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Posts by Jiggaboo_Johnson

  1. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    We call those Munters where I come from.
  2. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Biggest meme? I wouldn't say it was in the top 100.
  3. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Not really.

    PAL 50hz NTSC 60hz, that means Sonic the Hedgehog runs faster in America.
  4. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost Whatever PAL i'm a romantic and I plan to marry HTS because she is the Goddess Queen of the TOTSE empire and a true angel of Trianglism

    The best laid plans of mice and men...
  5. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    /alexa set timer 31 mins.
  6. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal

    what's so special about new zealand?

    Soft target.

    Edit...sounds like just a run of the mill gas main explosion though,
  7. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost I could have made a lot more money since I got here but I have been focusing on my relationship and spirituality.

    There's a problem too.

    You "worry/focus" about that shit when you have already secured a method to financing life without handouts. It's not like the relationship you have now will even exist in 10yrs...lololol Statistics, it's what's for lunch.
  8. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter

    I'd like to say it's been a pleasure...
  9. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost new city gotta restart everything including building networks.

    Um how long have you been there?

    Over a year yes???

    I moved to a new country, new continent, no network...and again within a year was running a department at Compaq with 103 people reporting to me.

    Hell at the interview they interviewer said I "seemed overqualified" simply because I showed up in a suit and everyone else was in Tshirts and jeans. lolol

    You have more excuses than an excuse making machine.
  10. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Seems like a waste of money for 1min of use.
  11. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    No such thing as an incel, you can always buy a's always voluntary.
  12. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    And monstrous spiders.
  13. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    She make about 15k from that bathwater. That's one smart bitch.
  14. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost At my last job I spent my breaks and lunch on my phone making money and eventually I was making more money staying home than I was from working and I just went there to hang out with my friends and look for people to sell weed to

    Again, reflecting on the past isn't productive if you are not employing the same methods (as well as new ones) in the present and future.

    I used to have hair.
  15. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost i've made more than that many times, saleing bitcoins, manufacturing PG/VG high nic and reverse engineering flavors for yuppies, etc X10000 I learned long ago I would probably never think of some million dollar idea so instead I make 10,000 $1000 ideas

    Yeah you need to sustain after hr week after week, year after year...doing it a couple of times isn't shit.

    You sound like one of those "tax refund rich" niggers.
  16. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost I would thrive if there was no system to keep me down

    It keeps you down because you rely on it and use it as your primary source of income.
  17. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost The job I got is only 8 hours a month but my job developer told me the hours were perfect to "keep welfare off my back"

    The system never ceases to amaze me folks.

    Then don't rely on the system... rely on yourself. duhhh
  18. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by Ghost There are more poor people than rich so if class war is legal I think the wealth will redistribute itself lol

    Short term, the lazy fucks will spend it all in 6 months and be worse off than when they started as there would now be no rich/actual workers left to earn/make new money.

    (Plus the poor folk only have butter knives and pitchforks, the rich folks would use F-35s etc)
  19. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    Originally posted by JĎ…icebox In my mind, even drug dealers were above the willfully unemployed, because at least they're doing SOMETHING, and if they didn't, others would do it instead

    Exactly, you have to get off your ass and do something rather than sit and expect someone to knock on the door and say "here's your rent check, bye!"

    The fact some governments take hard working peoples money and do this for the lazy is outrageous and a good reason why most of the poor should be eliminated.
  20. Jiggaboo_Johnson Dark Matter
    I made $30 yesterday in like 5 mins just on my lunch break. Went to the thift store at the top of the street, saw and bought something I knew would sell on ebay (cost me $9). Listed it last night for buy it now $45.99. Sold within 1hr. Minus ebay/paypal fees about $30 profit for 5 mins of "work".

    I average about $1000-1500 a month (net) JUST doing that and use the money as "play" money. Again I educated myself on what is collectable and desirable on ebay and the fact most thrift stores don't have a fucking clue what they are selling.

    Just two weeks ago I got an Amiga computer off Letitgo for $100. Stuck a Gotek floppy drive in it ($20), cleaned it up..sold it for $350.

    Sitting at home whining on the internet about your min wage is recockulous...there are 1001 ways to make money on the side. LEGAL too.

    Spend less time on TC and more time on being productive.
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