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Is it easy to fix a ball faucet type sink

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    Ghost Black Hole
    yeah i think the water shut off is on my floor. I put down buckets until I can figure out where these immigrants are coming from

    Originally posted by I Live In Your Crawlspace Secretly4 Wut pipes are leaking? You need to turn the water off to try to rebuild the faucet. It is pretty likely that the shut-offs under the sink will not close completely, begin to leak from the stem, or break if you operate them. I would find a way to turn the water off to your whole place, ideally at the water meter if youre place has it's own meter

    The shut offs are leaking too i think, and the faucet. I think it all needs to be cleaned like a gun
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    have you ever cleaned a pistol?
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    Bradley African Astronaut
    for six hours high on DMT before you execute yourself on tinychat my nigga
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Originally posted by Bradley have you ever cleaned a pistol?

    yeah right before tossing it down a storm drain
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    cigreting Space Nigga
    Originally posted by Kal Joose why didnt he shut off the main first and open up the tap?

    wants to save 3 minutes
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    stl1 Naturally Camouflaged
    I found this video pretty informative and a lot easier than trying to type things out. Hope it helps.

    edit to add: Make sure you tighten the packing nuts to your shut-off valves under your sink after making the repair on the sink.
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    Look at mah rat face

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    Solstice African Astronaut
    Scrawny at work

    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Ghost Black Hole
    whoever built that place was clearly drunk the water was right next to a power line
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    Ghost Black Hole
    my dad used to get drunk and build houses until he fell backwards off a roof 4 storys and landed on his wrist.
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    Robert Mugabe African Astronaut
    Look at mah rat face

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