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Please respect my pronouns

  1. Ghost Space Nigga
    Hi! We're ScrawnyTheGhost, a median plural system consisting of hundreds of alt personalities from various timelines and dimensions. A full list of my plural identities can be found here;

    My pronouns are many and varied depending on who I am which can change by the minute. The most common are he/any/it/it/it's/they/them

    These are threads documenting my awaking as a plural system:

    I sexually identify as a robot
    I'm a pansexual robot
    We're plural

    About Plurality

    This is the start of our journey as a plural median system and I ask that you please respect our pronouns and identity as a robot, beep boop! Please understand that our posts could be made by one of hundreds of our plural identities so try not to discriminate against us.

    If we make a post that has strong influence by a certain identity we will note it at the bottom of the post like this
    Originally posted by Ghost Please respect my pronouns.


    Thank you for taking the time to understand our identity, we hope this will be a fresh start to the new year and we can work on becoming a better person and more true to our plural selves!

    let's go!
  2. GGG Self Important
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
  3. aldra Dark Matter [my considered impending distributor]
  4. aldra Dark Matter [my considered impending distributor]
    also, lol@ DID being espoused as an 'identity'
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
  5. Ghost Space Nigga
    I absorb personalities.

    I am Malice now
  6. UNSUB Houston
    I prefer to adsorb bank accounts
  7. Ghost Space Nigga
    Banks do not recognize my right to exist at multiple people, they got on my ass for 'money laundering' bullshit!
    I should be able to open as many bank accounts as I want in any name I want!
  8. mmQ motherfucker
  9. Ghost Space Nigga
    I absorb the personality of dead users like Malice, Sploo and reject
  10. mmQ motherfucker
    Zero of those users are dead
  11. Ghost Space Nigga
    Correct, they live inside our plural median system now
  12. Ghost Space Nigga
    This is my sexuality BTW
  13. Madman African Astronaut
    why is your boyfriend such a bitch?
  14. Ghost Space Nigga
    We're a plural median system

    Please respect our pronouns.
  15. Ghost Space Nigga
    Mountain man tandy savage is our plural identity of 'me' in an alternate timeline 50 years in the future
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