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Posts by MexicanMasterRace

  1. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    The Social Security number;
  2. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Social Security
    Social Security Legislative Bulletin
    November 7, 2002

    President Signs H.R. 3295, "Help America Vote Act Of 2002"
    On October 29, the President signed into law H.R. 3295 (P.L. 107-252), the "Help America Vote Act of 2002." The bill, as approved, includes provisions concerning the use of Social Security numbers for voter registration, election administration, and computerized voter registration lists. See the provisions of interest described below.

    Section 201
    Establishes as an independent entity the Election Assistance Commission (the Commission). This Commission would serve as a national clearinghouse and resource for compiling and reviewing information with respect to the administration of Federal elections.
    Section 244
    Requires the Commission to submit the following reports to the President and Congress:
    A report that examines the impact of section 303(b) (which would establish requirements for voters who register by mail) on voters who vote in person, voter registration, and accuracy of voter registration rolls.
    A report prepared in consultation with the Commissioner of Social Security that discusses the feasibility and advisability of using Social Security numbers or other information compiled by SSA to establish voter registration or other election law eligibility or identification requirements. The report would include data on matching information to an individual voter, the impact of such use on national security issues, and whether adequate safeguards exist to protect the privacy of an individual voter.
    These reports are due no later than July 1, 2005.
    Section 303
    Requires each State to develop and implement a computerized Statewide voter registration list. The list is to contain the name and registration information of every legally registered voter in the State. The State would assign a unique identifier to each legally registered voter. In addition, the section:

    Requires applicants for voter registration for an election for Federal office to provide his/her driver's license number, if one has been issued, or, if none has been, the last 4 digits of his/her Social Security number. If the applicant does not have a valid driver's license or SSN, the State will assign a number, which will identify the applicant for voter registration purposes.
    Requires the official responsible for the State Motor Vehicle Authority to enter into agreements with the Commissioner of Social Security to verify, upon request from the official responsible for the State Motor Vehicle Authority, that information submitted by the voter registrant matches the information contained in SSA's records. The information to be verified is:
    The first name, and any family forename or surname;
    The date of birth;
    The Social Security number; and
    Whether the individual is shown in SSA's records as being deceased.
    Provides that verification agreements include safeguards to insure the confidentiality of any information disclosed as well as procedures to permit the State drivers' license agency to use the information to maintain its records, and that the Commissioner will determine how, where, and when the information requested by the State agency is provided.
    Requires SSA to develop methods to verify the accuracy of information provided by the State drivers' license agency with respect to applications for voter registration, for whom the last 4 digits of a Social Security number are provided in lieu of a driver's license number.
    Allows the Commissioner to not provide the match information to the State drivers' license agency if there are exceptional circumstances warranting an exception (such as the safety of an individual or interference with an investigation).
    Requires information provided to be considered strictly confidential and used only for the purposes set out in the agreement, and establishes penalties for current or former State employees who otherwise disclose such information without the written authority of the Commissioner.
    Makes the provisions of section 303 optional for certain States that, in accordance with the Privacy Act, are currently allowed to use Social Security numbers and provide for the use of SSNs on voter registration applications.
    Specifies that the last 4 digits of a Social Security number, as described in this legislation, are not considered to be a Social Security number for the purposes of section 7 of the Privacy Act of 1974.
  3. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Since you seem to have forgotten
  4. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra Your IQ is too low for this thread. Get out.

    You keep conflating voter registration with logging into an existing voter profile; the former is not being discussed at all. It's been demonstrated that in several states it is entirely possible to log into a voter profile, read and change information and request a ballot using only a name and DoB. In some of those states the simple act of requesting a 'replacement' ballot invalidates any unused ballots that person already has.

    Comparing signatures to the voter roll is a federal guideline, not a requirement, and many states and regions have rejected it on the basis that it 'slows down the vote counting process'. This is largely irrelevant though because you do not need to submit a signature to log into the voter profile.

    Right, I already told you all this. Are you stupid or something?
  5. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Real money. USD.

