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Posts by Ghost

  1. Ghost Black Hole
    Fuck u
  2. Ghost Black Hole
  3. Ghost Black Hole
    I extended the road at spawn also HOLY FUCK THESE SNAPSHOTS

  4. Ghost Black Hole
    i agree
  5. Ghost Black Hole
    I made a litty meme


  6. Ghost Black Hole
    Nether Spawn

    how it would look if we generated it in 1.16

  7. Ghost Black Hole
    Gollum and I are the only ones hardcore enough to meet girls from totse forums.
  8. Ghost Black Hole
    Go enjoy your vacation wageslave you only get to be cozy for one week of the year

  9. Ghost Black Hole
    Life is unfair
  10. Ghost Black Hole

    she is a baws
  11. Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by snab_snib be silent. all homosexual jedi people should be thrown into a volcano.

    Are you sure you're irrational hate towards homosexuals isn't just your way of lashing out as someone who is closeted?
  12. Ghost Black Hole
    Trump had told 100,000 lies. That's an average of over 300 per day. He clearly hates America and is a real life nazi that worships Adolf Hitler

    Trump introduced "The Snake," a song whose lyrics he uses as an allegory for what he claims is the danger posed by migrants who seem harmless, and said, "This was a song from the 1950s, Al Green..." he said at a February 10 campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire


    Facts First: Trump was wrong both about who sang the song and about when the song was released. "The Snake" is an Al Wilson song from 1968, not an Al Green song from the 1950s.
    The song was written by Oscar Brown Jr. in 1963; Brown's daughters have complained about Trump's appropriation of their father's words, saying Brown, who died in 2005, would have opposed Trump's agenda and message.

  13. Ghost Black Hole
    I hope he can keep his steroid abuse under control, there is a limit for sick days.

    And if you have any issues you need to discuss please don't hesitate to call our anonymous corporate wellness service phone number, toll free.
  14. Ghost Black Hole
    That's crazy how the news interviewed him on the day of the murder before anyone knew it was him.
  15. Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by larrylegend8383 Posting in a deep NIS discussion thread lolz

    You are only here because you secretly want to learn to be a pretty girl
  16. Ghost Black Hole
    I hope Larry wears his PPE on the job site
  17. Ghost Black Hole
    Right about what? there is not even any point being argued here, you are literally arguing with thin air thinking you're right about something.
  18. Ghost Black Hole
    benadryl is not 4 cents
  19. Ghost Black Hole
    Someone pulls out a gun and the police arrest the nearest black man all is well in USA! USA!
  20. Ghost Black Hole
    What about his mother?
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