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one of my identities stolen earlier today

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    Zanick victim of incest [my p.a. supernal goa]
    & it’s the one i use for everything sanitary, $200 for lanny to uber around the bay plastered using his breathalizer to interact with the seagulls' api. meanwhile, i’m stuck here in chicago, where the wind bites harder than secondhand vermouth from the rending jaws of lala’s opulent bosom

    it could’ve been worse, i could’ve been wealthy (well, not really; but i still think i could’ve done worse). i hope they finished errands before i locked the account; i know it's a fine night to be someone else but i was running out of money
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    Get it together, man. What kind of poster are you anyway?
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    the important question: can you still give abortions though?
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