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Can of Butthurt

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    Beetlesiri Houston [enlighten my devil-may-care transplanting]
    Okay, so I am trying to come up with ideas for pranks that will not physically hurt someone long term, but still teach them a lesson. Personally I would probably find some type of hot sauce that is clear and put it on the toilet paper in the bathroom and let it dry. You will then know when that person has fallen for the prank since you will hear them from down the block. Use laxatives to speed up the process.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    tabasco in a bidet would be more effective
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    mmQ victim of incest
    Could also pin them down and lodge burning hot coals into their b-hole.

    Gotchya good maannnnn haha it was just a prank calm down dude
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    yeah, if you want them to REALLY know they've been pranked, just kick in the cubicle door and flood it with bear mace
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    I love these topics! Can you tell us a little more about the target? Is this for general fun?

    1. Dip their toothbrush in the toilet and put it back. Damn good chance they'll get sick.
    2. Do they have allergies? Lace their food with a bit of their particular poison.
    3. Someone mentioned super glue on a toilet seat. You can put super glue in lots of places. Get creative!
    4. If you have access to their house, place a million plastic cups on all the floors and fill them with something that smells awful, like deer piss.
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    Beetlesiri Houston [enlighten my devil-may-care transplanting]
    Or you could put some type of drug on something like their doorknobs that would make them sick as shit. You know the kind that has strong effects even when just through natural absorption.
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    Yeah, like mercury or ricin?
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    infinityshock Black Hole (banned)
    an amateur would toss a flash-bang into the stall

    a professional would toss in a satchel charge
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    Rig the door so that once they're in the stall, you can jam the lock or something and trap them inside. Then drop a pile of shit right below the opening to discourage crawling out.
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    murder them
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    cerakote African Astronaut
    put fentanyl in their heroin haha
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    NARCassist gollums fat coach
    Hair remover cream in shampoo
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