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Posts by Cowboy2013

  1. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Donald Trump You son of a bitch.

    Lol If I remember right lemon party had three participants. The Mossad version probably has Bill Clinton too. I know those dinner parties get wild.
  2. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    But with Trump and Lindsey Graham featured.

    I'm sure Mossad has it in their files in the vault.
  3. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    So in WW2 a cryptographer sold the US some kind of backdoor to his machine so they knew what other countries was saying. I think he made the first computer based on it or some shit.

    Supposedly he liked shit pussy...male shit pussy to be specific and (supposedly) killed himself by taking a bite of a poison apple. I haven't looked into any of that to decide if I believe that or if maybe he ran afoul of Uncle Scam.

    Does anyone else think that Apple's logo is some kind of joke? Like putting it in their face the FBI has access to all your shit?

    Happy pride month btw. Loving bussy is no reason to unalive yourself.
  4. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Enigma aren't you the guy who made a thread about raping women after candy shut down your advances? LOL

    It didn't have anything to do with Candace. I have talked about SA'ing her for Halloween but I wasn't serious. I wouldn't drive that far but I can promise you she's disappointed.
  5. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Kafka got me thinking about eyelashes sperging about guy's eyelashes.

    But I think it's more common for black women to have them. Was this always the case? I remember my mom wearing them sometimes. I don't think it makes as much of a difference with mayo women. For black women to me it seems like it makes more of a difference with how their face looks. I don't think the ones my mom wore were as long but I looked up pics with longer ones and it still seems to be the case.

    Is it just me?
  6. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    I figured you would be a cunt today and I would have to make a thread to have any discussion about it.
  7. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood No. Can't make weed oil in China, they are retards that don't invent anything they just steal all technology from whites and make it cheaper. They will always play second fiddle and be last to the trough

    So they don't have some kind of THC cuck juice that mayos like? Can you give me a 2 hour VICE documentary telling me about it?

    Why haven't they banned the fuck out of Apple and Tesla? It's well deserved and I'm a little annoyed with it.
  8. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Candace I have a question for you. Do you consider fake eyelashes a black thing?

    I guess white women wear them but it doesn't seem to make as much of a difference with how they look. For some reason it seems to on black women (to me).

    Idk if women are supposed to have longer eyelashes than men.
  9. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    I was just thinking that I could see Temu putting Amazon out of business. I think their shipping is faster and more reliable than Ali and I know several people who already order a lot of shit from them. I started to wonder how long it would take for the US to ban it.

    I think Shitty Joe put 100% tariffs on Chinese EV'S which were affordable. Idk if you could just order one from China but the main Chinese brands had them as low as $10,000 and the quality is supposed to be better. Shitty Joe should have made it 200% to make it fair for Elon at the expense of the American consumer while he drives inflation up. I'm sure Trump will.

    The US has always had corporate welfare for the auto industry but people can clearly see the US government using these other companies as proxies too.

    Meanwhile China allows Elon to peddle his overpriced spying shitboxes over there. The allow Apple to sell their overpriced spying shit. Americans can't have Huawei. They even had our cuck Canada arrest their CEO lol.

    Like everything else it seems that the free market is just something the US likes when it benefits the government and billionaires here. I don't want to say China isn't socialist because capitalism is evil but they live up to this ideal better than the US while executing people like Bezos and Elon Musk 🥰

    So yeah fuck America
  10. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    I could pretty much live on banana and egg smoothies.
  11. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Enigma I don't know how that works, your muscles are related to proteins and laborious movement.

    You can eat a lot of fruit just don't shirk on eating meat/beans/dairy and you won't lose any muscle assuming you're doing something.

    That's why I said if too much of my diet consists of it.

    Coupling it with other things I assume is a better way to spike your insulin than honeybuns.
  12. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    I can't keep any muscles if too much of my diet is fruit.
  13. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Like it's a lot funnier if someone says they're going to unalive/SA somebody than kill/rape them imo.
  14. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by DontTellEm Goofy ass

  15. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    I have to like anything with Chucky in it.
  16. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by ner vegas > makes a thread talking about how much you can get away with
    > uses skittles-hair trigger word 'SA'


    I just think Zoomer language is funny.
  17. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by trippymindfuk My first love told me she had a fantasy of a masked man sneaking in her room and having their way with her. She tried to get me to but there's no way. I'm not dominant though. I'd rather her make the first move but sometimes they want you to. Some girls have fantasies about being SA'd but I couldn't do it. I'd lose my boner if I have to fight her to enter her, I feel like there's justifiable thefts and murders and stuff, you can't justify rape though. Unless it's a vengeful act on someone that did something really really fucked. It would definitely traumatize someone more than beating them up.

    I could never get into role playing but a girl making me work for it has always turned me on. If sex was planned with a new girl, when I was younger and cared what they thought, and before I realized it's worse for the female ego if they cant give their snatch away, I could get ED if the woman was being too aggressive.
  18. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Kinks its just an active thread

    no I do not wish to be assaulted

  19. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by DontTellEm Op is Right. Especially with a young women. Be cool. Not anyone underage. Ur ppl are honestly deranged. But be cool, never forceful…she will let u know her limits.

    Wym my peeps?
  20. Cowboy2013 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Cowboy2013 In my experience if you have most women alone, kiss them on the mouth and put your hand on their crotch they will agree to anything.

    Another test is putting their hand on my erection.

    If she just leaves it there I have to do a little more. If she leaves it there pauses and starts moving it up and down I don't think she could tell anybody she didn't want it.

    With the last girl she didn't move it but said my name in a way like pleading with me to stop trying to get her to. Other women that were trying not to (that day) would jerk their hand away immediately.
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