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Ban Log

Active Reason Given By Given At Duration Ends
No spamming Lanny 2019-01-11 at 3:29 AM UTC 1y 49w 1d 2020-12-11 at 3:29 AM UTC
No Ban evasion: Lanny 2018-12-26 at 10:51 PM UTC 2w 2019-01-09 at 10:51 PM UTC
No, You were told not to post in that thread. Lanny 2018-12-21 at 1:52 AM UTC 6d 23h 59m 59s 2018-12-28 at 1:52 AM UTC
No Repeated off topic posting: Lanny 2018-11-11 at 12:31 PM UTC 4w 2018-12-09 at 12:31 PM UTC
No I'm done Lanny 2018-06-08 at 6:10 PM UTC 6w 1d 1h 22m 41s 2018-07-21 at 7:33 PM UTC
No Continued ban evasion: Lanny 2018-06-07 at 5:58 PM UTC 3w 6d 23h 59m 59s 2018-07-05 at 5:58 PM UTC
No Continued ban evasion Lanny 2018-06-07 at 5:56 PM UTC 2w 6d 23h 59m 59s 2018-06-28 at 5:56 PM UTC
No Ban evasion Lanny 2018-06-07 at 5:21 PM UTC 1w 6d 23h 59m 59s 2018-06-21 at 5:21 PM UTC
No repeated off topic posting in Lanny 2018-06-07 at 4:23 AM UTC 6d 23h 59m 59s 2018-06-14 at 4:23 AM UTC
No don't know when to stop apparently. Lanny 2018-04-07 at 7:45 PM UTC 3w 5d 23h 59m 59s 2018-05-04 at 7:45 PM UTC
No Lanny 2018-03-29 at 4 AM UTC 1w 1d 23h 59m 59s 2018-04-07 at 4 AM UTC
No Lanny 2018-03-24 at 9:21 PM UTC 2d 23h 59m 59s 2018-03-27 at 9:21 PM UTC
No This is not acceptable posting: Lanny 2018-03-23 at 3:48 AM UTC 23h 59m 59s 2018-03-24 at 3:48 AM UTC
No Off topic shitflinging in topical forums: Lanny 2017-05-16 at 2:47 AM UTC 11h 59m 59s 2017-05-16 at 2:47 PM UTC
No Someone literally made a thread about rampant shitposting and you shatposted in it for like two pages. Lanny 2017-04-08 at 5:06 PM UTC 23h 59m 59s 2017-04-09 at 5:06 PM UTC
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