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Posts by Nil

  1. Nil African Astronaut
    Honestly I'm within canada and prefer it cuz

    1. The Crown is a better title than the feds, and seemingly more nuanced.

    But also way stranger. I feel like the feds would shoot me or arrest me. The crown is just straight amoral fuckery. feel like a specimen to them, but they let me walk around and have actors approach to pick my brain on random topics, sometimes regurgitating something i said before but always misinterpreted.

    Like they read what i post, intercept calls. Record my chats and then like a bunch of idiots don't get my take.

    God i sound fucking insane. I guess they won lol.

    Honestly.... prob just police with emergency powers and too much time on there hands, and me being funny to fuck with.
  2. Nil African Astronaut
    ....honestly i should have excercised a bit more scepticism, but that kinda links into trust with me. and i kinda threw out the baby with the bathwater on that front, lest i fall into descartes-tier distrust.

    You fucker.
  3. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Bill Krozby I don't even know who you are

    Yea cuz i keep a low profile(lol)
  4. Nil African Astronaut
    When did i claim to retard? A republic is just not a monarchy.

    They're not defined by rule of law, which is some bullshit you might bring up.

    Why does your totally not a democracy have an elected executive branch and elected officials to draft laws? What term would you use to describe these aspects of your authority??
  5. Nil African Astronaut
    No its actually a loose coaltion of retards bound by collective stupidity, and held together with superglue and welfare.

    Shut the fuck up, next you'll claim the civil war was about states rights and constitutional interpretation and not slavery.

    I'd ask how a country of such impressionable morons could achieve world dominance but such an easily guided and moldable herd must be easy to steer.
  6. Nil African Astronaut
    I haven't dreamt in a long time. This one i could recall, and I awoke terrified.

    Without relating it in detail i wrote this to capture the feeling:

    Shadow clad amorphous

    Darkness on approach

    Silence seeking unity

    Terror taking hold unmindful it's a dream

    Terror taking hold, mind full of the dream.
  7. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by aldra to be fair they've run out of small, weak countries they can safely level

    I hate it when that happens.
  8. Nil African Astronaut
    Blackarch, black box!!!@
  9. Nil African Astronaut
    Nothing against autotellic autodidacticism. Society wants a paper to call you capable or know you can drone for years tho.
  10. Nil African Astronaut
    For fuck sake.

    This society is fucked. Only gonna read the classics from now on. Hang with enlightened folks of criminal dispositions & natives who aren't
    bought, servants or buying into this bs. Fuck the mainstream.

    Only technics and critical takes.

    Fuck.... i swear im gonnaebd up a lonely alcoholic native, on the dole and in my pen :[
  11. Nil African Astronaut
    Pot. Kettle. Black.

    CNN or Prager U(tube)?
  12. Nil African Astronaut
    Honestly i refuse to believe i lost touch with reality. Some 3rd party state level actor, or multiple organizations were straight fuckin with a nigga.

    Weird encounters.
    Odd sutuations.
    Phones, internet behaving weird.
    Information games.

    Wish i knew what the fuck it was about. 13th degree mindfuck.

    Adversary aka "The Crown" aka Truman Show fanclub.

  13. Nil African Astronaut
    I'm convinced time is emergent from movement and not another dimension.

    I know fuck all about fysiks, thd equations or formalism.

  14. Nil African Astronaut
    Too close to home, shit this whole site is probably a psyop/honeypot/limited hang out.
  15. Nil African Astronaut
    We got a problem doug??

    I can't cross the border now or for like 6 years but I'd kick ur ass.
  16. Nil African Astronaut
    I like how THE debate only concerns 2 personalities. "Democracy!!"

    You have a crassus(heh crass) how long till a caesar?
  17. Nil African Astronaut
    So.... he knows and doesn't care about your rapiness?
  18. Nil African Astronaut
    I agree.

    Legalize drugs!!!! Regulate it. Have trusted suppliers, tax it.

    Implement licensing, study the problem cases.
  19. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Erekshun You need to calm the fuck down. This is a shitposting site.

    Fuck off geriatric cunt, this is the new temple. We're trying to discover truth in the abyss.


    But yea paying with quarters is being a cunt, probly didnt tip. I wouldn't order from there again. They'll remember this and have your food. THEY HAVE POSESSION OF YOUR FOOD.
  20. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by MORALLY SUPERIOR BEING 2020 IV: Intravenous Soyposting The current rise in CO2 is antropogenic - meaning man made, meaning it is artificial, meaning it is not natural

    Who says people aren't natural?

    Whats next ant hills are an abomination?
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