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Posts by Jiggaboo_Johnson

  1. Originally posted by Speedy Parker explains why you don't use a mirror

    I see you're still salty girlfriend
  2. Once again I don't argue, I correct the stupid.
  3. It's just a cake folks

  4. Originally posted by Speedy Parker ^Sad little man

    ^Triggered little girl
  5. Originally posted by Speedy Parker

    Believing in 3 fairytales doesn't mean you believe in all fairytales.

    Stay in school kid.
  6. Why the fuck do my smoke alarm batteries always go out at 1am.

    Same with my tire pressure's always 6am on a monday morning it lights up.
  7. Originally posted by totse2118 i used everything before it existed im from the past ,2.0

    Semens 0.7b no doubt.
  8. Originally posted by I Live In Your Crawlspace Secretly4 Fuck you mucker talk shit an yer gonna meet the BOUDIN SAUSAGE BOYZ

    that's what I'm having for dinner tonight...some good Louisiana sausage.
  9. Originally posted by Speedy Parker It's a donation to a toy run that raises money for kids in this area. It's not the entire amount that will used for kids dumbass.

    Toys save lives...
  10. Originally posted by aldra did you click those links? sorry to have to tell you this but you're now on the sex offenders' registry

  11. I've brought some watermelon for bread though
  12. Originally posted by Wariat dude 16 is the goddess age for a chick, just look at this single mom:

    Best age bro

    I'm surprised the kid is white.
  13. OP, have you thought about showing BOBS?
  14. Perky ass?
  15. Boudin sausage and potato salad
  16. Originally posted by Speedy Parker You are a sad little man. I feel sorry for you.

    You're the one who believes in fairytales...shorty
  17. Originally posted by Donald Trump

    another excellent cameraman...shit happens "quick point it to the floor!"
  18. Originally posted by Instigator Too late to shut the door after the horse has bolted

    It's pretty easy to find a horse and put him back in there.
  19. Originally posted by Donald Trump

    The new racist stereotype/lie is that black areas have chirping hallways, since the smoke alarm batteries are never replaced.

    The chirp is audible at 0:16 of this otherwise unremarkable murder video.

    You've been NOGGED.
  20. Originally posted by totse2118 probably lots of people applying for those jobs

    sticking to one industry that can happen. Maybe try to find similar things that aren't exactly that like working in a company kitchen or a hospital or some shit

    Imagine offering employment advice when you yourself are chronically unemployable
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