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Posts by Nil

  1. Nil African Astronaut
    i thoght you were gonna say "take a shot"
  2. Nil African Astronaut
  3. Nil African Astronaut
    I'm alone too, my sister kicked me out and I'm chilling in the basement of a commercial building i use for storage. The business are all closed and it's nice and quiet.

    but yea, homeless but not miserable and have some things going on. holidays kinda fucking shit up tho.
  4. Nil African Astronaut
    i'd probably just buy the cheapest shittiest vodka tbh, a two six for like 17 cad. Not like i'm drinking this shit for the taste i just wanna get fucked up.
  5. Nil African Astronaut
    I dunno, haven't really accomplished anything. Had some money at some points, didn't use it smart when I did, been broke as fuck at others.

    Tried and failed to take care of my father
    after he stroked out.

    Didn't travel much, just a short trip to Vancouver a few years ago.

    Last few yrs sucked balls, and the last little while has been interesting.

    Haven't really met many people over that time, not many new friends.
  6. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace The tribes didn't do shit but protect their land.

    It's not like anyone is innocent, a lot of intertribal warfare was caused because trading with euros was worth controlling. Iroquois were a bunch of cunts, who wiped out a few other tribes.
  7. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Sudo don't aborigine's have relaxed tobacco laws there? Fucking Canadian Natives pay pennies on the dollar for what white people pay. It's a complicated system of allotments or "quotas" per resident per band per month which are bought and sold almost identically as carbon credits. It's basically another part of systemic corruption but if you know some natives you can buy some cartons you will never have a problem sellling

    When I bought 2 cartons in Enoch I had to sign a paper, and they scan the treaty card. Still cheaper to buy off of boosters tho.
  8. Nil African Astronaut
    I feel like I'd make a good shaman. I could prob find some sweet grass in like 5 mins if I had to smudge muh niggas. And I met the trickster in a casino bathroom.
  9. Nil African Astronaut
    She's around again, saw her a few times. More of the same... Managed to piss her off enough that she sent a couple long texts back2back saying she wants to hate me and if she sees me again she'll kill me. So I dunno how to proceed. I dunno if a milkshake is gonna b enough.
  10. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace I hope someone hits Wariat with a brick one day.
  11. Nil African Astronaut
    Who TF is Raphael Luciano?
  12. Nil African Astronaut
    Kinda shitty tbh but whatever. Sterilize everyone and maybe we'll get a good world, With decent people.
  13. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace As if these are two separate things

    political-economy is a great word, frames it better.
  14. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace You're a meth head. That's all I need to know.

    You hit the bat a few times and all of sudden it's what defines you? That's not fair.
  15. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by MexicanMasterRace Because you're a piece of shit too ;)

    I'm not tho. U don't know me. Ur trash and ugly.
  16. Nil African Astronaut
    Fuck this thread, fuckin judgemental bullshit.

    Not even based on any practical criteria either.
  17. Nil African Astronaut
    Prob just poke myself with a dirty needle tbh...
  18. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by DietPiano Fishing for thankz

    I got u bro
  19. Nil African Astronaut
    I uh gave a ride to strange hoes, they said they would be back in 5 mins (dropped them at a casino) but didn't come so I left with some of there bags.

    Now what do I do? Should I rifle through their stuff?
  20. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Sudo gadzooks was a crack smoking alcoholic

    It's not like he died man.
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