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Posts by 88✝ĦShadow88Legion✝Ħ88

  1. I would love to do this. Anyone else want to visit the zone? These stalkers are truly trying to make a difference it's very inspiring

  2. this is way bigger and deeper than energy, energy is just the most surface level indications of things going towards this direction. When you start seeing stuff other than energy I think that would indicate growing sentiment against federalism
  3. Originally posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Spam ban thank you Lan.

    this is the last page I was on on this account

    I am upset that these what are you wearing threads continue being TRT replacements, truly I am witnessing a dying culture, I am seriously considering leaving this community for good, that's how disheartened I am by these threads.

    I truly feel like there is nothing I can post anywhere anymore. I am compelled to write and should probably channel that energy into more productive things than ranting on the internet. I guess i'm just a romantic soul what can I say folx

    God bless Lannyism. Heil Hitler

    Originally posted by 88✝ĦShadow88Legion✝Ħ88 We lost a potential good member today and even 3 dh posters can't make up for 1 new blood

    Fuck this gay forum

    lol wut

    Originally posted by BummyMofo i hAve some bothersome problems

    good, fuck you venturas nigger

    Originally posted by aldra

    I hope he did it

    Originally posted by BummyMofo fuk you antifaman faggotman kkk usa mothafucker

    these benneis are a bitch a tell you wat iu i gave 300 mg dph to a hooker and she got fried fufcked and we were out screaming at cars lmfao

    kill yourself

    Originally posted by Kafka I have exams coming up and am not studying for them because I plan to off myself next week. Idk what to do rn, so much of my life was being productive now I don't have to do that.


    Originally posted by Kafka Like standing outside in the rain.

    you have no bewbs

    𓂀 𓁷 𓂙 𓂐 𓂕
    𓃔 𓃕 𓄸 𓆉 𓆚 𓇶 𓈈
    𓇵 𓉑 𓉢 𓊎 𓊰 𓊮 𓍪
    𓎹 𓐑 ␆ ⛃ ⛀ ⚯ ㍟ ㍗
    ㍕ ㍅ ퟛ ᛪ 🀢 🀐 🀤 🁢
    🆐 🖷 🖺 🗟 🗠 ន

    🂠 🂡 🂢 🂣
    🂤 🂥 🂦 🂧 🂨 🂩 🂪 🂫 🂬 🂭 🂮
    🂱 🂲 🂳 🂴 🂵 🂶 🂷 🂸 🂹 🂺 🂻 🂼 🂽 🂾 🂿
    🃁 🃂 🃃 🃄 🃅 🃆 🃇 🃈 🃉 🃊 🃋 🃌 🃍 🃎 🃏
    🃑 🃒 🃓 🃔 🃕 🃖 🃗 🃘 🃙 🃚 🃛 🃜 🃝 🃞 🃟

    you take a gowilla hand gowilla hand gowilla

    dose this post count as canned meat

    edit ;

    Keep your system open and free. It's what computers are really good for anyhow -- all information to all people. There is no such thing as a bad fact, or a bad word. There never was. And that is the power that a system truly does have -- the power to exchange new and different information, and bring people together. If you give people this power, your system will grow.

    The only limit a Bulletin Board System has is time. If every user could use the system for only two seconds, the board would always be available. But such is not the case, and virtually every board in existence has some kind of time limit. Even download limits are, in essence, time limits.

    Don't cheat yourself my restricting the users! If a user really wants to get on, he will get on. Be lenient. If you can, be free. Give the user a gentle reminder. If you treat the people who use your computer like people, they will behave like people. Shackled and barred at every turn, they will misbehave and cause trouble at every turn.

    I have run two systems in the past. The first was rigidly structured, one hundred levels. Each level had greater time allotted to it, and more data could be accessed. People would participate just to get to a higher level, without even knowing what was available. I was inundated with level and time raise requests. Finally I shut the system down. "Too many losers," I said. "People who just take, take, take. Nobody could run a BBS today!" And indeed, they did just take, take, take. All they could, while they could.

    The next board I ran was different. One level. No validation. People would call up and have instant full access to the board. Often, these users would go totally bats. They would run to the files section and download all they could. They would read ALL the messages in one session, and then call back with another name. The second call was different, though. They would come and look, and download something, and read a message or two, and leave.

    Finally, after a couple of weeks, an amazing thing happened. Hopeless losers, people who usually spent all their time trying to download as much as they could, started to get into it. Many posted their first messages. And they even would upload. Why? They didn't have to. Those users had found a home, and you try to improve your home.
  4. canary check

    I believe glowbows are attempting to infiltrate this community through various channels and platforms. Do not make friends with anyone you don't know, suspect anyone you know or think you know to be an agent.

    The amount of unattributed alternatives this past year in the wake of all this hyper politicalism engulfing the world is suspicious. I would like to see some data on the amount of accounts that signed up this year compared to the others, I think there is probably an obvious data trend somewhere that would be a red flag at least

    I can't remember a time of this many new accounts joining and leaving so quickly, it doesn't seem like one person or several unaffiliated people. Don't let our divisions be their strength

    keep you head on a swivel

    glowbow level is now 4
  6. i'm just saying

  7. why did mik hack my account and get me banned can you explain that
    bing with safety settings off
    or yandex on tor if the hentai you seek gets too raunchy

    enjoy those fried synapses
  9. you will never be me no matter how hard you try

    your music sucks
    your posts are garbage

    real middle of mall type
  10. Originally posted by Sudo and it's just a dogwhistle for increasingly autonomous provincial policies around oil and gas?

