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Posts by D4NG0

  1. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson Yeah adding an assumed 4.72 million to the actual known numbers isn't how you work with statistics…

    It's 2.1% per the officially recognized numbers.

    If 40% are asymptomatic and we know many people will have the disease without ever being tested, I think it's a fair assumption.
  2. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson It's 2.1% in the US…still not something to write home about though.

    11.8 mil infections
    252k deaths
    = 2.1%

    40% of people are asymptomatic, so you can multiply the cases by at least that many. Plenty of people have had the rona and never got tested, too.

    Furthermore, the CDC came out with that handy dandy little memo a few weeks ago admitting only 6-7% of deaths are from covid. The rest are deaths with covid. Being generous, let's assume the death rate, then, is about 12% of those reported.

    11.8 mil x 0.40 = 4.72 mil
    11.8 mil + 4.72 mil = 16.52 mil

    252k x 0.12 = 30,240

    Mortality Rate:
    30,240 / 16.52 mil = 0.18%

    US Population = ~375 mil
    16.52 mil / 375 mil = 4.4% chance of being infected in America
    30,240 / 375 mil = 0.008% chance (across all age groups) of dying from covid in America
  3. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Zanick #2 For something more specific, I'm not speaking to my father.

    We're shocked.
  4. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Careful. We don't need any more covid deaths on our hands here.
  5. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    With a mortality rate of 0.3%, I just don't see why I would bother. It's the WuFlu, not small pox. I'd get vaccinated for something like small pox in a heartbeat.
  6. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Fonaplats Hook up with a nice older gentle woman with a big purse.

    I know contestants on my 600lb life get welfare for 'disability', but I can't imagine Chell is raking in that much.
  7. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Maybe the solution is to just sell guns and booze - two things people will always buy. Open a little shop in a pit stop town and call it good.

    ???/10 how would that go?
  8. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    I've been thinking about moving somewhere more rural, but as I was looking, I couldn't help but notice how damn poor some places are. Median household income of $25k a year? Average individual income of $13k a year? How the fuck do people manage to live on that with a family?

    Granted, land and cost of living is significantly lower, but still. Even cutting out all the unnecessary consumerist shit, you'd still have to pay for:

    -A house + upkeep
    -Vehicle expenses (including gas)
    -Guns & ammo
    -Insurance (health, home, auto)

    How do people do it? Fona, Bill Krozby, and other saps who work for next to nothing, feel free to chime in. How are your bills paid?
  9. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal Best:

    New York


    New Mexico

    I know this is a lie because Indiana is at the top. Indiana is literally the armpit of the country. Nothing but swampy farmland, poverty, and drugs.
  10. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Sophie Yoga pants with skirt looks worse. Tacky.

    Not if they're the ones that don't flare out. Or have some ugly pattern.

    Maybe I'm thinking of leggings? They're used interchangably tho so now I'm confused.
  11. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    That's cool. Let's just ban them. They're immodest without a skirt anyway.
  12. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Although you're the expert on leaving things, I'm not sure where you got that idea.
  13. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    That's probably due to the superstition surrounding black cats, and the plainness of brown ones. Doubt the same would be found with dogs.
  14. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal You will know absolutely nothing about a certain topic yet will arrogantly argue about it.

    Yes. That's the fun part.
  15. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by aldra drugs

    I'd wager 90% are this. Or at least in part.
  16. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    I wonder if he's one of the ones that got permanently blinded.
  17. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    I recently added decompression needles for chest wounds in each of my packs. The ones you jab into your chest to release pressure that can build from an entry wound. Google always has to remind me of the official name - Tension Pneumothorax Needles.

    Seems daunting that you would essentially have to stab yourself with it, but if you're dying I suppose it would be no problem at all.
  18. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson But the bottle down and love yourself too.

    Or he can just love his cat.

    Hey, mmQ. You did wind up getting a cat after Chootie, right? How's it doing?
  19. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    They're a great way to rouse your least favorite neighbor at 3am without having to get out of bed.
  20. D4NG0 African Astronaut
    I'm making a mental note to never visit one of your threads again.
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