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  1. Originally posted by -SpectraL Just because I don't act on that particular situation doesn't mean I "do nothing".

    It definitely does no matter how you want to justify complacency with pedophilia
  2. Originally posted by Speedy Parker You could always contact the local B.A.C.A. chapter.

    uh huh because they're definitely motivated, timely and efficient individuals with tons of resources and totally not fat working class weekend warriors.

    Plus they're extremely spread out and pretty much just exist symbolically. If I had any faith in them that would be a good option for people but it's pretty unlikely they can get any sort of results
  4. Originally posted by -SpectraL I'm not saying you do nothing about it, I'm saying calling the corrupt cops isn't the answer.

    well, miss spectrally active, you do not have a means of transportation so lets say you had intimate knowledge a child was in the presence of someone who was likely to abuse them, what do you do? Are you going to hitchhike? Phone a friend and hope they have the means and give enough of a shit? Or are you going to call an organization that has a vested interest in preventing that type of thing from happening, although their form a retribution is somewhat lacking, it mitigates damage.

    I bet you would do nothing though
  5. Originally posted by -SpectraL The cops and their corrupt system would just let the pedo off anyways. That's the way they work; they don't.

    A lot of the times but it's still better than doing nothing at all which is basically complicancy to child abuse which should be a crime in and of itself
  6. Originally posted by -SpectraL But Harrison Ford never needed to call the cops.

    That's because cops call Harrison Ford
  7. Originally posted by Wariat And how much do you want to bet that you would end up like the white man stabbed by a fat woman with a whig if you ever even looked at me wrong?

    what a clear and concise post

    Originally posted by -SpectraL You do realize that for every one you rat out, another three pop up in their place, eh? This isn't a problem that can fixed with police complaints. It would take a mass extermination to fix this kind of problem, and until people have the backbone to get together and do the right thing, none of it will ever change no matter what. Man is unable and unequipped to rule himself; the police won't change jack shit about that basic fact. Sure, you can play the hero and shine, but it's truly a lost cause. All you can do is act within your own hemisphere and try to affect the situation any positive way you can, but that doesn't include passing the buck.

    That doesn't really matter. If you prevent a child from being exploited and abused that's good enough. It's the Harrison Ford in me. I've literally sucker punched people before for looking like creeps when I've been drinking, what have you done to protect the chillins of the world from the wariats/scrons?
  8. Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Nobody is posting here about how they go around raping kids

    He is just an edgy retard and you try and use that to get polish ultras on his ass. You're all just splitting hairs here, just because you aren't directly phoning 911 doesn't mean you aren't guilty of being a rat bitch

    Keep making excuses though. Only losers make excuses. You cant own up to what you do so you twist things around and make it seem like it's the person's fault that you are spamming their name and address and posting it on 4chan

    shut the fuck up you rat faggot you're not fooling anyone. I bet you're on welfare and live with a transgendered individual who could do a lot better than you
  9. Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Even if the person is a pedophile

    If someone is likely to abuse a child it's absolutely fine to rat them out. I've basically been a criminal my whole life who lived by the "sNiTcHeS gEt StItChEs" Code and I see no issue with telling law enforcement on someone aiding in the exploitation of minors. Were they in my backyard I would torture them very sexily but given the options, if you have the means to prevent a child from being abused and you do nothing you're a weak coward.

    You're a broken little faggot whose only defense against rape is how aesthetically unappealing you are. You're also a horrible coward who has likely never inflicted violence upon a sexual offender.

    It's absolutely fine to rat on a pedophile if thats your only way of getting to them.
  10. Originally posted by Sudo my comment in that thread made me laugh

    spectral is a hypocrite. It's ok to post PI of pieces of shit like wariat, because he's a pedo piece of shit. I wouldn't post say inb4lunch's PI though, even though he shares the same perversion, because he's not a piece of shit. Sophie guards his PI with his life although I was pretty close to getting it on zoklet I no longer give half a fuck.

    Point is, fuck marciel lata or whatever the fuck his name is, nobodyy gives a fuck. People here have some of my PI and I'd prefer for them not to post it but if they did so I would partially blame myself. Actually, I'm going to make another account now, fuck all of you

    This guy seems so cool I made an account to express how cool he is. Boy, I wish I were female I'd surely send him tons of titty pics
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