    It's more than that. Alberta not wanting to be part of CPP a federal pension plan because they feel like they are being robbed by eastern liberals

    It's not just one province just look at all the pipeline debates and such, the west doesn't like their economy being stepped on by politicians who don't have their voters interests in mind. These leaders certainly aren't going to be the start of this movement if it does happen, but their stance and policies I think reflects the very real sentiment in the west, not entirely unique to the west either SEE QUEBEC

    Originally posted by aldra geographically I don't think any of them are independent enough to break away

    Economically I don't see how it can possibly not eventually break away as the provincial economies are independent of each other. Maybe something like a state system like the USA with state rights would be better.

    Originally posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ British Columbia and Quebec.

    The WEST and the only province to almost ACTUALLY secede and even had a vote in 1995 yeah okay fucking communist your mask just slipped
    This statement is so "far east" you might as well be sending it across both oceans first so I don't get confused
  11. nothing special really just floats around in a jar all day
  12. Originally posted by Cosmopolitan The Ottomans knew the land had been given by God to the jedis to be their homeland.

    Truly a great civilization

    Originally posted by Cosmopolitan . The land belongs to the jedis. It is good and evil, right and wrong.

    No it's not. Anyone can say that land belongs to them but there is no basis in international law in any capacity to support this. It's an artificial invention, like all nation states.

    There is no historical basis for any single country borders anywhere. The only thing stopping me from saying actually this land belongs to me, God says so, is that I can't pay the cost in blood.

    anyone who makes such claims will pay in blood. This has nothing to do with morality or politics. Not capitalism vs socialism either. Claiming an ownership of land demands force, there is no historical justification that can avoid this.

    Nation states are too fragile to admit these obvious realities so they try to dance around the simple solution of either killing the enemy or incorporating them into your empire, castle, country, religion, tribe, company, you name it.

    i think Bush said it best, he wasn't wrong.
  13. 𓂀 𓁷 𓂙 𓂐 𓂕
    𓃔 𓃕 𓄸 𓆉 𓆚 𓇶 𓈈
    𓇵 𓉑 𓉢 𓊎 𓊰 𓊮 𓍪
    𓎹 𓐑 ␆ ⛃ ⛀ ⚯ ㍟ ㍗
    ㍕ ㍅ ퟛ ᛪ 🀢 🀐 🀤 🁢
    🆐 🖷 🖺 🗟 🗠 ន

    🂠 🂡 🂢 🂣
    🂤 🂥 🂦 🂧 🂨 🂩 🂪 🂫 🂬 🂭 🂮
    🂱 🂲 🂳 🂴 🂵 🂶 🂷 🂸 🂹 🂺 🂻 🂼 🂽 🂾 🂿
    🃁 🃂 🃃 🃄 🃅 🃆 🃇 🃈 🃉 🃊 🃋 🃌 🃍 🃎 🃏
    🃑 🃒 🃓 🃔 🃕 🃖 🃗 🃘 🃙 🃚 🃛 🃜 🃝 🃞 🃟
  14. Originally posted by Cosmopolitan Hebrew is the language of Israel.

    Then why do all the ultra othrodox hebrews speak Yiddish?

  15. in fact there was more jedi immigration under ottoman rule, the muslims encouraged hebrews from around the world to live and settle there. Saying the land belongs to any specific ethnic people is skitzo at best, racist at worst and flies in the face of the concept of nation states and international law no matter where you stand.

    Neither group is right or wrong here, the conflict has nothing to do with who should "own" the land, it has been shared by many cultures throughout history perfectly fine but suddenly it's become a problem.

    Tying nation states to ethnicity or religion will always lead to this being the outcome. The problem exists with the concept of nation states itself, not any specific state. Their ad hoc implementation serves only one purpose, perpetuating all we see in the world today.

  16. Originally posted by Cosmopolitan There is no such thing as a palestinian. There never was.

    okay let's just pretend nothing existed before the year 1900 hurr durr

  17. My agents in the newtotse discord mentioned that there has been discussion about debian in that server by the admin "Enigma" aka helladamleet

    it's very likely OP is the same individual as they voted no in this poll

    and after a period of inactivity he suddenly comes back to insult the very codebase he is having issues with which was the point of this entire thread.

    also the name "runit" almost sounds like a throwaway name for an account you would make just so you could "run it" , "it" being the
    Originally posted by AngryIVer horse shit hand written code doesn't play nice?
  18. i already adopted a street kid once, did that arc already long ago

    the trippy part is he now lives in the crack shack house the one I blew up with his wife and son. I'm trying to start a polygamy aRC with kafka as a sister wife

    pray for me soul im supposed to be branned dont tell leonardo i was here ;) this is just like when my mom banned my dad from coming in the house and taking a shit because they were fighting he had to sleep in his car but me as a good christian of course let my dad inside the house and my mom would come home from work and yell at me WAS YOUR DAD HERE SOMEONES BEEN IN MY PANTY DRAWER
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