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Posts by Ghost

  1. Ghost Black Hole
    my wrists and back hurt from playing video games for 2 days non stop
  2. Ghost Black Hole

  3. Ghost Black Hole
    the tolerance is better i hate smoking with no tolerance it's fucking devastating
  4. Ghost Black Hole
    it looks like a good shroom
  5. Ghost Black Hole
    I'd rather pop a mike and snort some molly
  6. Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Kev NUUU grylls pleez stay, the way you triggered ratboy into an epic meltdown 2 months ago was gold, nobody provides inhouse entertainment like you do. i dont open any of your cum threads tho, fuck you.

    Originally posted by Grylls Ahhh shit, I didn’t realise I hurt it’s feelings

    Originally posted by cigreting wat tred did he trigger him so bad in

    Originally posted by Kev
    i think you certainly realized
    but you kept going anyway, thats why you kick ass and should stay

    nice fantasy world you low IQ retards I didn't even read the forum yesterday I was playing minecraft lol fucking idiots

  7. Ghost Black Hole
    I can but only if there are some titties at the end
  8. Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Bradley dude who are the fuckin plurals again and what do you m ean sharing a body?

    it's like having a gay roomate that always steals your best coat and wears it to the disco so you have nothing to wear on friday night WHAT A BITCH! UGH

  9. Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Bradley Now is this the same woman who believed I knew a magic "hand sign" that i could flash at other men and if they wanted to be anally pounded they would flash it back twice.

    You clearly aren't down with the cruising culture then because out back behind the YMCA all I gotta do is wear my daisy dukes and oil up my muscles and anchor tattoo and make my snake dance (the tattoo, not my dick) and wave my hands to the passing cars and i'll have a date in no time

  10. Ghost Black Hole
    It was good for socialization
  11. Ghost Black Hole
  12. Ghost Black Hole
    i do what I want - bart simpson
  13. Ghost Black Hole
    What if I don't read it
  14. Ghost Black Hole
    damn I would kill myself if people tried to make me read that much
  15. Ghost Black Hole
    and people DRINK that stuff
  16. Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Quick Mix Ready Iv never been to BC or Canada but its not far from us. I think Im closer to BC than you are in Toronto. and Nelson is a known town. especially in the winter for its WInter Festival. so weather the podcaster is from USA or Canada itself, never to have heard of Nelson is like saying you never heard of Quebec or Montreal or Island of Victoria. its small but a well known tourist destination

    I lived in that area for 5 years up in the mountains it was pretty chill. Yeah you can easily drive from BC to California by going along the coast. I met a lot of people from that part of the USA who came up north and wound up in lower mainland BC. One dude I met was from Big Sur and hitchhiked his way all the way to canada and worked along the way for like 10 years, he was pretty cool.

    we lets lots of americans "doing the loop" the selkirk loop that is

  17. Ghost Black Hole
  18. Ghost Black Hole
    I spent the morning talking to my girlfriend. Sometimes we just talk about nothing for hours
  19. Ghost Black Hole

  20. Ghost Black Hole
    lol I didn't think it would be this skewed with lamers like jigaboo and stl1 hanging around
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