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Minot AFB Mutiny

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    This is an interesting incident I only heard about today.

    The short, official version is this:

    Back in 2007, a B-52 Stratofortress was 'mistakenly' loaded with 6 nuclear-armed cruise missiles at Minot airbase in North Dakota and was flown to Barksdale airbase in Lousiana. The bomber was headed to the Middle East before the 'mistake' was discovered and it was recalled. It is pure coincidence that this incident happened exactly one week before israel initiated OPERATION ORCHARD, a massive bombing campaign against a suspected nuclear facility in Northern Syria.

    The following link outlines the questions fairly well, but I'll summarize:

    1. Six nuclear weapons cannot be transported 'by mistake', it requires the signature of the President as well as at least the knowledge of several high-ranking Generals.

    2. A 'serious' publication like Military Times (who originally broke the story) could not and would not publish such an unsubstantiated story based on anonymous leaks, nor is it likely individual airmen would come forward to leak information because A) they had no idea if there was a legitimate reason for an armed Stratofortress to be passing through and B) they'd be charged with all sorts of things including treason were they not being shielded by someone higher up.

    The only way that the initial activation of weapons, subsequent leak of story and proclaimed 'mistake' makes sense is if there were two powerful groups in the military acting against each other.

    The CONSPIRACY! part is this:

    The timing relative to OPERATION ORCHARD and the Stratofortress being headed to the Middle East were no coincidence. Rather than maintaining israeli nuclear primacy in the region (while there were nuclear materials found in the rubble, it's never been established what sort of facility was operating at Deir Eizzor, military, civilian or otherwise), the actual goal of the attack was to provoke a response from Iran, which in turn would give the US a pretext for a nuclear first-strike.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
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