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Posts by komokazi

  1. komokazi Houston
    Shut the fuck up.
  2. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by Octavian You all watched kids get murdered.

  3. komokazi Houston
  4. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by Sudo over 600k different clothes in the world and you choose to wear the same stained wife beater everyday

    Only when I'm beating your mother.
  5. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by Nil I'm sure there were some good ones.

    Doubtful. Ill check my post history to be sure, though.
  6. komokazi Houston
    Some nootropics will increase the level of intoxication from alcohol.
  7. komokazi Houston
    And, not one of them worthy of the bandwidth required to view them.

    Kill yourselves.
  8. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by I can't believe how many people on here are so openly hateful toward blacks

    first it was "I don't hate blacks.. just niggers" and then, clearly.. LIES!

    You people don't know what you are or what you like or dont like. I think you don't like yourselves.

    Wait... what's the difference?
  9. komokazi Houston
    I did this as a kid, and let go like 10 or 15 balloons from southern Georgia with a little piece of paper with my address on it for responses. Surprisingly, I got like 3 or 4 responses and some of them from over 1000 miles. It's bad for the environment, though (lol) and wind direction varies quite a bit even regionally. You can see where they might end up in a general sense if they can make it a few miles up by checking this out:
  10. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by stupid noob Yeah but you're a wigger.

    I have been completely absolved of any/all links to negroidom despite my choices in footwear.

    Originally posted by stupid noob I just had a below the knee amputation less than a year ago. And what lady?

  11. komokazi Houston
    What a bunch of faggots, everyone here is obese and fucks each other's beer guts.
  12. komokazi Houston
    Dex is great for pain, when I would go to the dentist I'd do a few doses the night before and then dose in the morning and fuck that Novocaine shot right up. I don't think you can find RoboCough in retail locations just yet, I think you're restricted to online for now.
  13. komokazi Houston
    I have a had a few pairs myself, I have some orange ones right now I've had for a few years, I don't wear them too often.
  14. komokazi Houston
    None of that will work, but I got out of a DUI because I wasn't in the car when police arrived and the car had no registration, inspection, or insurance and I had no license, no way to prove it was my car LOL. I did get a public intox, though.
  15. komokazi Houston
    I remember Zicam... was the tits but damn that taste was foul. I have yet to try the RoboCough, haven't done bundy in ages. Slag was hookin' niggas up with an offer that allowed you to get 2 free bottles as a sample, and a lot of people got it.
  16. komokazi Houston
    Those tits are weak.
  17. komokazi Houston
    Intravenous no questions asked. I'll smoke it to keep it at least quasi-socially acceptable but in the company of other degenerates or my lonesome, hello Mr. pointy boi. Really shines, the rush rivals heroin for sure. I just had some of the best meth I've ever had, 2nd best easily, but wasn't a clear rival with the very best. I don't do it frequently enough to consider my opinion valid but the dealer had intentions of sexual relations that did not transpire but was definitely obviously attempted influence with the extremely high purity of the sack I got. He was also verbal with his intent and without expecting to touch it again for at least a year I said what I needed to get a hold of the monoliths of crystalline methamphetamine that my retinas perceived and subsequent lustful desire for what reside within the confines of that little Ziploc baggie.
  18. komokazi Houston
    I used to drink 2 a night for over a year and a half, you'll be fine.
  19. komokazi Houston

    Only difference right now is that I have a gold KMC 11 speed chain on there, blingzilla.
  20. komokazi Houston
    Holla at ya boi komokazi. In time, you will learn to call me Senpai. Let me imbue you with the power to give your LBS the middle finger for every little thing you need done (or everything you could even imagine less than custom fabrication).

    Peep my whip:

    Guess how much money this bike cost and win a cookie.
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