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  1. Marky Yung Blood
    ... Shit, I've pretty much given up understanding what's being said in this thread. Except for the above post. I know my AI.
  2. Marky Yung Blood
    The Internet is one big stage.

    I think you'll find... the world's a stage! badum-tss!

    Unfunny Shakespear joke is not funny.
  3. Marky Yung Blood
    I don't even watch it anymore. They should've done a Futurama and ended it on a high, instead of regurgitating the same shit over and over.
  4. Marky Yung Blood
    cavewomen….but not like the apish negroid type of cavewomen….like sexy cavewomen….

    I am Marky and I support this statement.
  5. Marky Yung Blood
    Ehhh, I'm good, m9.
  6. Marky Yung Blood
    Oh, I love me a video with the :/ face and no audio... It appeals to my inner pedo.
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