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  1. Originally posted by Kafka A society which favours one half of the population and oppresses the other half is a selfish one. You're the problem.

    To incessantly blame others for your shortcomings is cowardice borne of fear, fed by fear, and haunted by fear. You are malicious because you are a miserable excuse for a human being.
  2. Originally posted by Kafka That's probably one of his alts.

    Your relationship to yourself is and always will be directly reflected in all your relationships with others, you’re a very broken individual.
  3. Originally posted by Føx You really are an incorrigible cunt, you know that. You are actual vile scum. Thank you for proving right the dozens of people who warned me not to get involved with you in any way because of what a toxic insane bitch you are.

    Forget what I said before about there being no animosity. I fucking hate you now. You asked me to leave you alone and I did, what are you surprised that I haven’t given you another thought since then and now you’re acting out for my attention? It’s transparent and pathetic, that ship has sailed now fuck off.

    You try so hard to make sure everyone despises you, well you can add another one to the list. Leave me the fuck alone, or else. You claim you’ve been keeping tabs on me, well right back at you “Irma”.

    You haven’t happened to click any suspicious links lately have you? And hey have you been back to that cute little cafe you used to go to? Just test me bitch.

    Once you understand that Kafka’s actions and words have less to do with you and more to do with her, you'll realize she outwardly projects her innermost insecurities.
  4. Concealed weapons?
  5. Have another sandwich dear.
  6. Seriously, if you have to ask you’re missing some chromosomes.
  7. Originally posted by Jiggaboo_Johnson George Best (before he became an alcoholic)

    George Best (after he became an alcoholic)

  8. Originally posted by vindicktive vinny im glad you asked

    Your post history makes a lot more sense now that we’ve seen your genitalia, or lack there of.
  9. Originally posted by aldra I assumed you were scron or someone fucking around with a chatbot after the trephination post, and I'm still not sure I'm convinced otherwise

    Well I’m definitely NOT scron but you’re free to believe whatever you like.
  10. did you check with chat gpt what to want?
  11. Interaction isn’t necessary, I can read.
  12. Losing an enemy can be worse than losing a friend.
  13. Originally posted by Bradley probably just going to buy alcohol and weed and continue this nasty cycle till it breaks me lol

    From the posts I’ve read I think you’re too late.
  14. Originally posted by Kafka This reminded me of a vid me and my friends made when we were 14, a blair witch project parody. It's hilarious but can't link it here bcus of my face.

    That’s cool there’s a reverse search we can use for video stills to find it if it was ever posted anywhere.

    lol at it was “there” tape pretty funny stuff
  15. Originally posted by Kafka

    My mother has pajamas exactly like that ^
  16. Empty minds are easily filled with bullshite.
  17. Originally posted by Sudo Dude you were drinking like 3 days ago. It gets better son. Focus your energy on something beneficial

    We live in an age of instant gratification. Bradley wants all the perks without actually doing any work.

    A recipe for failure at life unfortunately.
  18. A human will turn on one of its own species for reasons that will never matter in a thousand years, and likely not matter in even a hundred or ten. While you have seen the light in the distance and chosen to follow it — even if from mere curiosity - poor aldra your insecurity is showing again.
  19. I’m here and have been waiting for hours. >:/
  20. Illuminati is among the powerful secret societies in the world with an aim of ruling or taking over the world as it is now.
    For one to be powerful, popular, and rich you must be belonging to one of the secret societies in this world.
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