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Posts by infinityshock lasciviously lambasted lanny the lactating leprechauns longing larynx with large loads of laptoplollipop launched love lube, leaving the little lads lips lacerated, limpkin lactating and labia languishing with lockjaw......... (banned)

  1. Originally posted by Bill Krozby i suck nigger cock for food

    we have the moral obligation to eat more meat.



  2. Originally posted by Bill Krozby im a nigger cock sucking faggot

    we have the moral obligation to eat more meat.



  3. Originally posted by Bill Krozby you're really lacking with the insults.. try harder.

    that wasnt an insult you fucking retard...that was all the foreplay youre going to get
  4. Originally posted by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

    i'd hit it
  5. Originally posted by Bill Krozby uh oh mymy favorite little princess has awoken and is cranky! Do you need a hand job to go back to sleep, chicken?

    since youre offering...bring your pretty little wetback lips over here and do what they do so well.
  6. Originally posted by vindicktive vinny sounds hard.

    i gain muscles easily with regular workout or manual labor but the problem with having lots of muscles is i get hungry pretty quickly and i need to eat alot and because im lazy and only eat out and have irregular meal time,

    i try to avoid doing things that will increase my muscle mass.

    the best things in life are always hard.

    im the same way...i just eat calorie-dense my protein drink that has about 2,000 calories in it. it saves time when i dont feel like cooking or chewing for 2,000 calories worth of solid food. plus...the shits are so much easier. i have a fucked up metabolism at that. i can eat literally anything i want and as much as i want and not get fat.
  7. Originally posted by iam_asiam68 interesting that you mention this…the roaring 20's portion because in the Hebrew Scriptures, the years falling on 20/20 or perfect vision have been stand out years where humanity finally see's a glimpse of God in their Blessings and Miracles. that is literally a prophecy and this being the 7th Hebrew Milennea meaning the 7th and FINAL TIME 20/20 will take place, these sightings will be unmistakable concerning fluke or God!!

    there is no god
  8. this is why i cant be president.

    id declare the entirety of messyko to be a live-ammo target range
  9. Originally posted by Bill Krozby im an idiot

    youre an idiot
  10. what do you want to know? i was there in the mid-90's during that whole kerfuffle.

    i had pics of croation building sploded and entire boxes of TARPS pics somewheres around.

    'dalmation vacation'
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