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Posts by Jiggaboo_Johnson

  1. 15,000 dollars could buy you a car
    15,000 miles driven would take you quite far
    15,000 costco rotisserie chickens cooked in a day
    15,000 steps I've walked my pedometer says
    15,000 times the average driver honks his horn
    15,000 babies per hour are born
    15,000 calls to the cops Tomomi Monmae made
    15,000 slampigs Bill Krozby claims to have laid
    15,000 lbs the limit on this elevator
    15,000 hunted and killed Floridian gators

    A list of stats that don't really mean piss
    Not nearly as important as my posts on NIS
    It seemed a shame to stop at 14999
    So I thought i'd post just one more time.
  2. Home crafted ales for homos

    "Come get an ale"
  3. Originally posted by vindicktive vinny "come in to come out"

    Yes shorter is better...AMIRITE BENJAMIN?
  4. He want's to "pwn" all those 7yr olds.
  5. Ok it's fixed.

    The problem was the little strip metal contact on the side needed bending out as it was not contacting properly with the side of the bulb, The new one had the same problem too which as mentioned pretty typical as my luck goes.

    Here is some artistry showing the problem.

  6. Originally posted by stl1 Well, at least my left turn signal wouldn't be flashing the entire trip, unlike Boo's..

    Right..and it's fixed now.
  7. The Closet
    "come on in to it, to come out of it"
  8. My god, if it wasn't already risky enough eating raw fish...
  9. Local IP is your computers IP.
    local start port/end port/external start/external end would all be the same port number you are port forwarding
    set protocol to "both"
    Description is whatever u want to call it "I'm a faggit" might be a good choice.
  10. Originally posted by Grylls 0044


    how many boyfriends do you have in the uk?

    Only you sugarlips.
  11. You got me on that one...well played.
  12. Originally posted by Bill Krozby yeah I said that on purpose to trigger the likes of you. get with it chicken

    Sounds like you live a full life sir.
  13. Adult cartoons...scoff.
  14. Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal Not big government
    Not "fascism" or National Socialism
    The churches are evil too

    The only path for humanity to take is small city states
    People will branch off and form communities with likeminded people, eventually they'll form clusters with other cities that share common beliefs and values.
    Overtime micro-nations will immerge.
    This is the path we must take if we are to live freely and in harmony with nature and the way of reality.

    How we achieve this - find people who understand this and are willing to band together to form communities.
    Get into agriculture and learn everything you need to live outside the system
    Form your own currency system or better yet live without one (some form of socialism is fine as long as it doesn't involve leftists, jews or big government).
    Declare your independence from the governmental entity you were born into
    Eventually once enough people catch on to this the parasitic system of governance that enslaves us will die out
    This is the most peaceful path to freedom
    Those that stand in our way will be destroyed

    You probably need to get some life experience before deciding what's best for the world...that's gonna mean having to go outside.
  15. Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal then I heard a squirty poo poo sound

    A squirty poo poo sound isn't good...
  16. REAL men do the do, they don't do youtube.
  17. Originally posted by park police It's not like some people would rather read it here than click a link, geez, you're a genius

    Now now, don't get all riled up over a bit of a plonker pulling.
  18. Originally posted by Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country There certainly existed a person called Osama bin Laden, he was in deep with the glow-in-the-darks.

    Certainly he didn't do everything that has been attributed to him, but many of us could say the same about ourselves.

    True...He couldn't play the piano as was once claimed
  19. Originally posted by Fonaplats We do the normal positions.
    Missionary, doggy, face sitting.

    You had to go an mention the poor dog.
  20. OR IS IT!
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