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Posts by komokazi

  1. komokazi Houston
    Just stab and go you stupid nigger
  2. komokazi Houston
  3. komokazi Houston
    faggot nigger
  4. komokazi Houston
    I used to chat with Jo0 in IRC, where dat nigga at these days?
  5. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by Sudo I like your avatar it looks like some kind of hyroglyphics, is the man in the middle with the blacked out eyes that cannot be revealed some kind of Star being or entity? Bet he makes the big bucks and is quite a trip!

    That was made back when posting someones pic was grounds for getting banned on Zoklet, I just never kept the original files over the years. It's just the Starbucks champion posing with his champion latte belt after defeating the epic boss, ein mutter.
  6. komokazi Houston
    Yeah, get used to it, you fucking capitalist faggot slave nigger pig, bet you're getting some other faggot nigger capitalist piglet hella rich off your efforts and you take it right up the ass and think you're going places. Shit's a travesty. Kill yourself.
  7. komokazi Houston
    Ima fucc dem leeyups faggot
  8. komokazi Houston
    OP is a nigger and has no idea what it's talking about.
  9. komokazi Houston
    I was there. I watched him die.
  10. komokazi Houston
    I was literally there.
  11. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by TORTILLA

    Look at those monster quads faggot

    sidenote, the plethora of pics you have saved of me is slightly disturbing, you niglet
  12. komokazi Houston
    The niggerspeak is originating from organisms of illrepute. I highly recommend the sploo experience. Yeah, I got my life together, hit a lick on the stock market a couple months ago off in the 5 figure range but I was holding down a baller job with baller side jobs so I'm sittin real purrdy.
  13. komokazi Houston
    There's never been any doubt in my mind, because, I'm the best in the world. Even though a lot of you don't like to hear it, I just.. In fact, I'm the best. You know what I mean? I, I mean sometimes, I don't even wanna believe it myself but, it's the truth. I'm the best.
  14. komokazi Houston
    Dammit I was hoping you would have died by now.
  15. komokazi Houston
    RIP everyone
  16. komokazi Houston
    I just fap onto a napkin then wipe my ass.
  17. komokazi Houston
    Nothingness is unstable and cannot exist. /thread
  18. komokazi Houston
    Bro 101? I hit 140 in a Hyundai Tiburon lmao.
  19. komokazi Houston
    They doggy IS the alarm.
  20. komokazi Houston
    Originally posted by -SpectraL Have you ever tried wearing those cardboard 3D glasses they used to give out at the movies?

    Have you ever tried to wear someone else's skin? You know, after they put the lotion on it?
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