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Posts by Jiggaboo_Johnson

  1. Originally posted by slide22 I think its the coin version of a pound. like you have a 1 dollar bill and a 1 dollar coin in the US.

    No, I just explained what it was...12 old pence or 5 new pence...bascially the 5p piece...1/20 of a pound...a pound in old money used to be 240 pence...hence it used to be 12 pence.

    Then you had a crown and a half crown...
  2. exwive #1 got a side gig collecting biological samples for paternity tests.

    She'd get a call and have to drive to wherever and swab someones mouth, put it in the tube and mail it off...she got paid $50 per call. While she was doing it she ended up swabbing 1/2 of the Houston Rockets..dem durty niggas.
  3. Originally posted by slide22 Ebola is just a cold that makes you bleed out of your ass in 48 hours

  4. They adopted the 23 yr old, he's a black kid too. Gigi picked a black one so he'd feel cucked walking the kid to school.
  5. Originally posted by slide22 I think they're Garbonzo beans arent they?

    I'm saying they would be macadamia nuts IF they were nuts...they are the macadamia of the bean world...
  6. If chickpeas were nuts they'd be macadamia nuts.
  7. Vegan women tend to be very hairy...and musty
  8. Originally posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I speak fluent grunt.

    You accidentally typoed gr instead of c
  9. Originally posted by Bradley What's a shilling

    12 old new money it's 5 pence.

    ETA: Also known as a "bob"

    "You're as bent as a 9 bob note" (because there was no 9 bob note)

    As a young fella me lad I used to get 10 bob as me pocket money...when I got pocket money
  10. Can you nigs stop noggin please.
  11. I've heard animal noises out of a few sophisticated looking babes back in the old days.
  12. Originally posted by Ghost Pretty sure chickens are asexual, you sound like a faggot

    A sexual what? deviant?
  13. Niggs gonna be Noggin on your door asking for directions.

    nog nog noggin on fona's door
  14. Fun fact, Alex Jones...used to be Aled Jones and had a number 1 hit with Walking in the air.

  15. If I was about to kill myself and someone brought me a plate of beans on toast, I'd postpone killing myself until I'd cleaned the plate.
  16. Originally posted by Bradley Alright folks were dropping like flies ya hurr

    For 10$ YOU will earn a spot on da list.

    Once we have a good amount of people I will on cam show assign names out of a bucket and whoevers person dies wins the pot.


    Here's a better and more "Sudden Death" idea...the person that wins has to go TSTM, he gets the pot minus the $20 which goes to lanny to make them TSTM.

    Edit: and they have to stay gone for a alts creeping back.
  17. Originally posted by Ghost Imagine being such a little bitch that you get sick

    Wasn't you just talking about vomiting and shitting all over your room the other day?
  18. Bradders you're too young to use the work "Chuckling"...better get a grip brah.
  19. Originally posted by Ghost Is paul wozny seriously the caretaker of a real life child

    someone call 911

    The son is 23...
  20. Originally posted by aldra wtf is 4p

    96p less than a pound.
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