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Et Homo Foemina

  1. Loing Tuskegee Airman
    O Brothers, hear me!

    What is the value of a woman?
    What has a woman ever done to contribute to society, that a man would not eventually have done... And probably better?

    There are great women, no doubt. That their discoveries were inevitable does not discredit them. But it does not speak for all of women kind, just as the greatest of men do not speak for all men, with all our flaws. These are outliers of humanity.And the outliers of their level could only emerge in a cultural fabric of a certain level.

    Every genius stood on the shoulders not of giants, but a million commonfolk that made their every meal possible; that made education a possibility by ensuring peace and economic flow; who farmed, mined and ground together the coal and wood glue, so that ink may flow from their pens.

    We must consider not the value of great men and women, but the value of the everyman, and woman.

    The miner, the soldier, the sailor and the fisherman. And the woman? The mother, the teacher, the caregiver no doubt!

    And of course, the wife.

    The ones we want to impress. The ones we want to court. The ones who we see ourselves spending our whole lives together, and perhaps leave our imprint on our world by creating wonderful people together.

    Women are the reason. The reason the man wakes with the sun and goes to the mine.

    But we fall in love a million times, looking for happiness and support, but finding neurosis and manipulation.

    Rejoice! Through the miracle of modern science, we have arrived at The Final Solution: Transsexualism.

    A tranny will be logical, play Smash Bros with you, suck your dick like a champ cuz she knows the equipment.

    TERFs are keeping anti Trans sentiment alive because they know it will make women redundant. Men are even better women than women.
  2. vindicktive vinny Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by benny vader Dear Americans,

    Hi, tonite, on this hurricane molested night, I would like to talk to you all a something about history. Hiss, Story. The story of hizz.

    Although the things I'm about to tell you now will most likely not be a something new, a something that you don't already knew, and that they're most likely to be the things that you've forgotten and/or dis-remembered, it is more important now than ever for you to re-remember and un-forget them. The future of you all depends on it.

    History; Five. Five thousand years ago in the middle of the desert there was this empire of great magnificence and size. This empire had great mastery and knowledge of mathematics, and architectures, and sciences, and had built great, great triangular stone structures and giant cat-man statues. This long, hard, errect and throbbing empire regressed and recessed itself into the depst of history and human memory in the reign of Cleopatra. A woman.

    History; Five. Also five thousand years ago, in the middle of the map there begun an another empire. This empire had built great, great walls and had withstood war, drought, famine, all the locusts and all the plagues and all the trumpets and all the woes mentioned in the bible and yet, yet it withstood. But it all came, it all came crashing down to an end, and out of history not so long ago in 1911 with Tzu Xi at the wheel. Tzu Xi, an empress.

    Not too long ago too, we, both you and I, were under bondage and sodomy on a daily basis. We've been made bitches and been came upon and unto by an empire so great, so long, so hard and so throbbing that it overshadowed 75% of the world. 75% !!!!!!!

    But great as that empire was, it deflated and fell limp into a chode of a cuntry not so long into the reign of Beth, Eli-ze-beth, before shrinking further and recessing itself into the lower abdomen of history under another female, elected female ; Marge. Thatcher. It's not even a cuntry anymore by then and it was under her very (female) eyes that 9 year old Falkland was raped and savagely penetrated.

    Today the UK is the epitome of a monumental joke, a place that insists on calling itself a kingdom with not a king, but a queen at the cockpit, despite the fact that she herself is a cock-pit. A pit for cock(s). Its royal institution is more of an entertainment and ornament that holds no sway in public or private. Its parliament is ghay like its weather and men that couldnt decide if it wants to be a sovereign country with actual borders or an open whorehouse.

    If I have an army, I'd invade it and rename it TRANSGENDERIA.

    And let me also remind you all about our good and hated friend, the patriarchy Juden Staten of Israel that it suffered its greatest regression and military disaster during the time of Herstory, the story of Golda Mier.

    And now, today, you only have to look west and on a good, clear day, see into the once great and mighty Germany that has now been turned into not only a fenceless, but also door-less whore-haus that would happily embrace any and every immigrants that would ever came inbetween her open, and ever spreading leggs. Had Adolf "Sieg-Heil" Hitler's ashes been interned in an urn, there'd be tornados there in Germany, that's how much he'd spin.

    And look at Korea South and look what happened to Samsung. Sure I could go on and on but I think the pattern is clear. Empires and greatness end sometimes but they all ended with absolute certainty in the hands of female.

    Sure, with candidates like Hilary and Trump Aemericccca is fucked. It is fucked in its mouth down to its throat and fucked in its ass up to its bowel, but if you think this is bad, I assure you that it can be worse, a hell of a lot worse.


    While I dont have children of my own, I shudder to think for all the children that I've touched that they might one day wake up to a day without Aemericca.

    So if you are a mother with a son (who hasnt been realigned), a daughter with a father (who wasnt mollested), a sister with a brother, an aunt with a nephew, a niece with uncles …… in-laws of father and brothers …. with males for friends and families and loved ones …… it is now your sacred duty to go out and put penises back into the box and Trump in thy Ballot.

    Let not them erase the memories of your founding father and replace them with founding mother, thy fatherland into thy mother land …….

    Let not they change thy history into herstory.

    Go out. Vote Trump. And let Aemericca grope again.

  3. Loing Tuskegee Airman
  4. Erekshun African Astronaut
    Is this your coming out party?
  5. GGG victim of incest
    Originally posted by Erekshun Is this your coming out party?

    The fuck are you talking about

    Nigga rents a place just to keep his coming out party going while hes gone

    He's been out of the closet for 29 years
  6. Erekshun African Astronaut
    He acts like a she

    Shut up
  7. GGG victim of incest
    So what? Leave liong alone he doesn't hurt anyone with his homosexuality
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