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So American football is basically rugby

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    Instigator Space Nigga
    With gay shoulder pads and more sexual touching

    Plus it's stretched out over 16 hours a game?

    What's not to like?
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    Exactly...and with less actual running 4 seconds of play 30 seconds of standing around...rinse repeat.

    Oh and don't forget the pantyhose/tights.

    I had a conversation just yesterday with an American who was complaining about the low scoring in Football/Soccer

    He was saying "Soccer is so boring, the end score is always something low like 2-1"

    I explained to him that assigning 6 points to a touchdown (and then the 1 point for the kick) doesn't change the fact that a score of 14-7 is still really only 2 touchdowns vs 1...2-1
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    Ghost Black Hole
    you mean soccer?
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    Originally posted by Ghost you mean soccer?

    They don't ware shoulder pads and tights.
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    Speedy Parker Black Hole [my absentmindedly lachrymatory gazania]

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    Look at that guy NFL player could sustain that kind of activity!
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    Speedy Parker Black Hole [my absentmindedly lachrymatory gazania]
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    You can see Ronaldo holding his hand up in an "easy brah" stance.
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    Instigator Space Nigga
    Fuck Ronaldo

    Although I was at Stoke when he got a good free kick against us?
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    He aint no Kevin Keegan.
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