of yall have even PLAYED 1.20 yet (lol neither have I, IT RUNS LIKE SHIT DAWG WHY ITS SO LAGGY WTF)
    hey do you guys wanna make a game yet??? i'm cooking up some real good ones
  17. Originally posted by jerryb Don't pay them any attention Fona, this is NIS filled with broken fuck ups. Some people hate to see someone enjoying their life.

    I'm hard on fona but it's out of love, we must challenge one another in constructive ways. I feel I am not being challenged fairly or constructively and we all need to press harder and get more tuff
  18. Originally posted by BeeReBuddy So sorry I fell in love with someone and that somehow affects you.
    Why do you even care what I do?
    Go be a faggot elsewhere.
    Pay lots of attention to people that do better, are better and will always be better, maybe if you pay enough attention you might learn to be better yourself and you can help enpower and enspite INSPIRE people like I we do instead of blaming BIDEN like a cuck!!

    I don't care I am just copying someone elses arguments because IT'S AN EASY CHEAP INSULT because that's all a MAN WHORE like you is wortH! not even a REAL insult!!!! you're worth less than 1 insult that I have to be lazy and import others

    So no, I don't give two shits about your sad faggot crybaby life. Hows the learning programming coming along????? How about lets talk about EMPOWERINGMENT and IDEAS and TECH and WAYS TO MURDER POLITICIANS LEGALLY instead of crying likea little BITCH and blaming a mexiCAN or taxes or biden like a CUCK THAT RAISES ANOTHER MANS KIDS

    I will be a FAGGOT anywhere I want PHGAGGOT okay ?elsewhere" I will just leacve this country and become a single tramp and ride the biden bullet train and murder random americans or something instead IM TIRED OF THIS LIFE

    have some free FONAPLATas art on the house , maybe sell this for $$$$ and buuy something nice for the wifes husbands kids, TELL EM ITS FROM UN-KEY SHEEP!! bleat
  19. implying anyone implied

    imagine imagining
  20. Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson There is more than just physical strength you know…

    she literally whispered in my ear through shadow demon voices "find me and rape me" so I did. And then she TELLS THE POLICE about our PRIVATE SEX LIFE like a WHORE!!!!
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