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Ima make it into elite smash if it kills me

  1. Lanny virtuosic jazz vampire

    I got that hustle, I got that fighting spirit, I got those sick mewtwo moves, now I just need that GSP
  2. Solstice Houston
  3. mmQ motherfucker
  4. GGG victim of incest (banned)
  5. DietPiano victim of incest
  6. Zanick motherfucker [my p.a. supernal goa]
    beautiful young boy who owes me favors in exchange for inculcating virtue
  7. Grimace African Astronaut [my enumerable hindi guideword]
  8. Lanny virtuosic jazz vampire
  9. DietPiano victim of incest
    Originally posted by Lanny GAYBOI

    I may or may not have time to fiddle your butt tomorrow or maybe the day after.

    Oooooo this feels just like middle school tee hhee teehe
  10. DietPiano victim of incest
    Oh wait, I forgot, you have to pay 20 bucks to pplay the game you bought fir 60 bucks. Nevermind, ill ffigure out how to play by myself.
  11. Lanny virtuosic jazz vampire
  12. DietPiano victim of incest
    Originally posted by Lanny POORBOI

    I'm actually financially stable and end up needing to pay hundreds of pointless things and fees that won't help me after the immediate term, but I HAVE to buy them ir ther'll be an insurmountable barrier between mmj e ansm .y goal
  13. Lanny virtuosic jazz vampire
    So I'm sure you can stand dishing out $20 for a year of online. I'm not saying it's really anything short of greedy and shitty to charge for matchmaking servers when actual games are P2P, especially when the online is broken on release, but given that it's now at least usable and it transforms a game that has maybe 20 hours of interesting gameplay before the AI stops being hard into one that you could easily spend several hundred hours playing I'm saying the $20 is worth it. Not good, not not shit, but worth it. In the same way paying taxes is not good, but not having the IRS after you and out for blood, so paying taxes you can't avoid is ultimately worth it. You would be an idiot to buy smash and a switch and not pay that tiny bit extra for the online.
  14. mikeyagain African Astronaut [unalterably regard the persecutor]

  15. aldra Black Hole [my considered impending distributor]
    do stims make you better at fighting games?
  16. Ghost Dark Matter [fabulously attend this hattiesburg]
    Originally posted by aldra do stims make you better at fighting games?

    Kind of
  17. play me sc2. you won't though because you're worried you'll be INTELLECTUALLY CRUSHED
  18. GGG victim of incest (banned)
    Originally posted by Ghost Kind of

    I wonder if they drug test for gaming competitions. LSD micro dose is basically god mode.
  19. Lanny virtuosic jazz vampire
    They started drug testing as CS:GO majors because stimulant abuse was getting to be fairly common. I imagine the the larger FGC games do at least occasionally as well.

    Fairly recently there was a melee player accused of taking adderall for performance enhancement, but the person making the accusation was the girlfriend of the guy who lost to him in grand finals so people haven't taken it too seriously. Prize pools are still small enough that it's kinda assumed no one cares enough to take drugs to try to win.

    Originally posted by OG_GREENPLASTIC_JOHNSON_III play me sc2. you won't though because you're worried you'll be INTELLECTUALLY CRUSHED

    I've never played a full game of starcraft in my life. Not a white man's game.
  20. ScarletLetter Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Solstice GAF

    *fixed 🤟
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