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My shitbox car is now fucked up

  1. Nil African Astronaut

  2. Nil African Astronaut
    maybe, I got a call after from the owner...... the guy driving didn't know where her car was.
  3. Grimace African Astronaut [my enumerable hindi guideword]
  4. aldra Dark Matter [my considered impending distributor]
    shitbox shithoused
  5. Nil African Astronaut
    yall niggas don't even know

    shiiiiiiiiiit if I get over 3 bills from the insurance I'll have come out ahead.
  6. Nil African Astronaut
    Originally posted by infinityshock lasciviously lavages lannys luscious large lips with large ladles of love lube and he likes it a lot. .... that's horrible.

    It's nice not having to give a single fuck about it tho, literally disposable. It wasn't so bad... the tape deck still worked!
  7. Soyboy IV: The Flower of Death and The Crystal of Life African Astronaut [the oppositely able-bodied hop-step-and-jump]
    Were you there?

    Not going to get dat soft tissue damage?
  8. Nil African Astronaut
    yea, who do you think took these pix?

    I wasn't injured and didn't feel like going to x amount of physio sessions even for more $.
  9. Bologna Nacho African Astronaut
    Always claim your neck hurts or you won't get shit!
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