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Posts by MexicanMasterRace

  1. Candyrein is stupid as fuck and her weed is bad
  2. Originally posted by stl1 Ghost, what about the long-term voter suppression of blacks by the R epublicans? I don't see you mentioning tht, do I?

    Shit at the polls will happen occasionally, I'm sure. Emotions are high.

    This is why whenever voter suppression is discussed by reasonable people it is always referred to as "evidence of wide-spread voter fraud".

    When someone is losing a state by thousands or tens of thousands of votes, a few cases here or there don't amount to a hill of beans.

    14 cases this year according to a link finny posted.

    Totally changed the election im sure
  3. Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson
    Thank you come again.

    That your uncle who raped you
  4. Originally posted by Grylls What’s with the “THANK YOU” t-shit?

  5. Originally posted by -SpectraL Liar. It's you.

  6. Originally posted by Village Idiot §m£ÂgØL or malice?

    It's malice you dumb fuck.
  7. Broseph Fairwin
  8. Originally posted by Village Idiot You've had like fifteen years to improve your humor and instead you used it to polish your cock on these dying BBS. How much is left in your battery? Dying boards or not, this place will outlive you and you're going to be another Sploo thread. Your memory will be a derailed correspondence amongst junkies.
    The fuck do I need to scare you for. You're a worm.

  9. Originally posted by Ghost That's just your opinion. People are making official complaints to the appropriate law officials, the ones who's job it is to sort through any sketchy shit during an election. They are the only ones i will listen to about anything because just like always every American has to have a fucking bias and be a retard.

    Because of that this will take forever and drag out endlessly because your country is full of extremist idiots on both sides.

    Nope. It's the law. I've linked to the list of state legislature regarding voting many times but nobody reads it.
  10. Originally posted by -SpectraL Biden no longer president elect, as of this morning, after PA reversed his win for voter fraud and stripped him of his 20 electoral votes.

    "Office of the President Elect" lol

    Tick… tick… tick…

    Didn't happen.
  11. Originally posted by STER0S wtf did lanny change biden and trump to trebek and trebek for

    He's a retard.
  12. Originally posted by Ghost There are people filing complaints saying they were kicked out of voting areas and there was all kinds of sketchy shit going on, in multiple states. They could all be lying but it seems pretty likely to me that some angry big black women probably kicked out a bunch of racist whitey trump supporters trying to vote in Detroit.

    If it is true that is kinda fucked up. I don't think people would make up something like that just because they are salty about losing. That's why they are interviewing people and pushing this narrative because they think they have been scammed and it doesn't matter who you think should win or what your ideology is, if there was some sketchy shit going down those people should be dealt with.

    it's not some MASSIVE CONSPIRACY be the media and democrats like all the loud retards say. It was probably just some triggered hardcore leftists that hate the white man, black lives matter types that fucked it up for everyone.

    Because they're not allowed to be there. Those are not poll watchers. Poll watchers are people appointed by your party or citizens unions or something. They're registered and signed up and not in that crowd of people.

    Those people are just a mob. They'd been let inside and tried to come right up to where the votes are being counted. This is a protest, not any sort of legal observer group. You can't just walk in off the street and watch it being counted. The point of this is to avoid situations like what happened in Maricopa where they showed up armed and forced the counters to evacuate.
  13. He just hit 410 by hitting Pennsylvania twice. Wow what a champ.
  14. not even close folks
  15. Originally posted by CandyRein

    I wouldn't let my pet gerbil smoke that.
  16. Originally posted by Ghost The alcohol compound is sacred like all psychoactive substances. A real man of God would brew it himself from things the earth provides

    It's fundamental to human evolution and is how we survived. You last a lot longer if you can eat the funny fermented fruits. And if it makes you feel good that's even more reason to hunt them out and look for nourishment.

    I'm not even going to get into the khat stuff but we've been chewing khat since we were swinging from vines.

    God would want you to do drugs.
  17. Being a Christian is for absolute retards. God might exist but he certainly didn't make up 100,000 sets of rules for people to follow. Anyone who adheres to a set of rules to determine their spirituality is nothing but a sheep, and was probably given water as a baby.
  18. Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson The main guy in DS9 is a nigger.

    Nope. He's human like you.
  19. Originally posted by -SpectraL At least 9,000 illegal votes discovered in Nevada. Non-Nevada people voted for Biden.

  20. Originally posted by Narc Listen to y'all discussing a "competition" whose outcome is already a gerrymandered conclusion, lol.


    In favor of R.epublicans... Yeah. Bid.en has been leading by millions of votes the entire time. D.emocrats need like 52% to win and R.epublicans only need 48%.
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