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Posts by the man who put it in my hood

  1. smart contracts
  2. It's true folx if you buy and hold crypto currency at this point in history you are taking on a leadership role

    What is the 10 qualities of a good leader?
    The Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader
    Vision. ...
    Inspiration. ..
    Strategic & Critical Thinking. ...
    Interpersonal Communication. ...
    Authenticity & Self-Awareness. ...
    Open-Mindedness & Creativity. ...
    Flexibility. ...
    Responsibility & Dependability.
  3. hts was 13 years old when that happened. Continuing to bring it up makes you a nonce for a pre-op tranny, simple as.
  4. he cant get or maintain an erection so he "has" to hate women to cope
  5. id cum all over her elongated tymmy while squeezing those milk filled tit bags and calling her a SLUT WHORE and then put my legs in a V and say YEEAH YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS LIKE YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS RIGHT

    I'd be shaking hands with that kid I tell you hwhat
  6. Both are headquartersed in my home town

    Those aren't banks those are all ENERGY buildings. The culture of the energy companies was "lol let's build it taller than the city landmark" BIG BUCKS WE DON'T FUCK AROUND IN DA WEST BIG MONEY CASH MONEY THAT WOULD MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN

  7. Originally posted by aldra Lithuania is applying EU sanctions to block Russian transport from the mainland to the Kalingrad exclave.

    That's not capitalist at all! they should be charging them up the ass instead!
  8. I once heard that Lithuania was the "most capitalist state" in the Baltics. I don't know how true this is but it would explain why they are so willing to sell GUN to UKRAINE. I'm sure they would sell guns to russians too if they were looking to buy any

    or drugs. Isn't that country a big darknet hub or sum shit? for like MDMA and mafia eastern europe type criminal shit?

    Lithuanian chicks are hawt

  9. my mom sent me an email schizo posting about lithuania. Had no idea they were in the cycle

    "the elites at Bloomberg think that way, it’s so easy for people who make good money! So condescending and arrogant!
    Gen x is doomed as well, all my dreams for the future have been crushed. Your right it’s all about survival, but cherish these times because I believe eventually we will be in a world war and another Great Depression! It’s scary what’s going in Lithuania right now, that’s where it begins! I see we feel exactly the same about things! Stupid world! Ya but don’t worry be happy LOL! "

  10. I want to blow up an illegal mexican and smuggle a fireworks
  11. refried beans look nasty but once you cook them up man are they GOOD i could just eat them with a spoon plain
  12. Originally posted by Back Lane Madders Everyone here is dying

    take me first, please
  13. blacks got rittenhouse in trouble
  14. Originally posted by BeeReBuddy Someone put a penis in his mouth!

    whats his address
  15. balance sheet?
  16. Kafka desires a strong man to ramrod his fist up her arsehole
  17. Originally posted by Back Lane Madders Stop with your racist shit. Faggot. Whites riot too.

    I saw this first hand in Berkeley one time

    whatd racist

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