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Posts by Suicidal Fish

  1. I have been posting a lot more in the last couple of weeks as I had some time off.

    I am back away from tomorrow so I won't be posting again (well maybe the odd post) until May at the earliest.

    Take it easy peeps
  2. Get yourself better and then play GTA Online.

    Them telling you to play Harvest Moon is trolling at its worst.
  3. didn't laugh didn't smile kill yourself OP

    Dont say that, I may do one day and then you will feel reallllly bad.
  4. How is he a dick?

    He was laughing at some of my posts and then when someone gave me a kick he called me 'Aggressive' and ''A bit of a dick'

    I will have him know I am a total Dick
  5. I have no fucking idea what is going on here.
  6. You could make a better forum than this.

    Nah I can't be arsed with that , would rather do something funny like a appreciation page for someone or some shit like that.

    If anyone can find any funny domain names let me know and I will swap it.
  7. What's the domain?

    at the moment but that can be changed
  8. Also…

    Haha they have not got wind yet that you are not very good at spelling....
  9. A guy called BikerEcho and says he is from Denmark is the biggest dick
  10. I just tried registering on TOR and it came up with this :

    Sorry, but your IP Address has been listed as a known spammer. You will not be allowed to register.
  11. From our end, we don't get THAT much coverage, it seems he is just a protest vote and voters can REALLY see the guy who when the going gets tough he just bankrupts the company and lets others pick up the tab.

    And from the democrat side it looks like 1 old person vs another old person and the winner is the person who is still alive by the end of it.

  12. Let me know how I can help.

    Also, lol @ VPN.

    Any ideas how we can make money out of it?
  13. You could try some like this:

    you guys think you're computer experts? Check out this site.

    That looks perfect, if I copy and paste that would it work on there site?
  14. Mass spam links to this site.

    How do you create 'fake' Links.

    So for example you click on and it brings you here?
  15. What did you do, specially?

    And what is the plan of attack?

    In truth I went there with good intentions and bloody hell they have no sense of humor. They would HATE this place.

    I would post Dumpster Slut Style posts like 'These members will die lonely' then gave a list of the users with the most posts.

    And they were sending me massive abuse calling me every name under the sun, it was actually quite funny.

    I wanna CP them for sure, any ideas on usernames?

    I am creative as a pile of bricks

  16. You Americanos have your ear to the ground.

    Us Nasty foreigners aint got a clue whats going on.
  17. Who the fuck is that?
  18. I agree OP, you need to go back to school. 2+2+1+1=6 not 5.

    Haha funny how none of us picked that up.

  19. 10th post best post.

    Why? Because she did call you Doug?
  20. You need a Life.
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