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Posts by Iron John

  1. Iron John Houston
    Art is the skill/talent/gift to effectively render a presentation of the artist's chosen subject matter in such a way that his ability to do so is admired/appreciated/enjoyed by the observer for the inherent pleasure that experiencing it brings.
  2. Iron John Houston
    genuinely surprised and a little disappointed that link didn't go to der Ewiges Jude

    Well, if it makes you feel any better, "I walk the Line" was directed by John Frankenheimer and produced by Harold Cohen. [TABLE="class: infobox vevent"]
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  3. Iron John Houston
  4. Iron John Houston
    This spic one is working for me right now:
  5. Iron John Houston
    Lol, no. Like for real IJ is not a Spectral alt, i know this for a fact. This is Iron "Juden" John's facebook.

    Sorry if you mind me posting your FB John. I figured since everyone knows who you are in real life from redfern you wouldn't mind.

    I forgot I even had that account. I thought I deleted all of my Facebook shit.

    But, nah, it's fine. My PI is known through my other websites and stuff.

    You could have just given him the link to my entire family history:
  6. Iron John Houston
    That's alright, but i've been doing all sorts of shady things on/through the TOR network and i haven't been vanned yet, so meh.

    You live in fucking windmill land though.
  7. Iron John Houston
    So are your proxy sites. So is posting here. Besides tor works (the gubmint didn't make it for no reason).

    I will not be using TOR.
  8. Iron John Houston
    Again you fire off an opinion with nothing but your empty ass to back it. Citation?

    Do your own homework.

  9. Iron John Houston
    Just use tor browser

    No thanks.

    It's a red flag for government.
  10. Iron John Houston
    fake and gay

    I consider it "kitschy".

  11. Iron John Houston
    Ok so what percent of jedis were in England or Europe at that time? Also what percent of the trading company in question were jedis? Of course you don't know. As I stated before you were making a mountain out of a mole hill in order to support your own biased opinion. Then you compound your embarrassment by parading some hypothetical scenario of a corporation designed to seem like an intelligent attempt to support your biased rewrite of history. When in fact all you really did was support one biased opinion with another opinion by saying "I consider it to be heavily infiltrated. Please stop now and preserve what little credibility you still have.

    There weren't supposed to be ANY jedis in England until after 1658, since they were expelled by law by William I in the 1200s, until that usurping fool Cromwell let them back in., but there were jedi merchants operating in Britain during the time when the Edict of Expulsion was still in force.

    The English Company of Merchant Adventurers operated out of Belgium anyway, and the Low Countries were full o f jedis that had been expelled from Spain and Portugal at the close of the 15th century.
  12. Iron John Houston
    If you have never been that hungry then like I said, you've never been truly hungry.

    I've never gone more than a day without eating unless it was voluntary on my part - and I hope I never find myself in a position where that is the case .
  13. Iron John Houston
    ^ looks younger in the second pic as well, for whatever reason along with being way more attractive. Something I've noticed lately that makeup actually brings out otherwise microscopic wrinkles in women particularly around the eyes.

    That's my point.

    I hate the look of "confident", "assertive", "empowered", experienced, capable, mature women - they are anathema to me.

    What attracts me to females is the look of innocence, fragility, delicateness, vulnerability, and a certain degree of helplessness.
  14. Iron John Houston
    Here's mine:

  15. Iron John Houston
    You know you are one of those people right?

    I'm White, so in the pecking order everyone who isn't White (including all jedis) goes first.
  16. Iron John Houston
    Donald Trump will lead you directly into a world war like the world has never seen. Hundreds of millions will die.

    We can only hope so.

    Hundreds of millions of people need to be eliminated.
  17. Iron John Houston
    On your site you claim, and I quote, However when asked to provide a citation for the statement in bold type the document you refer your readers to states. You have failed to support your opinion with fact. In fact you have taken an obscure reference to a minority of jedis being involved in one trading company and exaggerated the numbers in your imagination to support your own prejudice opinion. That is unless of course you can provide an actual citation to support your opinion that the Company of Merchant Adventures was in fact heavily infiltrated by jedi speculators.

    jedis are a tiny percentage of the entire population - 2% of the population here in America.

    So if a corporation has 100 members and 10 of them are jedis, then jedis are statistically over-represented out of all proportion in that corporation to a factor of 500%.

    If a corporation has been infiltrated by a group to that extent, I consider it to be heavily infiltrated.
  18. Iron John Houston
    Ok I get it. I thought you had real information. This is just another useless opinion.

    I just gave you a citation that shows jedis were among the investors of the Company of Merchant Adventurers, which is what was claimed.

    You seem displeased with that.
  19. Iron John Houston
    Yeah that nose isn't doing her any favors I guess. I never liked the bleach blonde/purposely tanned thing anyways though. I'd be willing to wager Kentucky/Mass is probably way better looking without make up and just walking down the street in a plain white tee and blue jean shorts. The pose/wide smile isn't a natural look, it distorts everyone's perception of them for better or worse.

    Good point.

    Too much makeup and glamour can ruin a girl's looks by making her appear too mature, too dominant, too vampish - all negative qualities in the eyes of straight men where females are concerned.

    Here's a good example....

    Same girl in both pics:

    The first pic totally turns me off, but she appears far more attractive in the second pic.

  20. Iron John Houston
    Ok, I understand you now. To make the captcha appear, you will need to use Glipe-based CGI proxies.

    Note: the links in yellow and green are scams

    Thanks again. Found one on the list that is working.
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