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Posts by infinityshock lasciviously lambasted lanny the lactating leprechauns longing larynx with large loads of laptoplollipop launched love lube, leaving the little lads lips lacerated, limpkin lactating and labia languishing with lockjaw............ (banned)

  1. Originally posted by Bill Krozby can we both do both?!

    it was a trick question.

    it establishes grounds for consensual sex that the defense council will use in the event you survive and try to join the #metoo club.
  2. Originally posted by mmQ Can I do both? I choose both.

    its a date.

    your place or mine.
  3. Originally posted by mmQ I will extend the same offer to you. Anyone actually.

    the only offer you can expect me to extend to you is 'swallow' or 'choke to death'
  4. Originally posted by Bill Krozby i will if you buy me a sixer of hans pilsner and then take me to the outback steak house for a lobster dinner, ive only been taking semi nudes recently from halloween

    if im buying you any food product youre going to reciprocate like a good little girl and suck my cock.

    i will literally pay you to post a gif of yourself on your knees in a dark alley getting spitroasted by two homeless niggers at the same time youre giving a hand job to two other niggers (one in each hand) while a nigger midget is riding on your back like youre a deranged wetback spring-pony, smacking your ass cheeks with a riding crop screaming 'yeeee hawww.'
  5. Originally posted by Bill Krozby I was high as shit from smoking too many nigger cocks.

    stfu you retarded s­hitskin faggot and post more nude selfies.
  6. Originally posted by Wariat Can she call the cops on you and is it even a crime? Lets say she is naked in front of your pad with her clothes thrown out there for her. And if someone catches her as she is dressing could it come baxk on you thst you thrre her wss out with her clothes together? Like lets say that the cops come and she said who knows what. Would yout ell the cops the truth thst she refused to leave and was talking shit to you in your own pad thus you threw her out naked or lie and say she left on her own will naked?

    that would be a quandary. my problem is attempted escapees.
  7. Originally posted by Lanny My gay porn related to ur mom:

    youre a pathetic piece of shit and i look forward to the day they find your lifeless body in the dumpster after its been raped to death by a pack of homeless niggers.
  8. post nude pics of two gay black men
  9. Originally posted by Narc why aren't you bant you beaner loving faggot?

    lannyfag cant ban anyone when his hands are grasping the hairy ass cheeks of some nigger whos balls-deep in his face.

    the little faggot is barely conscious from lack of air and excess of nigger semen.
  10. Originally posted by aldra
    I have intel from Sonora and Sinaloa on the events that happen today. A couple of weeks ago when they tried capturing el chapos son the d.e.a was in Sinaloa giving the Méxican military intel on the whereabouts of el chapós son. The d.e.a and trump where horny to capture him in order to make trump look good but it backed fire on them.

    Fast forward to today. The d.e.a gave false info to a cartel that rivals were passing through their territory and to take care of them. In which resulted the death of these innocent people. They did this in order for trump to get the ok and wage war with the cartels but the trump administration in reality wants to cause chaos in the Mexican country.

    Right now the Sinaloa cartel is pissed off at the d.e.a and c.i.a for back stabbing. These murders are on the u.s government hands. Also the u.s government is trying to stage a coup in Mexico and give the power to a Mexican general who feels AMLO is weak. The Mexican military is not happy with AMLO.

    probably a larp but also not unbelievable

    you can write the entirety of that off as patently false and completely inaccurate.

    - the dea isnt going to ruin an established relationship with a cartel with that degree of BS. also, the cartel would narc out the dea in a heartbeat.

    - what happened to these mormons is a normal occurrence in mexico. this is nothing out of the ordinary.

    - if the cartel was knowingly targeting rivals they would have immediately known the info was false as soon as the white chick surrounded by white sprogs gets out of the SUV with her hands up. messyscums are stupid...but not this stupid.

    - the created ISIS...they can simply and easily create a messcan boogey man if they so chose. the quote you posted is flat out amateurish bullshit conspiracy theory.

    - mexico doesnt have a military. they have a bunch of trans-girlscouts parading around with guns and ammo. (low on grenades and heavier gear since that is all sold to the highest bidder. and not just to the cartels...) they only win vs narco-trafficunts when they have overwhelming numbers.
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