    Who wants to bet against Trump losing? I know he's going to lose, so I can't wait to make money off you fools.
  6. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    That looks retarded. Put a blindfold on. It looks better
  7. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    LOL lanny deleting your posts for you now? Nice.
  8. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Just calm down frala
  9. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by frala STL I’ve seen you berate the shit out of women on here. The AUDACITY lol.


    There’s nothing worse than when people can’t tell the difference between a turd and a turd.

    Lol what? If thats what you think this is about, you are more retarded than I thought. I wonder if we can get the site shut down by having Lanny arrested for abuse of the mentally disabled.

    Are you on your period perhaps?
  10. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra everyone is

    Not really, no.
  11. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Fuck its so laughable that aldra thought he really had something here. As if they didn't think this through. Fucking lol.

    As an actual American I've already had to go through verifying by mail for my mail in application
  12. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra I feel like the potential to exploit this differs by region; there was recently a federal advisory that this (ie. comparing signatures) should be done, but some have refused to in order to cut down processing time

    Nope. Its a federal requirement. As I already showed you.
  13. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by ORACLE Hmm it appears from my county's website that it doesn't invalidate your first vote until the envelope signature comparison to your registration is approved and your second vote is tabulated. So you actually have to get a ballot in the mail, fill it out and mail it in with a matching signature.

    I'm guessing this is pretty much the big stumbling block: you can order another ballot but if you tried to manipulate the votes, you will need to do it through a physical location where you can receive the mail, then mail it back. I'm pretty sure the FBI will come and physically fuck their ass very quickly and doubt they'll mail out ballots to Russia.

    Yep. This thread is a whole bunch of nothing. Everything is verified. This is not some massive flaw allowing voter fraud. There is still absolutely zero evidence of any voter fraud.

    Aldra reads threads on 4chan and gets excited
  14. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra I actually don't disagree; even if there is anything specifically compromising to Joe in there they could've enhancemented out the crackhead insanity - as far as I know Hunter's not running for any public office or something that requires public trust.

    I imagine the idea behind it is to completely delegitimise his appointment on Burisma and to strengthen the case that Biden misused his political clout for his family's gain.

    That said, the Ukraine situation is completely misrepresented by virtually everyone I've seen talk about it

    Meanwhile Trump is practicing nepotism and Republicants cheer
  15. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by infinityshock lovingly allowed lard-ass lanny the luxury of lapping the loins-leviathan while the little lad larps as a laotian ladyboy lapdancer---.-.-.-.-.---.-----.-.-.--.-.--.---.-.-.-.-.-.--.----.----.-.-.-.------.-.-.-..-.-.----.-.----------(b­anned) someone trained you well

    i cant wait to see how well you learned to suppress your gag reflex

    I don't know. You're the expert.
  16. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Tyrone smells like shit. I cannot stand being around Tyrone.
  17. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by Meikai Emigrate south, fellow Snow Mexican. California is lovely year round, I hear.

    Thats our word.
  18. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by gadzooks The thing that especially bothers me about this is that Church's are often historical buildings with significant aesthetic value.

    These assholes are destroying art for a cause that I don't even want to hear about because they've already pissed me off with their particular choice in tactics.

    Even if it's entirely about Pinochet and has nothing to do with trendy social media protesting, they're still pricks for choosing this exact mode of action.

    Stop pretending this shit is 'for a cause' and isn't just vandalism. Every major protest in history has vandalism. It says nothing about the cause and is just a fact of human nature and the sheer numbers involved in societal chaos..
  19. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra not if it's chummed up and thrown on your nice furniture

    The mailman is gonna dump it on my leather sofa? Yeah right. Real funny, retard. I guess they do comedy backwards down under.
  20. MexicanMasterRace motherfucker
    Originally posted by aldra I've heard that a huge number of Mexans and general Central Americans, especially in the military, are now using the HARRD ARRR regularly and willing to vote Trump if only for a chance to roflstomp the rioting blacks.


    Makes me feel like you shoulda died as a baby you piece of shit
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