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been playing the new dorf fortress

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    i kidnap a dingo man

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    roles: reversed
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    In my army there is no failure, you either win or you don't come home.

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    wait I thought it was a terminal game that used ascii characters as tiles
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    they made it into a real game finally

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    this dude made a much cooler night club than mine

    mine just has a bunch of retards in it, i have like 6 nudist goblin religious nuts and a kidnapped dingo man, and I think that skunk woman is trying to rob me

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    Meikai Heck This Schlong
    oh god oh fuck i need to play more of this but the fucking elves are freaking out because i offered them a mug encrusted with mussel shells. YOU FUCKING KNIFE EARED PRICKS WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I KILLED THEM THEY'RE SEASHELLS I MEAN I DID KILL THEM MUSSELS ARE LIKE HALF MY FORT'S DIET BUT YOU HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING THAT
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    Bradley Black Hole
    U smell like a mussel
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
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    lol the demons are giving off real crack house vibes

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    13k DORF BUCK magnetite piano , what a BOSS unit fuck I wouldn't mind one of those IRL

    yeah mine totally looks like the bottom one

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I've been getting back into Factorio but this looks even more autistic
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    it might look like it was made by a retard but I assure you its an intentional security design choice

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    Originally posted by aldra I've been getting back into Factorio but this looks even more autistic

    it took me an entire day while on tek just to sort out my stockpiles and get them unfucked and they are still half fucked and I gotta spend another day fixing them . I usually die before it becomes this much of a problem

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
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    oh yeah isn't that game all about getting tghe optimized 1% flow for increased productivity and shit or was that another game. I think DF's version of that is just pathfinding to stockpiles and their constant need to abuse alcohol being a factor in that

    1 BOOZE STOCKPILE PER FLOOR like a amazon factory robotics charge station

    when I started the fort i was chatting with fona i said i would name a dorf after him but he never replied to me so i named the donkey we embarked with after him. It's still alive I moved it underground when goblins attacked and he hasn't left in years and refuses to have sex with any of the girl donkeys :(
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    im too lazy to design a meat butchery shearing milking factory thing, I can barely get my farms running

    50% OF MY population being retards isn't giving me much motivation either

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    ^ wow thats a lot of DISGUSTING humans and elfs

    The goblins are chill though. I decided to elevate them in my society and force the lesser races of humans and elfs to live underground in a worker barracks where they will brave the dangers of the cavern and turn it into a underground farm paradise.

    Only humans that proved themselves are allowed to leave the caves and interact with proper dwarven society, soon I will have an entire squad of loyalist humans to use as a meat shield

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    I got the fort set up to handle the very highest difficulty everything. Goblins aren't doing shit, megabeasts have been getting beat up by children.

    There is definitely some difficulty changes with the steam version but it can all be changed in settings and i notice is really only affecting frequency of things happening and not really making "your guys do more damage" or something, you can still die/kill someone with something like a lucky arrow through the eyeball because he zigged instead of zagging type shit

    Here is my design schematic for my cavern entrance. This will also be used as a "last defense" for the entire cavern network, the start of the mines to level 2-3 and lower will begin AFTER this, I hshould actually build the barracks here now that I think about it.

    If the beast gets through all that it goes right into the human barracks where they will be sleep deprived, drunk, depressed and armed. They will have no value for their own lives and wish death every moment of their torment existence ah such is the life of humans praiying to wake up to a giant skinless demon clawing their eyes out
    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood
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    above ground human farm UNDER CONSTRUCTION soon to be walled off also they are going to be in charge of dead bodies and garbage once i get it all set up. I was gonna use a pump water pump system to "flush" all the trash through a grate, they sort all the items and use the water for farming also REDUCE RE USE RECYCLE. The red parts are for TRAFFIC, can't build there

    I am not veery good at fluid mechanics though like the people that build red stone computers so i am having trouble getting water to the surface

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