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  1. I am more inclined to good old 90s nonsense but I am also trying to learn action.
  2. I have decided to begin my foray into action films throughout the decades,yet do not know where to begin nor where to go. You know what to do.

  3. Tango mike
  4. Go.
  5. Word
  6. What's better when approaching muscle failure, widen hands or go to knees?
  7. Who are they, and what are they up to? Should I be worried?

  8. Have you seen the scenes where a bunch of dude line up to get their ass licked by the chick before they go family style on her? What's up with that?
  9. I was supposed to ride my bicycle into town today, and fill out a job application, but it is raining. Please Advise.

  10. Long Live &t

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