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Posts by infinityshock lovingly allowed lard-ass la*ny the luxury of lapping the loins-leviathan while the little lad larps as a laotian ladyboy lapdancer......

  1. Originally posted by Donald Trump Florider = 2 kool 4 skool.

    the stores here dont even try to enforce a mask mandate. their signs all say 'suggest' due to how many fights were started over the mask requirements...including several i instigated. the commies here are heavily outnumbered and they keep their cock sockets shut about their beliefs.

  2. Originally posted by Speedy Parker You are so stupid

    youre as brilliant as a the clump of goo slithering out of the asshole of a nigger faggot after it participated in an all-night fag gang bang.

  3. Originally posted by Speedy Parker Your question was not relevant.

    your existence is not relevant

    also, youre a dumb nigger

    also, your mother is a cheap whore and she owes me change from the other night

  4. Originally posted by aldra stuff like this makes me wonder how accurate the vaccination rates really are and how they calculate them.

    I mean, the rate in NSW is supposed to be around 95% but I've talked to a LOT of people who either refused or got the initial shot and refuse to get b00sted. I also know of doctors willing to sign family and friends off as vaccinated and just dumping the shots down the drain

    i know a chick who worked at a pharmacy who gave anyone who asked one of the cards that says they were vaccinated.

    im in florida so no one here gives half a fuck about the vaccines or mandates or masks

  5. Originally posted by Donald Trump Hi Finny what do you think about appropriate electrical generation mix for Europe?

    theyve victimized themselves believing in the global climate crisis myth now theyre fucked

  6. Originally posted by Donald Trump Ho ho hoe.

    im not a ho. i do it for free

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