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Posts by Wariat

  1. Wariat Black Hole
  2. Wariat Black Hole
    In my country theyd gladly gas gays and tranny fuckers like you. And I already told you I dont share your morality in any way or on nay subject. So yea I dont see the big deal or anything wrong with it.
  3. Wariat Black Hole
    what about her tho?

  4. Wariat Black Hole
    I dont know man I think sex is sex and ppl make too big ofna deal over it even if some 15 yr old was fucked and enjoyed it (again ive never fucked one but since the aoc in poland is 15 i would if ever given a chance) i think the only reason they regret it or feel bad later is like when we nut over stupid porn or ugly women in porn or some fat chick we met while drunk. sure we may feel stupid like why did we do that but we get over it wo should they. plus they may remember you forever snd not think bad of it anyway fucking is fucking snd feels food and maybe they have the slut egne anyway from their mom who knows i just dont see sex as a big deal if everyone involved got themselves involved by their own will basically if its not rape.
  5. Wariat Black Hole
    For me it is responsibility or the idea of getting a chick pregnant by accident or without wanting to or being tricked by her.
  6. Wariat Black Hole
    Nah not really because 15 is the aoc in poland and there is no need for me st this poin tto go lower. ive never even actually fuked a teen just messed around with them so its another notch on the belt if i ever get a chance which i doubt. what i dont get is why polish women look so old once they hit 50. they look like 20 yrs older thwn mexican or hispanic ones.
  7. Wariat Black Hole
    I wish more girls and women were as freaky as pesky travels tho. like shed literwlly let you slap her if you wanted to and fsce fuk her and fuk her wss than moith and even rim you if you ewnted to. i just held back too much on her like i am not into the slapping stuff and manhandling she was down for so i was too nice or just didnt unlessh on her like i could have.
  8. Wariat Black Hole
    actually fucked a tranny? also how many without knowing and only finding out later you realize you have? wanna talk about it?
  9. Wariat Black Hole
    when is the last time any of you truly felt your dick or being curassed or simply your dick feeling just not necessairly good but it can be good but just feeling alive feeling like ur eick is being taken care of?
  10. Wariat Black Hole
    a lot of women in my life i met st the bars etc. had dwughters who were fully grown one time i even had a situarion where in santana row i met this hot olde rblond and her dsughter was there with her woon to be husband and I was maybe like 28-29 not sure howmold the mom was but she was blond and sort of looked like this woman but we ket at this bar called straits and at first she was offput me being so much younger and when i convinced her i want her or didnt mind it she invited me to join them at the next bar they were going and i told her ill go in a bit but i was so intotnhe chase and finding other btiches and getting drunk i never went and later regretted it.
  11. Wariat Black Hole
    lol what a perfect but legally way to get back at ppl:
  12. Wariat Black Hole
    yeaI know. I look back on my life wnd I always just ended up eith the uglier ones than I could have had if zi put more effort or understood women more and their wants or how to talk to them read them. id have way more sex but i always have up or assumed they werent interested. or just forgot about them. I also realize I had a bunch of numbers of o en but wouldnt call them or lost the numbers or was so into the chase and trying to ruck a new one thwt night i never called or checke dup on what i already had in my contacts. the thrill of the chase ya know?
  13. Wariat Black Hole
    what would you guys rather do mould plastic or serve coffee all day?
  14. Wariat Black Hole
    She almost ened up sucking my cock.
  15. Wariat Black Hole
    She is my type my type of woman and she reached out to me and I alsot al ost fucked her.
  16. Wariat Black Hole
  17. Wariat Black Hole
    jeff vogel is close to his level though

  18. Wariat Black Hole
    he realizes his passion and what the market needs simultaneously and provides it:

  19. Wariat Black Hole

    sometimes you gotta love with what u have or take what u can get oittta life.
  20. Wariat Black Hole
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