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Posts by Tyrant

  1. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Drinking lemon ginger tea with honey in it and snuggling with a sweet birby kitty.
  2. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by mmQ wires aborted fetus

    I don't know

    Yeah you DON'T know. You weren't even AROUND for that. Nigga. But guess what? Nigga? You are a living Zoklet legend just because you're just your own damn SELF everywhere.
  3. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Wire nangers
  4. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Speedy Parker You dumb kid. Pound salt up your ass was a common expression in the Army during the 70's & 80's. A phrase used by equals to tell each other off and by superiors to shut up subordinates.

    Nah, that's a weak story: you have to steal my ideas because you can't come up with an insult on your own. I already did ass salt way before you did dude.
  5. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Just sit in uncomfy chairs
  6. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood (some) Muslims have no problem doing it though

    That is the Chadhood of Islam. You can be the agent of Allah's will.
  7. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Quick Mix Ready space carries things from one planet to another

    the ocean carries things from one current to another.

    space wins for unlimited carrying capacity.

    Space doesn't carry anything, it's not a medium, can't be used for propulsion and if you aren't already accelerated towards something, you'll just float somewhere forever.

    Ocean wins again.
  8. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Aleister Crowley Syncronised dumping 👍🏻

    You ever think how our butts, when we sit on the toilet, jack into a tube system that is like the anal internet with a data rate of 1 flush per packet? 👍
  9. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Speedy Parker Sure thing Pee Wee

    Ok thiefy boy
  10. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Allah won't stand over you with a whip and make you adhere to higher morals, you have to do that yourself every day. You have to decide whether you want to be accountable to yourself for being the person you want to really be or not. If you are committed to your impulses then your behaviour will be mercurial and inconsistent, necessarily. If you can commit to following the path that Allah has set forth for you because you know it is good, then you can know exactly what it means to be a bad person and what it means to be a good one. You will know exactly in what ways you practice sin and deviate from the way you know is best.
  11. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by smokemon I'll rummage around in my closet for my paranormal footage flash drives sometime in the next few days.
    Give you the phat hook-up dawg.
    (If I keep my flash drives "in the closet," does that mean they're gay?)

    People always bitch about there being no evidence for UFOs.
    "How come there's no video evidence since we have fancy-shmancy cameras? Shouldn't we have some by now?"
    What's funny is that there is a whole fuckton of good footage of UFOs.
    Of course with youtube's search so hopelessly broken, it can be hard to find.
    If you search "UFO evidence" on youtube you'll get 99% disinformation and pop-horseshit, "debunkings."

    Mr. Anomalous on YT has a lot of good footage of plasmoid anomalies. So does Plasmoid Anomaly Study Group.
    Just like the fake planes, a lot of them do this weird sort of power-up flashy thing.
    They have some sort of intelligence, as many times they can be "summoned" simply with human intention.
    The way they often mimic things also indicates some kind of street smarts.

    Here are a couple decent YT videos of UFO phenomena.

    #1 seems like an out of focus faraway jet engine.

    #2 is almost certainly a shaped mylar balloon reflecting sunlight.

    #3 us likely a swarm of mylar balloons drifting in the wind and reflecting sunlight.

    #4 looks like some kind of insects.
  12. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Aleister Crowley Taking a massive shit.

    I was too at this exact time 😉👍
  13. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Speedy Parker I've been telling punks like you that exact same thing since before your mother spit you out of her twat kid. Now go get me a beer and it better be cold.

    Nope, you just plagiarized my anal salt thread. Zero creativity buddy. Come up with an insult idea I didn't already make up ages ago.
  14. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Donald Trump Thats gay. This is gay. Dats gay. Mario is gay. Childish video game is gay. Nintendo is gay.

    Goddam just fucking admit the fact the fact that you have nothing at all past 1995 to live for and fucking respond appropriately.

    Very gay and effeminate outburst^
  15. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Donald Trump That's gay, the other is gay that thing is gay this other thing is gay, that other this is gay, this other thing is gay, that's gay blah blah balh.

    Stfu you mayo ass cracker.
  16. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Donald Trump Falcon is genuinely mad about a Nintendo thread on an obscure bulletin board system.

    Got destroyed ready and is now floundering^
  17. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Quick Mix Ready I watching this movie called Remember the Game with Rudger Houwer and Ice-T

    Ice-T is a homeless dude who is hired to act as a hunter's guide (event though he has no knowledge of hunting this man says not to worry, he just wants to help him out-who is a homeless advocate)

    and when Ice-T gets up to the mountains with this guy, they all have a wonderful breakfast and nice talk at the table, then says Welp.. lets get going and when they get out the front door, Rudger tells Ice-T he has a 5 minute headstart. stop wasting time. confused Ice-T is like DuWut? and the guy chick-chucks a shotgun and fires it in the air "Go you're wasting time" with Ice-T realizing he's the prey.

    seems like something Speedy would be into.

    Also, prior to the 1970s it seems the elite did just that up in Northern California at the infamous Bohemian Grove. they would take homeless people off the street and do this during the winter months during rainy season.

    or so the stories went. they stopped only because of the lefist movement made it too easy to get caught

    Originally posted by Quick Mix Ready Also my movie stops and starts

    cause of this I guess

    OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Nearly 30,000 Comcast customers are experiencing “service disruption” in Oakland on Sunday.

    Comcast began texting customers with updates around 5 a.m.

    Comcast say multiple bullets hit a fiber and took down all services to customers in the area.

    “We deeply apologize for this situation, especially amidst the playoff games taking place today,” Comcast officials told KRON4.

    Comcast teams are working as quickly as possible to restore services.

    KRON4 has also reached out to Oakland police for response.

    Didn't read
  18. Tyrant African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Donald Trump Oh look, the racist gay pakistani no one asked for assets itself.

    Stfu cracker. Stop lying about facts.
  19. Tyrant African Astronaut
    I can't stop boooomping
  20. Tyrant African Astronaut
    More like Steel City Gay
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