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Hey mMr Qmin ("mmQ") Jared "Jarinold" mmQinaman Wilkins

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    Great post once again by the way:

    Originally posted by mmQ Do you think it would be difficult to be a police officer and essentially not allow your badge and potential authority over others to get to your head?

    Like I would like to BELIEVE that if I hypothetically were a cop, I would be a 😎 one. The kids on the streets would refer me to as Uncle Wren because I'd always stop to shoot some hoops with them in their respective driveways as I patrol my beat.

    I like to think I'd watch my area with diligence and respond to all matters with extreme efficiency. I would ignore all obvious trap houses and drug dealings, garnering the respect of those individuals without ever once talking down on them, threatening them, or lording my authority over them. In fact, I would do all this simply by a nod of the head and a quick wave of the PEACE SYMBOL; no words, ever.

    I would respond to all domestics by politely knocking and waiting for the door to be opened by any occupants, never knocking overly loudly or aggressively or demanding anything. Id simply announce myself as officer Wrenald and "I'd just like a quick word and I'll try and get out of your hair and on my way."

    If nobody answered I would assume it's because someone is dead having been bludgeoned to death by a spouse or family member, and I would kick the door in in one fell swoop, gun drawn, and shoot everyone in sight that isn't dead, directly in their stomachs, incapacitating them temporarily while I didn't call for backup and thought about what to do next.

    I would come to the conclusion that I may as well enjoy the moment while it lasts, and so if approach each still living individual and if they were able to, offer them the opportunity to explain the situation from their perspective and help me release I've perhaps made a mistake.

    Shortly after they start talking I would stare into their eyes earnestly listening to their pleas for a few moments then I'd shoot them in the forehead. At no point will I have displayed my badge, or uttered a single word regarding my authority.

    I'd then call for backup with a little embellishment, maybe just as simple as a "it was like this when I got here, I don't know. Just send EVERYONE."

    Then I'd reload my weapon, walk outside. Approach any 'lookey-loos' that might be standing nearby, and also shoot them in their foreheads.

    When backup arrived, I'd quickly beckon as many officers toward me to debrief them of the massacre, this telling them "It was all me. And for no reason either… Ha."

    Then I'd shoot as many as them in the forehead as I could before saving a final bullet and turning the gun on myself.

    And aside from my announcement as officer Wrenald, I never mentioned my authority, never abused it, and never showed a badge.

    edited to add a gif of the identical way I would be as a cop



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    Instead of copying a post u liked by ur boytoy why not make a good thread your fucking self
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    It is a good recommendation thread, just not 4or ue
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